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31 August 2014


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Kurdish sources are stating it was a three pronged attack. It included Peshmerga elements from the north and that they had liberated Ghamas, Habash and Khasadani, three strategic villages surrounding Amerli.


Col. with your permission, I submit another source of news about the liberation of Amerli. The videos are both revealing;

Elijah J Magnier ‏@EjmAlrai 11h
video inside #Amerli Iraqi forces entered form Tozkhurmato. Other forces entered form Salman Pak http://youtu.be/k-_jxe-HB-g by @mohalfur

Elijah J Magnier ‏@EjmAlrai 11h
First to break #IS siege and arrive inside #Amerli are Kataeb Hezbollah #Iraq, Advance Iraqi forces was covered by #USA Air Force @mohalfur

Elijah J Magnier ‏@EjmAlrai 11h
video Katib Hizbollah from inside Amerli, speaking with Iraqi pilots, giving coordinations to hit #IS http://youtu.be/wLgHb5ElZWA @mohalfur

Kateb Hezbollah in #Amerli asking pilot to "hit 23mm #IS and school inside village overlooking where #IS is inside". @mohalfur

@EjmAlrai @mohalfur Iraqi Hezbollah?

Elijah J Magnier ‏@EjmAlrai 11h
@rtoufic @mohalfur yes

TwoPlusTwoEqualsFour ‏@rtoufic 11h
@EjmAlrai @mohalfur Thanks. Any sign of their Lebanese counterparts in Iraq?

Elijah J Magnier ‏@EjmAlrai 11h
Only involved in training @rtoufic @mohalfur


We must all hang together or we will all hang separately.


Perhaps the expanded tent of allies cooperating to fighting Daash could be a successful model going forward. Don't tell the ziocons that we are working with Iran or they may be tempted to sign on with the IS terrorist hordes. Some of the democracy-loving Syrian activist "rebels" in exile have already expressed dubious support for the mass slaughter of SAA soldiers....

Here is a good report on Amerli et al:




Just who is going to protect those farmers when it comes time to harvest/plant crops? At some point won't those living there 'change sides' to stay alive?


Fred there have been some recent articles about IS seizing wheat reserves and harvests leaving farmers without funds for next planting.

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