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07 August 2014


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For those not familiar with the major battle at An Loc, Vietnam in 1972: http://anloc.org/


You can't be serious.

The USG, thanks to the neocons, has had what seems like an intentional plan to drive the last of the Christian communities out of the ME by attempting to wreck the governments of anyone who would keep them safe.

We could use a Crusade, but the Pope is too busy telling the US how we need more illegal aliens from Central America.


As the good Colonel said, stop destabilizing anyone who isn't on board with whatever insanity that the USG and the Children's Crusade (great term BTW) come up with that week.

The solution is going to come from Syria, Jordan, and the rest of the countries in that area, but we could stop trying to arm their enemies and destabilize them for shits and gigs.

The US and the West are proving themselves unreliable and unstable as a whole. Chalk it up to the cultural winter we find ourselves in and the madness of our societies.


Its an absolute cluster, agreed. I saw my old BC posting on the facebooks about how "we did great work over there" and on and on. Sorry, I don't remember "great work", I remember trying to not to go nuts from a mission that seemed to change from week to week.

Schadenfreude was watching his marriage disintegrate on social media.



What you said reminds of what Kissinger said about protecting the Kurds...foreign policy should not be confused with missionary work.
No offense.



"foreign policy should not be confused with missionary work. No offense." I don't know what you are talking about. I did not advocate protecting the Kurds. The KRG is merely necessary and useful. On the other hand if you mean trying to save the Yazidis perched on their wretched mountain, I would do that. Some things should be done because there is a moral and ethical imperative to do them. This is like Churchill intervening on the side of Greece against the Germans in 1941. It was obviously going to be a losing proposition but as he said it had to be done. pl

 Ishmael Zechariah

Colonel Lang,

Thank you for this statement. I would fight for the Yazidis. If they are taken and killed, without anyone lifting a finger, it will be a sad, sad day for humanity.

Ishmael Zechariah


The West must rediscover its Crusader spirit if it is going to win, in the long run. The moral relativism and stupid electronic toys that make up so much of our society's idiotic core are no match for clarity of though, no matter how wrong.



The Crusader spirit it not something taught by academics in our universities.

alba etie

I find myself agreeing more and more with your views . This is disquieting to me at sixty one years young & a self identified FDR democrat .

alba etie

Please define Crusader Spirit ?


Col. Pat,

My response was in reponse to what you said above

Our major concern is not about native Christians or Yazidis, Druze, Alawis or whatever. IS threatens the existing state structure in the region in its desire t create a theocratic universalist state of its own design

I fully support what Obama is doing now because it is the moral thing to do and we could gain new allies by wiping out those lunatics that I have read were trained and funded by the Israelis and the Saudis. No friends of ours.

Babak Makkinejad

Is the European Union or the United State willing to pay Turkey to wage this war?



We do not pay people to wage war. Neither are we paid no matter what kind of BS some people want to believe. pl


To know right from wrong without engaging in Talmudic style arguing of black into white.

Moral purity of thought, in other words. No relativism, cultural or otherwise that pervades our culture.


I'm sure someone has a pithy quote, but all I can say is that I agree. Mine are not the views of someone living during a stable period, but someone who sees the coming storm.

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