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31 July 2014


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Looks like an IMI M325 HEAT round:



Just a guess -



Apparently Israeli arms show:

pics of 120mm


What damage can one of these things do?


A tank's main gun can fire armor piercing or high explosive ammunition. it will punch holes in buildings or other armored vehicles or it can be fired personnel targets in a bursting role. pl


What is the blast radius in anti-personnel bursting mode?


Please note that I am not a tanker or any kind of actual expert on such things, but from my (google's) understanding, this would be a license-built Israeli IMI version of the ATK M830 HEAT-MP-T that the US uses, itself a derivative of the Rheinmetall DM12A1. The Abrams, Leopard, and Merkava all have 120mm smoothbore cannons that can shoot the same ammunition by design.

It delivers a 13.5kg shaped charge warhead at velocities exceeding those of rifle rounds. It is intended for "soft" targets while retaining the ability to cut through heavy tank armor due to the shaped charge. Other rounds exist that are intended solely for anti-tank use (sabots, think lawn dart) or anti-personnel use (canister, think shotgun); these are multi-purpose, similar to Hellfire missiles in destructive power and employment.

One example:


Don't know about the shell. But you can send the mishpucka a burger...
"In addition to pizza from our well known PizzaIDF.org site, we are giving you the opportunity to send Burgers & Soda* to our beloved active duty soldiers. This includes soldiers on regular military service as well as those who have temporarily left their homes, families and jobs to serve the Jewish people as Miluim (Reserve Duty) fighters."
With an IRS deduction no less


CNN correspondent is reporting that Israel broke the ceasefire. They are also reporting that IDF warning calls came telling people of in coming fire.
Mark Regev lies as usual.

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