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30 August 2014


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Reminds me of Hillary hectoring Iran on human rights, standing at a podium in the Persian Gulf, that human rights paradise. Talk about a speech oozing hypocrisy!

"Our concerns about the Iranian government’s intentions are intensified by its behavior toward its own people. The world has watched the events of the past several months in Iran with alarm. We know of the large-scale detentions and mass trials, political executions, the intimidation of family members of the opposition, and the refusal to extend Iranian citizens the right to peaceful assembly and expression, as we have seen again in just the last few days."

It must have given all those absolute monarchs in attendance a real chuckle!


How much are U.S. forces doing in Ukraine? In trolling Russian sites, U.S. advisers are reported to be heavily involved and are taking casualties. Purportedly, there is a US site for training in Mariopol, which, if true, should lead to an interesting situation as Russian/pro-Russian separatist forces move in on that city. This is one of several sites (Enlgish and Russian) that report that an American general was wounded.


Babak Makkinejad

No worse than George Bush haranguing Iran from UAE - where there had been days of jubilations after 9/11 attacks against US as opposed to Iran were there was held a sympathy vigil in Tehran.

alba etie

Dollars to donuts HRC does not run again for President 2016 ..

robt willmann

Here is a video of the whole "security council" meeting of 28 August 2014. It looks as if the current president of the council is from Britain. He starts off with a bit of dark comedy: "The seven thousand, two hundred and fifty-third meeting of the security council is called to order". Wow...all those meetings and no wars prevented!

The comedy continues. The British gentleman then says that the "Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs" of the United Nations has been invited to participate in the meeting, who is none other than Jeffrey Feltman! And he gets to speak first. The representative from Ukraine gets invited to attend and speak, too, and that group looks like a trio of mob guys who would put central casting to shame! Samantha Power, with the contralto voice, starts at 34 minutes, 5 seconds into the meeting. Russia's representative, the durable Vitaly Churkin, begins at the 58-minute mark. The entire meeting is 01:25:19--


The Twisted Genius

I doubt these people ever suffered any real disappointments or setbacks in their lives. They're probably used to getting what they want easily or after a short temper tantrum. They grew up to be a pack of spoiled grifters... talented grifters, but grifters nonetheless.


These child like sycophants work for the President.
SOMEBODY elected Mister "I have no strategy" twice.


Samantha Power has risen to the top of the US establishment like many other opportunistic women have since 'affirmative' action was put in place: She married an important establishment player 16 years her senior. Cass Sustein is unlikely to go anywhere today but he was definitely a power player inside the Democratic Party the past 15 years. Sammy managed to hitch a ride on his power ride. Cass's first wife who was ditched for Sammy must be seething.

It is painful to contemplate that this fool will likely end up with a high level appointment in the Hillary Clinton administration. God help us all.

Nancy K

So you think Romney or Cruz would be better. I will vote for Clinton any day over those two. Rand Paul does not seem any better. Maybe Graham and McCain could run together as co-presidents and share the Oval Office.


Your are spot-on. Nor have any of them served in the military, the intelligence community, or the Foreign Service, for that matter. No idea of the reality of life abroad.

The beaver


Hillary's Administration???

No way. The Clintons have a good memory: Power called Hillary Clinton 'a monster' in 2008 and that's why she didn't get a job when HRC was SoS at Foggy Bottom.Instead, Obama gave her a job at the National Security Council, where she served as a Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director

BTW: Neither would Susan Rice, should HRC be the next POTUS.


That these weak sisters who think they can make the "hard decisions" are in charge of our domestic and foreign policy while individuals like the Colonel are sent out to pasture is yet another sign of our decline.

FB Ali

For some comic relief take a look at the antics of our two jokers here in Canada who are trying to make Russia quake in its boots!

A couple of years ago Stephen Harper who, like Sarah Palin, sees Russia when he looks North, decreed that military preparations be made to secure Canada's Arctic from possible Russian encroachment. Nothing much has been done, but he pays an annual visit to the Arctic to be photographed strutting about with some hapless soldiers who have to do an annual exercise there.

Harper fails to mention that Canada's most serious territorial dispute in the region is with the US, not Russia (which, incidentally, backs Canada's claim!).

