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09 August 2014


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Medicine Man

Thanks for sharing your views, Mr. Pearson. I have only one comment, regarding the political elite's seeming inattention to the lessons that could be learned from the collapse of colonial imperialism post-WWII. I think Francis Fukuyama was expressing a popular sentiment when he declared the American era the "end of history". Straight up hubris; they don't think the lessons of history apply to them and theirs.


"doesn't seem to have read much about Churchill"

Actually, the neocons obsess over Churchill, even had a US destroyer named after him, and dig the poor old man out whenever it is Munich 1938 to them again, which is about almost always.

Churchill to them symbolises prsevearance in face of aggression - he is the man who opposed appeasement!

Appeasment to them is essentially communicating by means other than scolding, sanctions or bombing with any country they find deserving of such treatment.

But they don't access Churchill soberly. They pick of him what they find useful and ignore the rest.

As far as Churchill's political stances are concerned - primarily his opposition to appeasment - they look at the result only, and ignore the extent to which his stances were also driven by ober domestic policy considerations or outright opportunism.

Also, appeasement was the result of a choice between having to face something like WW-I again, or to avoid such a runious fate, or to at least buy time to rearm.

The US are nowhere near such a situation, not now and not in recent memory. Appeasement as an anlogy to today's policy problems doesn't fit, since today's policy problems never really rise up to that stark a level of choice.

Anybody who, with a straight face, brings up appeasement and for instance Israel and Iran in the same breath should be laughed out of town. Alas, they aren't.

Churchill is also lauded for his steadfastness during Britains time of crisis in WW-II.

And steadfast he was. But his cheerleaders tend to blissfully ignore in all their Churchilling that the US never have been with the back against the wall as Britain was in 1940.

When Churchill took office during WW-II, he had but two options - surrender or fighting. He chose the latter, and in the end prevailed.

But Churchill had some hare brained and outright genocidal ideas (like advocating a chemical strike on German cities using poison gas and possibly anthrax), from which only people like Alan Brooke saved him, and Britain, and incidentally Germany.


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