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10 August 2014


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FB Ali

I doubt that they have given up that goal. pl



"I observe that the 'genocide chick', Samantha Powers, who wrote the proverbial book on genocide, is silent. What, no responsibility to protect Christians, Yezidis or Alawites?"

The Mommie Tzars only believe in the Right to Protect the select.

The Yezidis made the cut because they are on the 24/7 visuals providing bad PR.

FB Ali

This is a very simplistic (and wrong) view of the aims of the IS and the views of the Muslim polity. Any attack on Mecca would cause a huge negative reaction among Muslims against the IS (or any attacker who defiled the sanctity of the site).

The IS leadership appears to be far too sophisticated to attempt any such silliness. For them both Damascus and Baghdad are very much more attractive targets because of their historic symbolism as the seats of the earlier Caliphate.



"It seems to be a genetic and psychological issue-- ideology, genetics, psychopathy."

What you want is a scientific cure for religious belief. Good luck with that.



"Can a newly organized state with stolen weapons really mount something like that?"

Those weapons were captured in combat. The speed of ISIS success is its own best recruiting effort; at the same time it is demoralizing their opponents. This appears more like the speed with which Islam spread in the 7th century than anything else. What opposed combat force stands between them and Baghdad? What other organized force stands in their way in the Mid-East?



"Ahor?" What is that, something from Gulliver's Travels? "Stolen?" What is that, propaganda? "Captured?" "Booty?" "Spoils of War?" Yes. "Stolen." No.

When Stonewall captured the Army of the Potomac's supply base at Manassas Junction, did he steal the mountains of Yankee supplies? I think not. pl


I agree with you that the cadre behind the Islamic state are very sophisticated.

However, they don't seem to care about offending the vast majority of Muslims with their systematic desecration campaign in Iraq.

They don't appear concerned that beheadings, crucifixions, and threats of Genocide might offend most Moslems, especially when carried out in the name of Islam.

We are dealing with very sophisticated people capable of doing things that we cannot understand. Communists were once willing to do similarly inconceivable things.


Ahor is from Koestler's The Arrow in The Blue.



They don't care about that. They think they are "on a mission from God," like the Blues Brothers. Nothing else matters. Your mind must have been rotted by the social sciences. pl


How careful are they? Would it be wise on their part to take Iraqi Kurdistan for security purposes, then lay off Baghdad (which would stir up Iran) and western Syria (which would stir up the West), so they can consolidate their gains?

Would allowing them their own 'country' alleviate their desire for jihad to the degree they would be too busy infighting?


"Remember 90% of Kurds are Sunni"

And that was Erdogan's angle on then: Look, forget your ethnicity - aren't we all Sunnis? They remained somewhat unpersuaded.

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