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02 August 2014


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The boss tells his underlings where their proper place is.


"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro and demanded that the US never “second-guess" him on Hamas again. Netanyahu added that he now “expected” the US and other countries to fully support Israel’s offensive in Gaza."

FB Ali

Col Lang,

Thank you for those forthright comments. For all of us who are in despair at the US's official and public stance in the face of this great unfolding human tragedy, comments such as yours enable us to maintain the hope that the values and beliefs that characterize the US may yet one day prevail.


Col. Lang:

Should Samatha Powers remind the President of our R2P Gazans from Israeli military attacks?


Perhaps the way that they have operated, both during this exercise, and in 2009, the IDF troops should really be called "Einsatzgruppen" in the media. There is definitely a comparison. From the reports of junior officers shooting children and the employment of killing zones, they don't deserve to be given the honor of being refered to as 'soldiers.'

And Shapiro, where do we get such people? And before his present position, he was senior director for the Middle East and North Africa of the U.S. National Security Council.

nick b

The President may be in constant contact with Netanyahu, but I don't imagine he likes it much. Remember his response to former French President Sarkozy caught on an open mic in 2011?
"You're tired of him; what about me? I have to deal with him everyday."

Also this from Josh Marshall:
"Nothing gets the Obama administration's ire up like the perception (very often grounded in reality) that Netanyahu and his government ministers are trying to scuttle his initiatives by inveigling themselves into domestic partisan conflict in the US. Specifically, using GOP proxies as cut-outs to push back against the President's initiatives."

When one considers all this along with Netanyahu's fairly open support for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, It's amazing that the President speaks with him at all. It begs the question: why?


"In these talking points Obama often used Bibi's exact words. He talks to him every day? It seems that Obama takes his guidance from the prime minister of a foreign power." PL

Col Lang, It is not just POTUS sir- (has anyone noticed the almost 'scared" look on his face)- it is all the major news anchors, commentators, politicians from both parties. The pattern seems to be for the American agent to present the Israeli POV in detail, then we get a glimpse of the truth, then the Israeli version is brought back to conclude and establish itself as the only truth.

That's how you start feeding people Solyent Green...

While still at university I read ZOG on a bathroom stall, and I laughed...today I shudder at a world standing still in the face of a biblical style evil destroying children by the pound.

" The UN children's agency Unicef said that at least 296 Palestinian children had been killed, 30% of the civilian casualties." Seems to be a heck of a leitmotif here eh!


Obama is such an empty suit...just reading the assigned script. The man is an embarrassment.

And what can you say about those righteous humanitarians who drove NATO R2P intervention at the whiff of a theoretical Gaddhafi massacre?

IMO we may well be witnessing the beginning of the Final Solution in Gaza and the West Bank, whereby Netanyahu lets those he doesn't kill die of starvation and thirst.

I doubt the Obama, Kerry, Rice and Powers will deign to notice. After all, don't Israelis deserve to live in peace quiet enjoyment on their stolen land?


Anyone can pick on the first minority president ever but try it on a zionist american of judaic persuation. Our press and politicians respect and fear power.

America would never be able to register any dual passport Israel firster under FARA because there would be too much fear. Even Petraeus feared being labeled anti something or other.

old man

I think you and I and about three other people watched the Presidents press conference. Late Friday afternoon on a hot summer August weekend with a President with sagging poll numbers (only Congress is worse) the nobody really believes and a bunch of hack, second and third string news people


old man

I should have ignored his stupidities? No! He still runs the government. pl

different clue

I think I remember (perhaps wrongly) that Qaddafi's threat of revenge massacre ("go house to house, find every rat" etc.) seemed more than just theoretical at the time. And it was the European powers, specifically France and Italy, who feared that a million or so greater Benghazians would avoid and evade the massacre by all fleeing to Mediterranean Europe. France and especially Italy really wanted to relieve themselves of that fear, so they prevailed upon us to help them achieve their proximate goal of stopping Qaddafi's advance towards Benghazi. Whether they had removing Qaddafi as their ultimate goal all along is something I just don't know.
That is what I remember anyway.

old man

And he does it poorly. We have had problems in the CIA, CDC, NSA, State Dept, US Army in Afganistan, IRS, GSA. I am sure I missed some.


I suppose Israelis have reassured the Euros that there will be no refugee problem from Gaza because nobody will be left alive to become refugees in Europe? It certainly seems that way sometimes.


Can he be registered under FARA, after his term is finished?



Old man,

Yes, the war with Russia he is trying to start.


Obamaworld. What else should we expect from a creature groomed and created by the Chicago zion family? In fact not just Chicago. Note the resolutions by the US congress with not a single dissenting vote. Let's face it -the folks who call the shots would have been considered a fifth column a few generations ago.


Sorry, not related to this post, but Col, have you had a chance to watch PBS's "Losing Iraq"?


Would love your take on it.


nick b,

It seems clear that Obama does not like Netanyahu. Very early on in his presidency he did try to challenge Israel on the settlement issue. Bibi handed Obama his hat and the balance of power hasn't shifted much since then. The Administration has let it be known that they're unhappy with the treatment of Kerry, who has after all been a faithful water carrier for the Israelis his entire career. But Obama's unhappiness does not change the fact that Congress backs Netanyahu unreservedly and the American public is still pretty thoroughly brainwashed on the subject. The midterm elections are coming up and many Democrats are vulnerable. Obama can apply some pressure, he can vent a little bit via Ms. Psaki, but that's about it, really.

You will note that in the article to which you linked, Josh Marshall is careful to couch his criticism in terms of the "danger to Israel." I think the main danger is to the peace of mind of liberal Zionists like Marshall.

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