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08 August 2014


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I hope the Kurds can keep the corridor open and rescue all these people. Many if not most face very difficult days ahead but at least they'll be alive.

P.S. Just after opening the Comment box to reply to you, I saw over at Google News there is a link to a Daily Mail article called: "'#AmessagefromISIStoUS': Islamist militants tweet gruesome images of dead".

We need to hustle, time is not on our side or the Iraqi people.


Nicht Kleckern sondern Klotzen! (Boot'em, don't spatter'em!)
This is Guderian's most famous quote, which has become a stock phrase. It is said that Adolf Hitler was so impressed by the quote that he often used it. It roughly means "Don't do things by half." Quoted in "How Great Generals Win" - Page 227 - by Bevin Alexander - History - 1993



"Klotzen, nicht Kleckern!" is how I remember it.

I'm not surprised Hitler liked the quote. Too bad he routinely ignored so much of Guderian's advice after 1941. (Although readers of his memoir should remember that Guderian, like most German generals, found it enormously convenient after 1945 that Hitler was dead and could be blamed for all the mistakes that lost them the war.)

Re: Iraq, Kurdistan, and Afghanistan -- I'm no military man and just teach history. But I'm horrified by the logistical mess the USA is already in, and how much worse sending powerful forces to save Kurdistan would make that mess. Last I looked, neither Kurdistan nor Afghanistan are conveniently served by ocean ports. We're dependent on long, tenuous land routes (which is worse: Putin's Russia, or Pakistan's NW Frontier? And how secure is eastern Anatolia?), or equally problematic air supply routes. Whatever our national interests might be in this part of Eurasia, the logistical problems have to be huge.

alba etie

IIRC Mr Nance is also former SEAL Team member & SERE instructor that spoke out vociferuosly against the Bushcheney torture program . I really hope we have got lots of heavy weapons on the way to the Kurds. And that our dear friend at the CIA in Erbil have got lots of drones over watching the IS in Iraqi Kurdistan . "Old Soldier " had mentioned that lots of drones would be good to have right now . Hope Old Soldier got all of his friends and family out of the Sinjar Mountains by now .


Would artillery or a multiple launch rocket system plus forward observers be at all useful? If in fact we are focused on defending some key positions then it seems anything which involved a minimal support structure that could keep ISIL from concentrating would be helpful.


Guderian has also been quoted as saying that: "The engine of a Panzer is as much a weapon of war as the main-gun." That is the problem for IS. I wonder if the former Baathists who support IS have enough competent technicians and mechanics? It will not be a small job to keep the captured M-1s, T-72s, T-55s tanks, M198 howitzers, Humvees, ZU-23s(?), and Stingers(?) in good working order. Does IS even have enough working prime movers to tow those 52 captured M198s around?

FB Ali


For some time now AQI has called itself the Islamic State in Syria and the Levant. Once it had seized some significant amount of territory in this area, it switched from "Islamic State" to a Caliphate. A clever move, in that it clothes itself in a historically symbolic cloak that automatically demands allegiance from Muslims everywhere, and is likely to resonate with many of them.

A clever move strategically, but without any special ideological significance. The doctrine espoused by al Baghdadi and his followers is the same crude Salafi one that most of these jihadis follow. Nor does it have any special political significance considering that the Taliban established an 'Islamic' state in Afghanistan (of the same Salafi variety) many years ago.

You talk of "idealism" in this context. There is precious little of that, it is mostly "ideologicalism". Their doctrine contains little of the ideals of Islam, just the blind practice of their narrow Salafi vision.

All that said, I am still impressed by the organizational and military skills displayed so far by the IS. This does seem to set them apart from the other jihadi outfits.


"Sounds like Orwell's 1984 has come true."

Yeah, ruled by Beast Brother and his brood of Billionaire Bankers, Burrowed Bureaucrats, and Bullsheviking Broadcasters.

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