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21 August 2014


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Kyle Pearson

It seems to me that most in Washington have completely lost the sense of what the fundamental character shared among "spin," "tergiversation," "lies," "propaganda," "advertisement," and "public relations."

On the one hand, PR, ads, and spin are all OK -

"PR" is just how big organizations communicate with the public-at-large, "ads" are just tools of public relations, and "spin" is just a clever way of bringing the two together.

On the other hand: "propaganda" is what happens when the press is subjected to oversight by a tyranny (which by definition cannot happen under representative governments); "lies" get weeded out by the free market of ideas, because US media is all about competition among equals, in a free market; and who in the world has any idea what "tergiversation" is? Only pinheads and dweebs bother with words like that.....

Kyle Pearson

In reply to Edward Amame:

That is a magnificent reference.

Really: best-of-class, even on these illuminate boards.

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