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01 August 2014


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FB Ali


Amidst the propaganda barrage surrounding the capture of the Israeli officer, it is important to isolate some facts, and base any speculation on them.

The terms of the ceasefire agreement (as released by the Egyptian presidency) had the following as the first clause:

"Israel should stop all hostilities in the Gaza Strip land, sea and air including incursions and targeting of individuals".

(Reported by Reuters @ http://tinyurl.com/oks49ud. Also reproduced in Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post).

It is admitted by the Israelis that the officer and some men were engaged in destroying tunnels. It is quite possible that the Gazan militants regarded this as a breach of the ceasefire and attacked the party.

It is also possible that some militant faction disagreed with entering into the ceasefire and disregarded it.

So far Hamas has not confirmed the capture. This may be because the leadership really doesn't know this yet (probably because of communication problems). Or, the officer may be dead.


Background on Mr. Gordon from The Times of Israel

"Yochanan's father founded the Five Towns Jewish Times. Much of Yochana's inspiration in the field of writing stems from his father, of course as well as his paternal grandfather, Nison Gordon, a yiddish journalist of note who wrote for the Tog Morgen Journal and later the Algemeiner Journal until his sudden passing in December of 1989.

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So the poisoning of the Israeli soul accelerated with the hiring of 'political scientists'. Somehow that is not very surprising.



The Israeli's will be very willing to grant the Palestinians a Carthaginian Peace.

Peter Brownlee

Is the Hannibal Protocol inoperative? Are captured IDF being held in secure locations, safe from their colleagues? (I assume a plurality since the captors will redouble their efforts in snaring the wayward and wounded.)

Peter Brownlee

" DECIMATIO was the selection, by lot, of every tenth man for punishment, when any number of soldiers in the Roman army had been guilty of any crime. The remainder usually had barley allowed to them instead of wheat (Polyb. VI.38; Cic. Cluent. 46). This punishment does not appear to have been often inflicted in the early times of the republic; but is frequently mentioned in the civil wars, and under the empire. It is said to have been revived by Crassus, after being discontinued for a long time (Plut. Crass. 10). For instances of this punishment, see Liv. II.59; Suet. Aug. 24, Suet. Galba 12; Tac. Hist. I.37; Dion Cass. XLI.35, XLIX.27, 38.

"Sometimes only the twentieth man was punished (vicesimatio), or the hundredth (centesimatio, Capitol. Macrin. 12)."



Gaza University attacked.



An addendum. Hamas and it's armed wing Qassam brigades, say they did an internal investigation and published a press statement last night saying they did not capture an Israeli soldier in the events Friday morning.

Al Jazeera: Hamas denies taking missing Israeli soldier


The press statement of the Qassam brigades translated into English:


From Palestinians I currently hear that they assume that Israel fabricated the capture of an Israeli soldier as a pretext to disregard the truce and conduct further offensive operations insstead.


Thank you for the correction. Always look to expand my knowledge of history. Do you know if the Nazis practice a form of decimation as group punishment--killing every tenth person in line?

I think the main thrust of my point still holds, the slaughter of civilian populations in an area frequented by electronic media is virtual political suicide for the aggressor.

If Israel holds no hope of self determination and repeatedly humiliates its occupied peoples then you have to expect an answer like Hamas. And I agree with the American General (I believe) that said destroying Hamas would be foolish because of the likelihood that what follows would be worse.

Enough writing on this forum for me for now I am going to write to my reps in Washington.

different clue

David Habakkuk,

I suspect that for a brief time-window towards the endpoint of Rabin's Prime Ministership that the Rabinist leadership and its votership were getting sincere about 2SS. Likud certainly feared that Rabin and his voters were accepting it for real. That is why the Netanyahoodlum faction worked with elements of Israeli security to get Rabin assassinated. Were the Netanyahuists mistaken in their analysis of Rabin's intentions and capabilities?

different clue

Frank Luntz is very good at his craft of manipulating thought by manipulating language. He is paid so well for it that he can afford to only work for clients whose goals he believes in and supports.
His falsewords have deeply entered our language. For example, Luntz himself invented the phrase "climate change" to displace the phrase "global warming", and also the phrase "death tax" to displace the phrase "estate tax". So anyone who uses the words "climate change" and/or "death tax" has been Luntzed and is advancing Luntz's memes.


The Israeli army has said that it has determined that Hadar Goldin, the 23-year-old soldier it said was captured by Hamas on Friday, was killed in action.



What happened to this person?

The missing soldier has been named as Sgt. Oron Shaul, 21, from the Golani Brigade


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