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14 August 2014


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Patrick Cockburn is reporting:

Now, how many fighters do they have? You know, maybe they probably had only about 6,000 to 10,000 fighters at the beginning of June. But an Iraqi security official told me that where the jihadis take over, where ISIS takes over, they recruit five or 10 new fighters for every one they had initially. So if they had—you know, so we’re probably up to 40,000 to 50,000 fighters now. So it’s an expanding and strengthening organization all the time. And it has arms to equip them—American arms in Iraq taken in Mosul, and Russian and other arms taken in recent victories that ISIS has had in Syria.



From Maliki to Abadi...from one of the kings to one of the servants (in Arabic). But what's in a name?


The United Nations says there are a million refugees in Kurdistan to include not only Yezidis but also Christians, Shiites, Turkmen, Shabak, and Yarsani. The Kurds themselves are claiming close to two million. If true, they may be counting refugees from the PJAK and KDP-I resistance in Iran, and from the PKK resistance in Turkey.


Mostly YPG from Syrian Kurdistan. But probably some PKK as some of them have volunteered and crossed into Syrian Kurdistan to help out the YPG against the Daash.



What about constitutional authority to send in combat forces?


Something just occurred to me, why would Peshmerge need Western weapons, ammunition and training to hold off ISIS. PKK has been fighting the Turkish Army for 20 years to a standstill for much less, against regular forces jets and helicopters and special forces and all. I smell a very devious set up here, opportunism, and 3 dimensional Startrek chess. Everyone is complacent, ISIS is just a timely gift for someone to put a plan into action I know not what, it stinks. But one thing I know, Peshmerge can stand against ISIS on its own-and even defeat it. They have armor, helicopters and generals for Christ's sake, and manpower and motivation and they know the land. I just don't get it.


Well, the game's afoot. Maliki resigns.


alba etie

Maybe former Baathist Leader Douri will be cutting a deal with the PKK , and the Anbar Governor - and the munitions being supplied to the Kurds will go to defeat Dash /IS in Iraq . This with al Abadi's blessings too perhaps. Baghdad is already shipping arms to Irbil . But who the f--ck knows ..


Interesting document about the email exchange between Prof Postol of MIT and Dan Kaszeta, refered to as a WMD expert by the NYTimes : "A Brief Assessment of the Veracity of Published Statements in the Press and Elsewhere Made by Dan Kaszeta, A Self-Described Expert on the Science and Technology of Chemical Weapons"

In short: Kaszeta is a fraud who next to nothing about chemistry. Postol is the real deal.


Since the ISIS has beheaded a US journalist I think this petition may be of some interest and use. John McCain has supported these people who are taking credit for this.
I don't want to hear his opinion or see him on my television again either.


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