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03 August 2014


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Mr. Johnson,
Thank you for this. I recall your posts in regard to the Valerie Plame disclosures of the last decade. I remain wondering why no one has been in prison after this disclosure, although I know the reasons and the history, at least to the best of my ability as an American who has followed these issue from abroad.


Some months ago I came across a small print of a German pre-W.W. II (maybe 1934) propaganda poster titled, "Ein kleinstaat bedroht Deutschland" which was translated as, "A Small State Threatens Germany". It graphically alerted the German people to the dire threat from Czechoslovakian bomber forces. For some reason, I was reminded of the print this afternoon while thinking about the Gaza situation. Go to the bottom of the page linked to, and at the "Grade 9-12" section, and click on "German Propaganda map". http://publications.newberry.org/k12maps/module_15/resources.html

Peter Simonetti

Thank you for this. Great summary and analysis. Needs to get a lot of attention. :)


Col: I've always admired Larry Johnson and his no-nonsense analysis.

Mr. Johnson's readers, well, that's another story. Please see how ballistic they went when he questioned the Bibi Narrative. See http://www.noquarterusa.net/blog/77329/israel-not-hamas-started-the-latest-war-in-gaza/#comments



Larry and I are pals but, as I have told him, he should "mow the lawn" at No Quarter. pl


Now even the New York Times is questioning the IDF's targeting of UN shelters-- at least 6 have been hit. "The Jabaliya strike has already openeed Israel to a new level of global scrutiny."


alba etie

The tide is turning on the US slavish devotion to the Likud agenda both here at home and abroad . There is no way to justify what the IDF is doing in Gaza.


What will Abbas do? The US and Israel will ask for his assistance in allowing Israel to remove the IDF from Gaza and squelch any war crimes investigations. The most optimistic Israelis (and UAE) will want Dahlan back in Gaza.

IMHO, this is Abbas's defining moment: If he blinks like he did following Cast Lead, all those Palestinian civilians will have died for nothing. The siege will continue; settlements will continue, and Israel will be vindicated.

Gaza must be "internationalized." It must have a port, even if that is operated by the EU. Abbas should only agree to negotiations under the auspices of the Quartet. And the BDS and war crimes investigations must go forward.


The correct name for what is going on is "The Jewish War for Palestine" It is a hundred-years war.

Over the last few weeks, I have been reviewing the details of this Hundred Years War which started at lease as early as WWI. What we have is just the latest and not the most costly combat operation of the Jewish War for Palestine. I am still looking to discover where and when the true first battle occurred. Perhaps, someone in this Committee of Correspondents can help me identify the true first event.

Regardless of when the first violent act occurred, there has been no true break in the action since at least 1917. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_Legion The on-the-ground tactics have evolved from working with the British, to guerilla terrorism, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irgun http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Irgun_attacks_during_the_1930s and eventually to ground and air operations of an organized army/air force, and all of it always supported by a very sophisticated and successful propaganda force.

When we view this latest siege as something one side or the other "started it" this time, we lose sight of the war for viewing a small, but perhaps strategic battle. It seems clear to me that the side responsible for "starting it" is clear, it is the Jews. They started with the lie-myth of Zionism that they were a people without a land going into a land without people.

Viewing the conflict a an outbreak of Hamas rocket fire resulting from provocative acts misses the point. This is a hundred years war and this current violence is simply another of hundreds of previous battles, big and small.

The very creation of the Gaza prison enclave is, itself, a strategic operation intentionally planned with full knowledge of the consequences by Israel. Likewise, every day many small battles are fought in the West Bank. http://www.pchrgaza.org/portal/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=84&Itemid=219

The current violence is only the execution of a finely tuned plan to extirpate the Palestinians from Greater Israel. It is nothing but a planned theft, murder, and oppression, justified on the basic premise that only Jewish lives have value, all others are expendable.

The whole thing is no different from any other broad scaled military operation like the Anaconda Plan of the American Civil War or the creation of the American Indian Reservations. Divide, encircle, destroy. There is no real difference. This is just another operational phase of a greater war.

Israel's strategic goal is clear--obtain total subjugation of Palestine for the Jewish people. To the Zionists, no other people count or can be included in their vision of a Jewish state built entirely upon their perception of a Jewish race.

If the nations of the world do not step in and change the basic rules of the game, the only outcome, whether this year or sometime in the next ten or fifty years, will be the extirpation of the Palestinians through extermination. Alternatively, the cost of the Jewish War for Palestine may result in the total liquidation of the Jews due to the coalescing of the Islamic forces and other forces against it. If that happens, Israel's Masada complex nuclear weapons may well terminate life on the planet.

