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20 August 2014


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"I did not say that at all!" Like hell you didn't. That is exactly what you meant. No amount of blowing smoke at me will fool me about that. Marxist cant. You live near St. Louis. Been to Ferguson lately? pl



It is hard to tell from the video if Brown pays or not. Maybe he did but the clerk was angry about something. Didn't pay enough? The clerk now says Brown didn't steal the cigars but why did he confront Brown and then get manhandled. The clerk--store owner?-- could be saying this to prevent further looting and community retribution. The only reason video is important is it shows Brown frame of mind immediately before his confrontation with Officer Wilson.

Police report of the strong arm robbery:


The Powell video shows a young Black man committing suicide by police. Clear and simple, you do not bring a knife to a gunfight. It is easy to second guess the police and say they should have tased him, backed away or gone Bruce Lee to disarm him. But they only had seconds to react. Just like Officer Brown who had a 293 lb., 6'4" man running at him. You know how may cops have their guns taken away by unarmed punks and then shot with their own guns. I don't know either but those dead cops made the wrong decision.

We have a cop with a clean record, who worked in a mostly Black town and had no complaints against him who decidied to execute an unarmed submissive Black man because the deep seated racism he has hidden for six years on the police force suddenly possessed him to an action all White police dream of doing. Or we have a young Black man who shows signs his life is going off the rails by rapping about fighting and killing, manhandles a store clerk and rushes a cop with a gun.Two opposing narratives. We will see which one the courts favor.

If it had been a White man laying in the street, there would be no protests, no news.

I find the death of the big Black man more disturbing because he died for selling single cigarettes on the street. The police could have written him a ticket instead of trying to try to handcuff him and arrest him. In some ways I don't blame him for resisting arrest. Also, the Ferguson police have made the situation worse by not covering up Brown's body for 3 hours, letting snipers train their rifles at peaceful protesters, letting the looters and arsonist run wild while shooting the demonstrators with rubber bullets and tear gas. A few nights ago the police wised up and started sending small groups into the crowd to arrest the bottle throwers.



You linked to youtube you dork. Furthermore cbs is only not liberal if yo think msnbc is centrist, lol.

I guess Im talking to a real man of action here cause I know if Im getting charged by a negro giant Im going to have a bit of nerves going too.


Whoa a black person arguing on emotion and conjecture color me shocked,

Cause the last 60 years of great society have been so awesome for blacks. Youre a poor Taheesi Coates knock off: another idiot who believes everything he is spoonfed by the race pimps in this country.

Mark Tester

Point well taken, Colonel. But when did you first learn about the functions of local civic government? Were you that adamant on this issue when you were, say 25? In many respects democratic apathy is a failure of our educational systems.



The Irish improved. Black dysfunction follows them wherver they go. They want the fruits of Western Civ but they dont want the labor that goes with it.

How many trillions have been thrown at this problem only to see it get worst wih every year?



Afaik the clerk pulled up stakes and got out of there. Ive read the store is claiming a random customer called in the robbery. Guess the locals dont want to ge pogrommed.



Quick listing of some of the more recent bs racial greivances cooked up by the media.


Edward Amame


No he's not better than that.



Dork? LOL! You've lost when you have to resort to name calling.
Charging Negro giant?

Tsk, tsk. Anyway...you'll appreciate a report from Fox news.




For those who don't think an unarmed man is a danger to an armed cop. this short video recreation of a similar situation to what might have happened in Ferguson is relevant.




Was Brown's life really going off the rails? He did steal from a convenience store, not a nice thing to do but many teenagers do it, and he also pushed around the clerk in the process.As far as we know he was not a gang member and had no criminal record.

We don't yet know Officer Wilson's full story of the shooting, but as I understand it there is a claim that Brown began running away and then, after being shot, elected to turn around and charge Wilson, who was still firing. Unless Brown was high as a kite on something, and there is no evidence of that apart from a little pot reported to have been found in his system, his course of action makes no sense to me whatsoever, even assuming that he wasn't thinking straight.

I don’t believe Wilson acted out of conscious racial malice, but I can quite believe that he lost his nerve. Sure, he may well have believed that Brown was coming back to charge him, but isn’t that a panicky response not worthy of a trained police officer? There is also the claim that Brown reached for Wilson’s gun. This would suggest that Wilson knew fairly early on that Brown was unarmed. After Brown turned around, Wilson is said to have fired five times. That seems completely out of proportion to the situation. I can see these as the actions of an otherwise decent cop out of his depth. Still, the kid is dead.

Police officers have a lot of leeway in these matters (and rightly so) and maybe that’s enough to get Wilson off. Based upon the information currently available to us, however, I don't think it would be unjust for him to lose his badge.


