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20 July 2014


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Naturally, these madmen (and women) will throw away five billion (lives) for five billion (dollars). All for "democracy" (tm). Some "responsibility to protect."


I agree that it is madness to march towards war with a nuclear superpower over such issues and under such circumstances. Far more realism and pragmatism is warranted for the sake of the average american.


Amen Sir.


This might be of interest to some: http://www.noquarterusa.net/blog/77282/horrific-video-of-malaysian-air/



Make THESE old soldiers proud. pl


The conflict is just an unfolding of a profitable plan of "total war." The names of the authors and pushers of the plan are painfully familiar. I tremble for the eventual wave of anti-Zionism; the bloody cowards, these Israel-firsters had crossed all lines.



I am speechless.

Charles Dekle

Col Lang,
Thank you,sir.


"This Country's Going to War"- Duck Soup sequence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyeKYQdYISg

John Minnerath

We were at the brink in 62, now here we are, 52 years later with an administration and political extremists pushing us and the world to that line again.
It's beyond comprehension and leaves me numb.

Charles Dekle

Col Lang,
Col Jack Jacobs is on MSNBC this morning demanding stronger action from BOH. MHP convientlly left out NATO's march eastward and the NeoCon coupe in Kiev in her preamble to the discussion.



I second the sentiment sir. Obama, Kerry and the usual suspects aren't the only one's fanning the flames.


To quote some of the players: "Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, said that Putin had "one last chance to show he means to help ...."

"David Cameron called for the EU and the west to change its approach to Russia if Putin does not alter course on Ukraine following the tragedy. The prime minister said: "This is a direct result of Russia destabilising a sovereign state, violating its territorial integrity, backing thuggish militias, and training and arming them. We must turn this moment of outrage into a moment of action.""

Good thing to know that decade and $5 billion the West spent didn't violate state sovereignty or train any thuggish militia. The rest of the article shows leadership thinking that is even worse. I'm sure if we had an 'expert' investigation team on site they would come up with a bit of metal with "fired by Vladimar Putin" on its side.

Meanwhile in Ann Arbor Michigan tens of thousands of Americans took to the streets.... and not one of them was protesting Russian action in Ukraine or demanding intervention. There was an art show. People went about their weekend oblivious to what is being done in their name. I'm sure they will be glad to wake up Monday knowing we have another war based on slam dunk evidence so we can realize the neocon dream.


Does anyone remember John Kerry's absolute certainty that Assad gassed his own people eleven months ago?

These fits of hysteria are becoming an annual occurrence among Washington's cocksure chicken hawks.

Or, to use another analogy, it seems that every summer they get bitten by a bat, go mad, foam at the mouth and try to bite everything around them.

Babak Makkinejad


What personally astonished me is the way enemies are picked and declared so publicly in the United States:

Syria, Russia, Iran, China

The cavalier way it is done, with almost zero attention to what war means - it is like France under Bonaparte with a population addicted to victory - it seems.

Babak Makkinejad

The Republicans are not any different.

They seem to itch for war as well.


The data video is 6/6/2014 no Mh17


I think much of this DC drama is the White House wanting to pressure Europe in to stronger sanctions. They are taking advantage of the terrible airliner incident to create an atmosphere where certain European nations feel pressured. And, like their continued harping on this subject, it has only led to increase militarization and unpredictably dangerous events. The reason to hurry and pin blame is to bring more into the fold. The President has some interesting academic advisors on partial sanctions and pressuring regimes.

Stanley Henning

Let’s step back and use a little more reason. This was a horrible incident but Malaysian Air really should have redirected their flight route based on what is going on in the Ukraine. That haveing been said, starting a war among the world’s big boys as a result of this will only result in utter disaster for all on this earth - rather than allowing this to escalate we should step back and focus on improving our emphasis on finding ways to reduce conflict. The Ukraine is a sad little mess and not really worth destroying the world over regardless of who shot the missile.



Federal authorities are blaming the Russians.

r whitman

We need, on this blog, to seriously examine who the real beneficiaries of these policies are on both sides(I would like to capitalize the word "both" but I know the host of this blog does not care for caps).

I sense a reluctance on the part of the conventional militaries on either side to get involved.

Qui Bono???


M K Bhadrakumaron makes some interesting observations on the propaganda war regarding the downed Malaysian plane, and on Russian and Iran’s burgeoning relations…

Putin, it’s your payback time http://blogs.rediff.com/mkbhadrakumar/2014/07/20/putin-its-your-payback-time/


This video is popping up everywhere.

The caption of the video says, in Russian "Above Slavyansk, shot-down AN-30". I.e., different type of plane.

Also if you look closely in the few frames that are in-focus, the wing shape is, arguably, perpendicular from the fuselage, unlike a Boeing 777.

Babak Makkinejad

The 2 winners of World War I were: Serbia and Japan.

I do not think we can tell until the dust settles.


Pepe Escobar shares some damning tweets…

Was it Putin’s Missile? http://rt.com/op-edge/174088-was-it-putin-missile/
A simple search reveals that MH17 was in fact diverted 200km north from the usual flight path taken by Malaysian Airlines in the previous days – and plunged right in the middle of a war zone. Why? What sort of communication had MH17 received from the Kiev air control tower? ...

And then there’s the curiouser and curiouser story of Carlos, the Spanish air traffic controller working at Kiev’s tower, who was following MH17 in real time. For some Carlos is legit - not a cipher; for others, he’s never even worked in Ukraine. Anyway he tweeted like mad. His account – not accidentally – has been shut down and he has disappeared. His friends are now desperately looking for him. I managed to read all his tweets in Spanish when the account was still online. And now copies and an English translation are available.

These are some of his crucial tweets:
“The B777 was escorted by 2 Ukrainian fighter jets minutes before disappearing from radar (5.48pm)”
“If the Kiev authorities want to admit the truth 2 fighter jets were flying very close a few minutes before the incident but did not shoot down the airliner (5.54)”
“As soon as the Malaysia Airlines B777 disappeared the Kiev military authority informed us of the shooting down. How did they know? (6.00)”
"Everything has been recorded on radar. For those that don’t believe it, it was taken down by Kiev; we know that here (in traffic control) and the military air traffic control know it too (7.14)”

From the article above, this link (a technical analysis)…

FINAL – Part II: Evidence Continues to Emerge #MH17 Is a False Flag Operation http://slavyangrad.wordpress.com/2014/07/18/breaking-part-ii-evidence-continues-to-emerge-mh17-is-a-false-flag-operation/


One of the monstrous intellectual failings of mainstream conservatism is the inability to conceive as America as anything but "the golden guardian of good".

Its why whenever I see someone going off on a tirade about "Russian media propaganda" I have a laugh. Pat Buchanan pointed out that Putin has more in common with conservative values than anyone in the American Left and got pilloried for it.

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