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07 August 2014


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different clue

This is a very detailed and informative comment. Thanks for this.

I should apologise for my english being perhaps not clear enough. I had not meant to imply " how much taste can the Russians really develop?" I meant to imply "how much taste can the Norwegian salmon really develop?" And really, how much taste can a corn fed aqua-feedlot
farmed salmon really develop? Whether from Norway or Scotland or Chile or wherever else?

If Norwegian salmon has been sanctioned right off the Russian menu, perhaps a market space has been opened for Russian Far Eastern Wild salmon, like these Kamchatka salmon right here.
mmm mmmm! I just about betcha they taste copper river sockeye good.

different clue


Thanks for the clarification. I obviously have no ocean experience myself. Since I beleve Sanderson to have had ocean experience in his lifetime, perhaps I misremember what I read some 25 years ago. It may be Mr. Sanderson explained it the way you have, and I didn't even get it at all.



To me that seems a typical expat propaganda essay. A more informative title would have maybe been "Why I love my new country and hate the country I left long ago." But, at least, between promoting the typical anti-Russian narrative of good west and bad Russia it is at least written from someone who speaks the language at least a bit and likely visited some family there. So in whole, if you think away the "Good west - bad Russia" propaganda memes away from the Vice essay, I'ld say, it's a bit more informative regarding some typical feelings of ordinary people in Russia compared to most of the other pieces, that western media pass as news from Russia.

different clue

The only way Iran would let weapons from Afghanistan transit Iran to Iraq would be if they got to pick who in Iraq got the weapons. If the experiment were to be run, it would be fascinating who in particular was allowed to recieve these weapons from the Iranian transit-permitters and doler-outers.

different clue


Acres USA has in the present issue an article by a recent Russian immigrant to the US about family dacha foodgrowing in Russia. Unfortunately
it doesn't appear to be anywhere on line. But books by this person are in print and available.
Here is a description of one of those books.

He is also supposed to have written Growing Fruit With A Smile and Keeping Bees With A Smile.
They should also be searchable on the interweb.

different clue

Oh, and . . . this is not the Acres USA article about Russian dacha gardening, but it is an article about Russian dacha gardening.

different clue

Here is Growing Fruit With A Smile.
And here is Keeping Bees With A Smile.

It is silly to think Russia would go hungry by embargoing US/EU agricultural produce. Russia could probably become food autarchic if it wanted.
Seeking food imports from Turkey/South America/ etc. is as much or more about building new political-economic alliances and relationships as it is about securing food supplies . . . maybe more so.


"Democracy is the idea the people know what they want - and they deserve to get it good and hard."

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