Foreign Minister Baird thunders, "Canada stands ready ...to take further measures to isolate the Putin regime". Not Russia, but Putin (who enjoys over 80% support in his country, while Baird's party has around 30%).

Interestingly, Harper's government spent some $30 million to celebrate the bicentennial of the War of 1812 two years ago.

Norbert M Salamon

FB ALI & All:

needless to say that Harper is very popular with a particular segment of Canada's society:

It was reported on the weekend that B'nai Brith of Canada has nominated our Canadian neo-con for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Laura Wilson

Babak…good memory. None of these situations started yesterday..we are all heirs of GWB and the neo-cons. I'm not surprised that Obama and his folks are having trouble figuring this out…too bad GWB and his crowd didn't take longer themselves.

Laura Wilson

Tyler…have you forgotten the "macho" team that began this descent into chaos? Rumsfeld? C. Rice? GWB? Cheney?

Surely you remember: President Bush assuring Reverend Pat Robertson that he doesn’t need to prepare the public for casualties because we won’t have any casualties, Donald Rumsfeld dismissing concerns about looting because “free” people are free to do dumb things, Paul Wolfowitz saying in Congressional testimony that, “There’s a lot of money to pay for this. It doesn’t have to be U.S. taxpayer money. We are dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction, and relatively soon," and his testimony that “It is hard to conceive that it would take more forces to provide stability in post-Saddam Iraq than it would take to conduct the war itself and to secure the surrender of Saddam’s security forces and his army — hard to imagine” or his testimony that “I can’t imagine anyone here wanting to spend another $30 billion to be there for another 12 years.”

The Bush administration said countless stupid things, told an uncountable number of lies, and made so many horrible errors of "rush to judgement" that we (and now the entire region) are still paying a very steep price. And who could forget (surely you have not) how GWB looked into Putin's eyes, heard his story about "faith" and told us how he understood the "soul" of "Pootie Poot."

I'm not thrilled that we don't have a real clear foreign policy on this stuff but I do remember what a "real clear policy" can reap when it is absolutely WRONG. Taking time to think isn't always the worst thing to do in the midst of turmoil.

I also wish you would stop saying "weak sisters" when what you really mean is "weak human beings." At least, I hope that is what you mean...



The irony is that you're engaging in the same shrill nanny nagging/shaming language that Powers/Earnest use all the time just on a much smaller scale. "Weak sister" is a common idiom but you can't resist the leftist urge to language police. What a shock.

If you think that Rumsfield, Cheney, Powers, Earnest and all the other movers and shakers aren't cut from the same cloth, you're fooling yourself.

The Beaver


Wonder when Bibi will jump into the fray.

alba etie

Nancy K
Former Senator Clinton is a r2p , neocon , interventionist . Sen Paul has not supported military misadventures , and indeed has warned that we should not repeat the mistakes that Sen Clinton voted for in 2003 . I still believe its very probable that former Sen Clinton will not run for President in 2016 . I think the chances are equally as good that Sen Paul will be the GOP nominee. We shall see.

Medicine Man

FB Ali:

It is embarrassing, isn't it? He's like a roaring mouse.

Laura Wilson

Tyler…It's not about "language police" it is about language precision. What is "weak sister" supposed to mean? Do you mean weak sister? Or do you mean delaying decision-making? Or do you mean "not dealing deeply with underlying issues"? Or do you mean not making the decision you want them to make? Is "taking time" a bad thing?

And what does any of this have to do with anyone's sister? These are serious issues and "weak sister" is meaningless.

The best writing instructor I ever had used WP all OVER my research papers….because without it you are speaking in code instead of with precision suited to the topic. It's all about clarity. I think all discussions would be better if we were all careful not use our tribal codes.

And, yes, that includes me…I will try harder.


Perhaps a historical justice. The first ever black president in the west is playing fire with WWIII. In this case, WWIII is quite misleading since only Europe (including Russia) and North America would be involved, nevertheless, a war that would wipe out most (if not all) of the (predominately) white nations. A historical justice (depending on your perspective), perhaps.


Laura Wilson

If you wish to try to twist people's arms on the basis of feminist political correctness, do it somewhere else. I will not tolerate it. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Not true; Middle East will be attacked by both sides - called area denial.



So if an idea is not articulated 'correctly' according to some professor's rules then it has no value?

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