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23 August 2014


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But it did. How many of the legislators represent, say, the Druze?
They are governed by a caste system of sorts. IE, the Druze weren't even protected from the incoming rockets from Hamas and a court even said they weren't worthy of it.
The Mizrahi and Sephardic are also second class citizens. Jews, yes. Same rights? No.
They also abuse the African minority in many ways.
The 'left' are now being arrested for simply speaking out against what the IDF are doing on orders from the government. No. Not a democracy.


Charles, I agree that the equipment should be sent to the NG and not local police forces. OTOH (and ex-military types jump in here) I imagine the surplus equipment from the Pentagon is close to being obsolete so the NG will end up with equipment that is old and unusable overseas any way.



I suppose it means little to you, but some of us are "ex-military types" and some are retired military types. that last means we are still members of the armed forces, but on the retired list. pl


How many "civil rights" institutions that exist only to stir up racial animus have jewry somewhere at the head of it all?

Like you said, "not designed to favor the American people".


PL, got it. Thanks for the clarification.


I think this is a good way of putting it.


alba etie

Another 'fun facts ' Mr Chertoff once he stopped being our head of Homeland Security started being the "paid a commission mouthpiece" for all those full body xray scanners at our airports .And its not just Republicans - but then Penn. Democratic Governor Ed Rendell apparently sicced private Izzie security companies on Amcits that wanted to keep their property safe from the worst practices of fracking up there.

Richard Armstrong


How many posts have been made that exist only to spew racial animus have "jewry" somewhere in them for no other reason at all?

Edward Amame

I doubt that criminals have gotten any nastier. Just better armed thanks to 2nd amendment absolutists. Hence we have the PD arms buildup in response.


Edward Amame,

Yeah because its all those lawful gun owners committing the crimes out there versus the criminals doing what they were going to do anyway.

Make up your mind about what you want: an armed to the teeth central state or a disarmed populace.


Richard Armstrong

Yeah, because noticing who's behind the PFAW, ACLU, SPLC, ADL (among others) is racial animus.

You got me bro. Reality is racist.

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