Thus, the Jewish War for Palestine is now an existential conflict for the United States and the rest of the people on earth. We need not to miss the forest (war) for the trees (current battle).

The Jewish War for Palestine needs to be brought to a close. The war can never be intelligently discussed until it is properly named. We need to amend our language so we can have a more accurate understanding of current events. We should never refer to what is going on as the Gaza Crisis. This is the Battle of Gaza of 2014 of the hundred years long Jewish War for Palestine.

Richard Armstrong


Did you actually suggest that Mr. Johnson that he "mow the lawn"? Were you able to do this with a straight face?


Not really sure that many No Quarter readers are into that sort of thing.



Came across this talk by Miko Peled, son of an Israeli general,thought you'll be interested given you have been looking back at history of occupation.



Hi Origin - Wonderful comment, and I very much like the 100-Year (Zionist) War for Palestine approach.

Considering your previous essay which expressed, to my reading, a clear preference for some sort of mass nonviolent resistance on the part of the Palestinians, as well as perhaps a resignation that neither that population nor it's leadership has developed the requisites for such a movement, and in reference to "Matthew" above who asks what will Abbas do - if the only tools the Palestinians have are some varieties of hammer, should they apply it in the West Bank?

Abbas has been unable to pursue the UN track with any tangible success; the mass demonstrations in the West Bank, while unruly, still resulted in multiple Palestinian deaths. What would you think of a two-lane approach that continued the demonstrations, with less unruliness, while opening a second front of a sort against Israeli military positions in the WB? Even given the Hannibal Directive, sudden encirclements of remote outposts could result in minimal, if any, casualties at the time, and focusing the action on strictly military targets (leaving the odious settlements themselves untouched) is not just proper, but propagandistic.

There would likely again be an outrageous IDF response, but might this be enough to tip some nation into real action? I note today the French finally came out (verbally) swinging against Tel Aviv.

thanks again!


Well, say it ain't so.



in reply to sixpackssong... obfuscate much?

sixpack said to Origin..."Considering your previous essay which expressed, to my reading, a clear preference for some sort of mass nonviolent resistance on the part of the Palestinians, as well as perhaps a resignation that neither that population nor it's leadership has developed the requisites for such a movement..."
This is not even worthy of a rebuttal, what a..... Everyone acts with non violence when faced with their extermination by Jews worldwide. Yeah, oh it's just the zionist ones (98%), whatever.

Are you Carole Costello from JNN.



I mow the grass here continuously. that is why we have the site that we do. pl


Col: BTW, where is Tyler?



Thank you for the link. I watched the video last night. The time spent watching it was well worthwhile. The occupation causes rot in the Jewish soul and there are many Jews who are acutely aware of it. There are some informative testimonials on the site http://www.breakingthesilence.org.il/

We cannot lump all of the Jews together as bad people. There are many good Jews who are dedicated to stopping the terrorism by the government of Israel. We need to help them get the word out!


The General's position is fundamentally suicidal, yet no surprise. The position is consistent with the entire history of the Jewish War for Palestine--the Zionists are special and "have a right to defend themselves" and the not-People do not.

To turn his argument around in a fair interpretation, Israel is a land where virtually all of the men and women are members of the army. Only a few of them are called-up at the present. All members of the IDF are combatants. They are seeded within the "civilian" Israeli population that forms a "human shield" for them. Thus, all areas of Israel are fair game for attack. Hence, the Hamas rocket attacks are "legal" and "justified", especially those against the General's home, children, and grandchildren.

The General's contention is as wrong as is the reverse application of it.

The General is just ignorant of the laws of war and is blind to what he is doing. We should have pity on him and his soul while not excusing his crimes. This is another kernel of proof that the Israelis cannot help themselves out of their failure.



You wrote, "Considering your previous essay which expressed, to my reading, a clear preference for some sort of mass nonviolent resistance on the part of the Palestinians, as well as perhaps a resignation that neither that population nor it's leadership has developed the requisites for such a movement,..."

Further violence will not work, that is true.

However, it appears that many Palestinians have tried the route of non-violence and many leaders have started to arise who seek the non-violent path. The problem is that the Israelis have waged an effective an vicious campaign against all Palestinian leaders except those who are collaborators and malleable. The nascent Palestinian Ghandis have been imprisoned, tortured, or murdered. Those who would lead a peaceful path cannot because the Palestinians are not allowed independent, non-complicit public leaders.