Mark Tester

I was raised by people who cared deeply about American government and I was probably about ten when I understood this subject. pl


"Tsk, tsk" Shaming is not allowed here. You are not Mika and this is not Morning Joe. pl



The only thing that would be necessary to block an indictment for homicide would be the introduction of a hospital medical report that indicates that Wilson was injured by Brown. if the grand jury still indicts a trial will last a couple of hours before the judge throws the whole thing out. Then. all this Marxist revolutionary crap being spewed by and in the media will cause a revulsion across the country against Obama, Holder and the democrats. pl

Kyle Pearson

In reply to Tyler:

That is as transparent a Faux News myth as there ever was.

It's simplest to rebut your assertion with the following link:


"In December 2005, the Washington Post reported, "Justice Department lawyers concluded that the landmark Texas congressional redistricting plan spearheaded by Rep. Tom DeLay violated the Voting Rights Act, according to a previously undisclosed memo," uncovered by the newspaper.[10]"


"Texas legislators proceeded with the new plan "because it would maximize the number of Republican federal lawmakers in the state."[10] The article notes that the lawyers' position was overruled by senior political appointees in the Justice Department.[10]"

Kyle Pearson

Col Lang:

That was in response to Mr. Kao's comment:

"Perhaps Jefferson's warning about the tree of liberty should be heeded more closely after all."

Kyle Pearson

Col Lang:

I'm sure the Dems do gerrymander, but in Texas this was a case of the Republican core of the Bush junta taking over the legislature and overtly re-writing district lines to guarantee a WASP legislature far beyond the demographics would justly allow.

It was voter disenfranchisement based on racial and religious lines, orchestrated to protect the careers of the Rovian clique and all of the political characters who affiliate with them.

I have no problem with relatively inclusive political parties that battle for dominance over an electorate that may pick and choose from a field of candidates who represent popular policy alternatives. That's not what we have in Texas, now, and things have gotten conspicuously worse since the 2003 redistricting -

which, as shown above, had the Justice Department not been headed up by a Bush appointee, would have been prosecuted by the Justice Department as a violation of the Voting Rights Act.

I am fully aware that both sides pick and choose the laws they will enforce, but this fits right in to my point, above, about the legal system needing a very thorough pruning (preferably starting with the so-called "War on Drugs"). A more narrow legal focus would better represent the will of the people, and truth-be-told, the electorate in Texas is one of the most poorly informed, poorly educated, and heavily propagandized in the US.

It is a common thing there to hear the average Texan arguing things like hotter is colder, filth is soap, poverty is wealth, and violence is peace.

Will Reks


You're right. Voter suppression is just like voter fraud. A myth.

Of course there is a history of voter suppression in this country but that's all in the past.

They just don't come out to vote in the off-year elections. As Pat said, you deserve the government you get if you choose not to vote.


Sir, I did not say that at all! The banksters do nothing like that. They enjoy the fruits of the nations toil, and the least powerful, the poorest, the least educated, and now increasingly the middle class - they have to pay. The billions of dollars which disappeared in the black holes of the financial worlds it what I object to. The 1%ers enjoy what they cannot even totally consume, they think they will live forever and their childrenschildren will have the same. The "running dogs" which you say (not my words) are the instrument of the 1%ers - is another subject.
Reply21 August 2014 at 01:44 PM
Colonel, my reply to your above reply was posted and taken down ? Did I say something very offensive?


Colonel, Sir
I would like to apologize if I have hurt your feelings. The previous re-posting I made because I did not see that there was a longer thread under your reply (""I did not say that at all!" Like hell you didn't. That is exactly what you meant. No amount of blowing smoke at me will fool me about that. Marxist cant..."). I am not a Marxist, I have lived under the Soviet rule a fair length of my life and I do not need to be accused of being "Marxist". We disagree on certain things and let it be. Thank you very much for your attention. I know now what to say not...Let it be.


Sir - actually, I was in St.Louis yesterday and rode the Metro train - it was peaceful. Four young white men came on the train, all in dark blue clothes, with dark glasses, like Spec Op men on going from or to action. I have seen civilians like that in my youth, under Soviet occupation, and this image was evoked familiar, but not especially fond memory. So, from my perspective, it seems that this kind of people are necessary to maintain order in any society. So, I see now in my last years of life, that 'freedom' is relative, just as everything. You can call me "Einsteinian" but please, do not call me a "Marxist"


Tyler, Kyle,

Then there's another fact: a majority of the Hispanics who do turn out to vote are (still) Republicans, especially in states like Texas. That may or may not change in the future, but the idea that somehow, Hispanics are inherently liberal is delusional, at least for now.

On the other hand, there was a rather staggering development with regards Asian-Americans. In early 1990s, a sizable majority of voting Asian Americans were Republicans. In the 20 years since, the numbers switched (in almost exact proportions) to the other side. An interesting development for anyone who claims that the demographics are the future...


I too would change my story after I was worried about getting pogrommed out of business by angry rioters.

I don't think I've lost anything. When you try to argue that name calling means you've won, well you've lost. Still a dork. Still black. Sorry for your luck.


I have to go back and read Meditations and Seneca when the modern world seems like its going mad yet again.

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