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09 July 2014


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Sad and disgusting if true.



I can recently read that ISIS is already a presence in the Sinai, the WB and Gaza. Some of Israel's security professionals were alarmed that eliminating Hamas would remove the most effective counter to their influence.

Israel is, once again, sowing it's own crop of dragon's teeth. This latest rapidly metastasizing batch could prove to be the most toxic of them all. Unlike Hamas and Hezbollah, the global jihadis yearning to die under the black banners have no return address.

Medicine Man

So they are just going in like Romans to decimate the population? Sweet JC.

The Twisted Genius

This is something we will only be able to read here... unfortunately. If the order was to destroy all rockets and the rocketeers, I would find that fully understandable. The orders as you describe them, jdledell, have no other purpose than to exterminate a people and their society. I offer my condolences for your nephew's soul.


Hi All,

The link below is a u tube link to a urban warfare center in Israel. I'm not sure about the sites policy of outside links I think it's enlightening as to Israeli military thinking.



I presume the legions of Zion will find a more discreet way to reduce the number of females of reproductive age in Gaza. That's really the way to go for those who want to pull the demographic plug on a culture.
It will be interesting to see how the grapes of wrath end up being tromped when the current Shoah finally unwinds.


The Romans did not decimate populations. It was a punishment for military insubordination or mutiny.


I believe the technical term for the coming Gaza operation is "Mowing the grass"



I completely concur. Netanyahu has ordered a punitive expedition to kill as many young males as is needed to satisfy a) the national bloodlust that is now whipped up into a frenzy by the media there and b) to effectively sever the new unity government of Fatah and Hamas.
I'm quite convinced the murder of the three settlers near Hebron was not ordered by Hamas. It was not in their political interests after all.


"I presume the legions of Zion will find a more discreet way to reduce the number of females of reproductive age in Gaza"

They will find a way, for sure.


That's what they were willing to do to fellow Jews. Ok, Jews that were of too dark a skin for large numbers of them being perceived with comfort by the Israeli Health Ministry.


If the orders they received are really what are reflected here, they're more trying to do what Pharaoh or King Herod tried to do to the Jews--just they were smart enough to pick a much less sympathetic age demographic this time (young men instead of baby boys).

I hope that when Pat's source says that that is "in essence" what their orders are, that what he really means is that their orders are something not so unambiguously evil and that he just fears that will be the consequence of carrying out their orders. If they really did give orders like this though, (i.e. to kill as many young Palestinian men as possible), I hope the guy who gave those orders left an inadvertant paper trail that can be Snowdened to the world.


Richard Armstrong

I truly wish that some nation with the wherewithal would arm the Palestinians to the teeth providing them with modern weapons including AAA systems, MANPADS, and attack helicopters. That Egypt would provide airfields and the generous provider of weapons would provide aircraft and Honchos to fly them so that the Palestinians might be able to respond in kind to the Israelis.

The Israelis have far too long been able to murder Palestinians without any danger of serious reprisals.

Israel is an apartheid regime whose actions bring to mind both South Africa and our own treatment of the First Nations of this country.


Rocket... You are correct that the "essence" is my nephew's interpretation of his orders. Israel is far too smart to put orders in the categorical form I described.



And to think, the Israeli government and their toads bitch and moan about Hitler and his minions, yet if they would only take a look at themselves in their Israeli mirrors, they might find themselves becoming an almost mirror image of Hitler and his bunch. The only difference between Hitler and Bibi is Bibi is wearing a beanie and trying to act pious, while Hitler knew he was evil and didn't care who knew it.

For what the Israeli government did to every U.S. man, woman, and child and their jeopardizing our nation's security with their sell out of our national defense thanks to their Pollard puke, one of our subs making Israel a parking lot for it would be a fitting justice IMO.

If it wasn't for U.S., the Israeli government and their ingrates wouldn't exist, yet they spit on U.S. on a constant basis.


They also robbed over 3 million from Palestinians when they started this.

@Martin I agree with you. Sit Bibi down for a polygraph NOW.


I'm not a fan of more weapons it would likely only result in more bloodshed. You just can't give the Palestinians any air defences or similar that the IDF can't kill.

I delude myself that if the international community recognises a Palestinian state and define the borders without any input from Israel and Palestinians. Peace would be possible.

A state based on the pre-1967 borders with just a small part of the Jerusalem area left over to be decided by the Israelis and Palestinians themselves. Settlement populations to be move back to Israel over a 30 year period.

Enforced with a travel ban on all Israelis and Palestinians except government representatives until compliance by both parties.

I know, I know, it's a bit delusional. But a least non violent.


"... if they would only take a look at themselves in their Israeli mirrors ..."

A German TV shopping channel has a "magical wish fulfillment mirror" on offer. Maybe the Izzies are customers. "I am beautiful, I am smart ..."

Here's the perfect illustration of Israeli self perception:



The Ashkenazi were forged in Nazi Germany. The current fascist state, which places the good of the state much higher than the good of any individual, learned its methods from the culture that they were familiar with. From press censorship, to the cult of the army, to the midnight raids, to ethnic cleansing, the attitude of perpetual victimhood and perpetual war footing, adminstrative detention for the good of the state, the quest for lebensraum, to the ubermensch vs. the subhumans, the memes are all there once you start looking. So this is not simply a historical accident.

More disturbing is the fact that America is starting to pick up on these fascist memes. Gitmo. Undoing the ban on state propaganda. CIA torture. Perpetual war. Religious-based bad guys we can slaughter at will. The CIA / Blackwater / NSA being above the law. Backing terrorists in Syria and literal Nazis in the Ukraine.

Fascism is efficient in the short term. It eats your soul and then eats your leg in the long term.

at which point the BRICS, France, Germany, and the entire rest of the world get together and say, You know, we've really had enough of this behavior of a country that can't be trusted to play square.


Israel collects various taxes from Palestinians, including the equivalent of Social Security (Histadrut, 12%). The Israelis are supposed to pay the Palestinians but they don't. And every few years they simply refuse to transfer funds to the Palestinian governments at all. For more information, reference the concise

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