Non-violence is a public act. Non-violence requires leaders to act publicly. Leaders who act publically are destroyed by Israel. This means that the only leaders who can arise, conduct themselves in secret cells. The lack of opportunity for leaders to act publically means that the only leadership style that can act is military resistance.

By denying public leadership, the Israeli government prevents the possibility of a non-violent solution.

One of the prime directives of Israeli Apartheid is the destruction of Palestinian leaders and civil society. The directive is executed with vengeance. The process is one of the fatal flaws in Israeli nationalism that will ultimately destroy Israel.


In reply to Origin's post: "The Jewish War for Palestine" It is a hundred-years war.

In keeping with my habit of posting above my paygrade...I will attempt to address the questions posed:

"I am still looking to discover where and when the true first battle occurred...Regardless of when the first violent act occurred, there has been no true break in the action since at least 1917." Origin

IMHO the modern version of this war began as a battle between Zionists and Jewish communities in 1897 with the 1st Zionist congress- " The first Zionist Congress was called by Theodor Herzl-he's the cute guy who said this;“We shall try to spirit the penniless population across the border by procuring employment for it in the transit countries, while denying it any employment in our own country… expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly.” Those words were committed to paper by Herzl in 1895 but they were not published (in other words they were suppressed) until 1962.") I would add to that, does that statement sound like coming from a "persecuted" people. http://www.globalresearch.ca/israels-plan-dalet-the-green-light-for-zionisms-ethnic-cleansing-of-palestine/5326140

back to 1897-"...as a symbolic Parliament for those in sympathy with the implementation of Zionist goals. Herzl had planned to hold the gathering in Munich, but due to local Jewish opposition he transferred the gathering to Basel, Switzerland. The Congress took place in the concert hall of the Basel Municipal Casino on August 29..."

Once all that was taken care of, we can stretch that fil conducteur to this, "...As Arthur Koestler was to write, the “bloodbath” at Deir Yassin was “the psychologically decisive factor in the spectacular exodus of the Arabs from the Holy Land and the creation of the Palestinian refugee problem.” and the detailed Dalet Plan which called for such non-violent methods such as:

“Mounting operations against enemy population centres located inside or near our defensive system in order to prevent them from being used as bases by an active armed force. These operations can be divided into the following categories:

“Destruction of villages – setting fire to, blowing up, and planting mines in the debris – especially those population centres which are difficult to control continuously.

“Mounting search and control operations according to the following guidelines: encirclement of the village and conducting a search inside it. In the event of resistance, the armed force must be destroyed and the population must be expelled outside the borders of the state.”

And it logically leads to your finding that, "... The current violence is only the execution of a finely tuned plan to extirpate the Palestinians from Greater Israel. It is nothing but a planned theft, murder, and oppression, justified on the basic premise that only Jewish lives have value, all others are expendable."

And now we do the Nazi fandango with Moshe Feiglin;"Israeli official calls for concentration camps in Gaza and 'the conquest of the entire Gaza Strip, and annihilation of all fighting forces and their supporters'


Again Wikipedia provides background PLAN D http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plan_Dalet

The difference between the "olden times" and now is that now even once obscure sources are available at the click of a mouse. The American Indians did not have such a resource.


Wikipedia needs a new topic: "The Jewish War for Palestine"

Perhaps some of the readers of and contributors to this Committee of Correspondence could help make it happen. The existing topics, "Arab-Israeli Conflict" and "Israeli-Arab Conflict" just are not long-term view comprehensive and do not encompass a sufficient scope of inquiry.


In setting up the topic, I would avoid the designation of the war as the Zionist war. That would also be too narrow. Many Jews who are not technically Zionists are participants.

There are already some good templates:


Presently, only the battles are listed and they are not accumulated and linked as a "War" of more than a hundred years in duration.


Also on the Jewish War for Palestine wiki page.

As in the Napoleonic Wars, a war is often named for the primary belligerent who initiated the conflict. Here the Jews planned and initiated the conflict. The Arabs mounted the defense against outside aggression on their homeland. Naming the conflict as the Arab-Israeli conflict simply misleads the reader as to the true nature and goal of the Conflict, the conquering of Greater Israel by the Jews for the Jews.


Origin said; "The American Indians did not have such a resource."

I think the destruction of the Native Americans (Indians), serves as endo -(how it was done)-and exo -(as precedent and reasoning)-skeletons of the present conflict.

Got a lot of chalk pitched at my head from Jesuit teachers for my comments on early Canadian/Native Indian history.

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