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20 August 2014


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Edward Amame

I feel for you. I can't stand my governor either.



And then there is the boob, McDonnell, and his psycho wife... pl


My governor (Rick Perry) just got indicted!



This is also a very bad sign for democrats in general.

alba etie

A pox on both parties - Tweedledum & Tweedledee

The Twisted Genius

alba etie,

More like Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber.

Peter C

Matthew, the booking photo of Governor Perry is a work of art and will be used extensively in his anti-government spiel. Perry is not dead politically, yet. Perry will crash and burn in the press along the way.

I love the billboards showing a fully automatic suppressed machine pistol with the saying "This is legal in Texas, come visit us at our gun shop"

alba etie

Excellent observation .Maybe we could draft Jim Webb as a third party nominee for 2016 .

alba etie

And then they went to Sandy's on Barton Spring's for frozen custard ...


Peter C: The joy of being a Texan is we have the entire cornucopia of humanity here. We have Nobel Scientists and Flat Earthers.

Perry's alleged crime is abstract: It's quo warranto, i.e., acting without authority. I doubt he will be convicted--or hurt politically by this indictment.


Alba etie

Webb and bring Russ Feingold back.

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