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23 August 2014


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Thanks Richard for this reminder. Iwas at Ft. Bliss for REDEYE traing for 10 weeks on eventual replacement for FRG.

But my OCS BN had been called out in formation after the MLK and RFK assasinations spring 1968 for possible Riot deployment in cities to be named later.

On September 19th, 1967, I was sent to Fort Leonard Wood for Basic Training. After a ZERO week basic started. My company contained College-Ops [headed for OCS], PROJECT 100,000 [4th quartile of Army tests, and about 15 Blacstone Ranger Chieftains. The last part of a 40 block sweep of Blackstone Ranger terratory in S. Chicago by a federal judge trying to avoid problems in the heat of the night. Almost all had natural leadership ability and brains. Amost all the Project 100,000 and Blackstone Rangers sent to Advance Infantry Training at TIGERLAND [Fort Polk, LA]!

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