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06 August 2014


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back in that time period the Izzies told me that they had created Hamas as an internal competitor to the PLO who were then in Tunisia. Some of the smarter ones were not pleased and were sure that this was a long term problem that they had created for themselves. This reminds me of something a senior Hungarian MI officer said to me at dinner in Budapest. He said that if one painted a devil on a wall, there was always the risk that the devil would come down from there. pl

The beaver

Mr Sale

I used your article and that of Andrew Higgins to go head to head with a bunch of Megaphone Zionists back in 2010 ( a couple of dual nationals from Israel and Maryland in their 60s- one even claimed that he had worked for UPI before going to live in a kibbutz in northern Israel!!!) and I was told that it was false info :-(

I guess somehow and somewhere some spin-masters have decided to erase that part of their "evil History"

Higgins' article:


Hamas has and always will be the canard for Israel as it serves the purpose of keeping the Palestinian leadership factions between it and PA Fatah fractious and unreliable as a bargaining partner. So much for the Oslo Peace Plan as Netanyahu had always wanted to sabotage. Case in point, the infiltration tunnels from Gaza into Israel were already completed. If Hamas would only send a sizable infiltration team to Sderot or any nearby Israeli settlement, they would have been able to easily tunnel their way right underneath one and taken Israeli hostages. The fact they have not done so and only showered their ineffective rockets to draw Israeli ire reveals a lot. Netty's withdrawl serves the purpose of leaving the Hamas in power also plays into this narrative as the Gazans could be starved into desperation, launch a few more rockets as well as give Israeli reservists and MIC a chance to target test their new Rafael or IAI wargear inventions as to mow the grass every few years.


Question: is Hamas, through cut outs, being run through some elements of Israeli intelligence? From my POV, Hamas seems to come in so handy in providing a hapless enemy that still unifies and terrorizes the Israeli populace. If Hamas did not exist, one would have to create it.... Oh, wait.


What Israel is doing is beyond evil.


William R. Cumming

Thanks Richard for re-posting this excellent comment!



It is noteworthy and consistent with the history of the Israeli state the it created another terrorist organization to impose violence as a matter of practical policy. Imagine where we might be today if instead Israel had established a benevolent charitable organization to use good instead of evil to oppose the PLO. The Jewish State was birthed by violence. There is no benevolence there now. The violence and evil will never result in peace for the Jews.

Babak Makkinejad

Fram Sa'adi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saadi_Shirazi):

A man was raising a wolf cub
when grown, tore apart the master

يکي بچه گرگ مي پروريد

چو پروده شد خواجه برهم دريد


May I highly recommend Australian journalist Paul McGeough's extremely interesting book Kill Khalid for a detailed account of Hamas early days as well as the Israeli attempt to assassinate Meshal.

I had the opportunity to lead a discussion with the author back in 2009 (http://firedoglake.com/2009/03/07/fdl-book-salon-welcomes-paul-mcgeough-author-of-kill-khalid/) and found his reporting essential to understanding Hamas.

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