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09 August 2014


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jersey city joan -

Perhaps that Iraqi general officer (Ithwany) was mis-interpreted and meant 70 dead vice 70%. As for the bursting un-parachuted supplies of water, maybe some, but I recall a news story from Thursday (prior to the US airdrops) that mentioned exploded pallets of water dropped on Sinjar. Not sure whose drop that was: Iraqi? Kurdish? Turkish?. The pentagon is reporting that 80% of US airdropped supplies so far were delivered successfully. Unfortunately that only included 5000 gallons of water and 8000 prepackaged meals, but the drops are continuing.

One of the few true facts I see in that Telegraph article is where they state the Yezidis are a religious group with links to Zoroastrianism unlike CNN and much of the rest of the world press that implies they are breakaway sect of Islam. Their religious roots actually go back 2600 before Mohammed.


Where the US has some culpability in the creation of IS was the absolutely suicidal failure to put our foot down with our treaty allies about supporting Islamist insurgencies.

What Obama should answer for is his failure to stop our allies from trying the Afghanistan model again in the middle of the Sunni Arab world.



"our treaty allies" Who would they be? Turkey is our treaty ally (NATO). None of the following are our "treaty allies," Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar. Kuwait, Bahrain, the UAE. Who do you have in mind? pl



Are you really this gullible? pl

Babak Makkinejad

This might be true but I think for this reason alone Iran will not overtly intervene in Iraq - they can never be certain that ISIS is not a trap.

Babak Makkinejad

How can you call it a mistake?

That was just the tip of the ice bergs of mistakes that has been going on....


I should have said "and client states", but having stopped Turkey from supporting the insurgency in Syria would have denied IS a sanctuary and a huge amount of early support.



Joan Walsh said today on TV with the little Capehart creep from the WP that a "moderate Syrian rebel is indistinguishable from a unicorn." I agree. If we had not been so stupid as to seek to de-throne Bashar Assad ISIS would have had a place in Syrian society. it is called prison. pl

Babak Makkinejad

In 2007, US NIE on Iran gave the political cover to USG to negotiate a deal with Iran.

USG under Bush declined, and escalated and Mr. Obama then followed it up by his Syrian policy to wound Iran starting in 2011.


colonel - I have always been a sucker for a good story. But which particular item of gullibility do you refer to?

Peshmerga claims about killing Abu Omar at Mosul Dam? Maybe, but I stated that as a Kurdish claim and not as a fact. It may be propaganda by the Kurds, or maybe not. I make no claim to truth. But in the long run I think a huge majority of the news reporting coming out of that region is wolfpack journalism fueled by IS propaganda.

or General Ithwany? I think he is dead wrong.

or 80% of US aid dropped successfully? I believe the integrity of Secretary Hagel who is the one that made that statement.

or the religous history of Yezidis? They are not a Muslim sect. Their religion dates back 4000 years and although they have adopted some practices of Christians, Muslims, and Jews they still

Babak Makkinejad

Please read my comment to Col. Lang below - everything would have been different had a different tack were taken in regards to Iran in 2007.

All of this emanates from that decision to double-down against Iran, first by Bush and then by Obama.

And they were given the vest advise that money could buy in Washington DC - it seems to me.

Yazidis are therefore collateral damage - in a war not of their own making.



People are shoveling so much s--t at the barn door that it is difficult to see what might possibly stick. The Yezidis? So far as I can see there is nothing of Christianity, Judaism or Islam in them except for mere pretense. pl


Is there a knowledge base somewhere as to who the Sunni (presumably Ex-Baathist officers) leaders are who have been aiding ISIL?

Are these Saddam's generals who escaped us during the occupation or just IA members later purged by Maliki? If the latter, would there not be US service members who have extensive experience with these men?

If I understand correctly, these men are running their 'old' troops in conjunction with the ISIL regulars, providing tactics, intel, supply and technical support. How could that really work and can it be exploited long-term? Or do they think they have it figured out, rebuild enough of a Sunni army to force Baghdad to bargain and run ISIL into the ground at the same time?

Is there a Sunni general who is that smart, or just one that thinks he is?



These are not people from the new Iraqi army. The Old Iraqi Army had many capable officers, not just generals. pl



In what sense are either Israel or Saudi Arabia "client states" of the US? Israel virtually dictates our policy and does nothing that it does not wish. SA has never received a nickel from us and is every bit as insolent as Israel. pl


colonel -

I am not smart on theology, especially on other people's religions let alone my own. You are probably right about the pretense. It is a good survival mechanism, no? My comments were paraphrased from Encyclopedia Britannica where it says "The Yazidi religion combines Zoroastrian, Manichaean, Jewish, Nestorian Christian, and Islamic elements."

Wikipedia has similar wording though not identical, they also identify them with Mithraism.

Foreign Policy magazine claims they flourished under the Umayyad Caliphate in the early 8th Century. And they were more tolerated by the Umayyads than by the Byzantines who considered them pagans.

Phil Cattar

Yohan,The US spent more than a trillion dollars,so far,on our last war on Iraq.Over a million people have died as a result of that adventure,including hundreds of thousands of innocents............Do you really believe that Iraq would have the problems it has today if we would have simply not gone looking for weapons of mass destruction which never existed?.....How many children and grand children of our 535 US Representatives and US Senators served in combat in Iraq?I believe less than 10...............How much money did the Neocons and their friends make off that phony war?.......Where did ISIS get the weapons they are using against their foes?...............I told a friend before our wonderful "shock and awe" campaign that what were doing is taking a shovel and beating a hornets nest with it.Sometimes you have to fight in life.But if you want trouble......there is a lot of it out there...................I am a Vietnam vet.Dick Cheny,Geo Bush THE Lesser,Rush Limbaugh,Dan Ashcroft,Dan Quayle,Newt Gingrich etc etc etc had better things to do


Likewise, they cannot be sure that ISIS would't be opportunistically turned into a trap if they intervened.

All it takes then is a Brezinski type to have this bright idea: "Hey, what about this: Let's turn Iraq into Iran's Afghanistan ... they'll never see it coming ... *cackle* "


yeah, I was wondering about that too.

The zone of IS chaos together with Kurdistan, makes a sort-of east/west wall cutting off Turkey from the middle east? (Why?)

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