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16 July 2014


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The beaver


That's what happens when the Egyptian-American journo told " how it happened" (got it via Angry Arab)


What's her name, Mrs Greenspan was so tongue-tied yesterday when Ayman was telling the truth that the Zionists who owned the media must have complained ;-(

Truth hurts


The Apaches did not have www video. Things might have been different if they had.

If the Israelis are the realists you believe them to be, there will be no more children killed in their homes for the next few months and the Gazians will see a relaxation of the blockade.

They will not stop. I just heard on the radio that three more children have been killed in their homes and that the Israelis have begun their ground offensive. It will not be long before it is all on YouTube--lots of infant body parts.

The Apaches died without anyone ever knowing. Few can stomach an hourly news feed of children bombed in their homes for long without reacting. Now the whole world sees the consequences of innocent deaths within minutes. The behavior is being noted and the dissonance will soon explode.

Israel is going to lose the American People.


Matthew, whilst I don't disagree with your position, I think it is a bit skewed to the point. I was not discussing where Gazan kids play, I was discussing, as was the WP article, the strategy of Hamas throwing rockets into Israel in order to provoke an attack that will make Gazan children photogenic martyrs.

Here's the line from the article I had in mind:

"Dead infants, by their deaths, function as soldiers in opposition to Israel. All Palestinians, women, infants, children, boys, and men will increasingly function as soldiers to be sacrificed. Children bombed, viewed in pieces on the internet, will increasingly be seen as murder victims."

The tactic reminds me of the Cliven Bundy crowd putting their women and children between them and the US Marshals. It's called "cowardice." Anyone who intentionally and strategically jeopardizes their children's lives to make a political point can count me as their enemy, I don't care what the political point is.

So in this case, if that is what Hamas is doing, put me down as an enemy of both Hamas and GoI.

It is the Palestinian people, who are not privy to and who are not responsible for these strategic decisions by Hamas or GoI, who are paying the price with their children. I'm with them. I hope we all are.


I agree the Israeli government will continue to keep doing what they are doing.

They could have done so to relieve the burden of what is described above: a very lengthy and crushing period of living in camps within Israel.

Nobody was obligated to do this.

But with the talk of the world changing and refusing to tolerate what's been happening for years to the Palestinians, my point is: Look at what has been tolerated by their best supporters.

Charles I

I have turned some of my pasty white friends, who despite their ignorance, cultivated sympathies and aversions cannot deny the historical record or today's news if you can get them to listen for 5 minutes.

I like to posit to the them the spectacle, okay, fantasy, of The Rastafarian Republic of Canada seizing the lower 48 for a big Biblically ordained, nuclear armed grow op. They wholly get the concept of Hawaiians and Alaskans shooting at us with whatever they got for as long as it takes, and amending the Constitution to Blame Canada for the duration.


You are bringing up good points.

I brought up the point about how the very people who have supported the Palestinians through the years in some ways have done very much in others. People are funny in how they accept the unacceptable. To me, the Israeli/Palestinian situation is a real example of that. I have real doubts that a big change is in the air, even though many of the things WP said seem reasonable.

We have had Arabs go to war and contribute how many fighters and how many millions -- if not billions at this point -- of dollars to "fight" on behalf of the Palestinians? How many Kuwaitis who supported expelling all the Palestinians after the Gulf War in the 1990s have contributed money to terrorists who claimed to be fighting defend the Palestinians, among other reasons? My guess is that there are more than a few.

You are quite right that I am concerned about the effect of mass migration on this country. I am not saying that any Arab country should have taken in millions of people they could not afford to help.

Quite honestly though, if we knew years ago what we knew today, if we'd have paid countries a million a head to take in every Palestinian willing to leave Israel, it would have been well worth it. It may have been a bargain at $5 or even $10 million a head. There were only around 2 million of them in Israel in 1990 and 3 million in 2000.



You are right. The obvious candidates in Europe had just participated in or tolerated the killing of millions of Jews. Who would have agreed to live in a new homeland in Germany?

Also the movement to Palestine had already begun in the 19th century and the UK had already issued some promises in the Balfour Accord.

Is it understandable that the people in the Middle East disagreed with and resented being made to provide the solution to European problems? Of course.


A correction:

Second paragraph, First and Second Sentence above should have said: "I brought up the point about how the very people who have supported the Palestinians through the years in some ways have NOT done very much in others TO SHOW THAT [p]eople are funny in how they accept the unacceptable.

An addition:

Another ground war. I recall mentioning here that if the Jewish people in Israel really think they aren't safe there and won't be in the future, shouldn't they think about leaving?

What is the point of them and us defending something that is indefensible? I know no one in Israel is thinking that way but shouldn't they be? And if not them, how about us?


Israel may (eventually) lose the American People, but Israel has not lost nor will, anytime soon, lose the American government.

That Congress just voted another half billion towards Israel. Israel continues to be rewarded for its violence. The more violence, the more money goes its way.

I think your reading of the historical narrative (meme) somewhat misguided. I wish I could believe in it.

alba etie

"Israel is going to lose the American People "
Its already started - I see it around me everyday even here in Central Texas..people are questioning way we support Israel .



Israel attacks with pure moral clarity.


Prison guards rarely see the moral complexity of their relationship with their wards.

alba etie

The beaver
Her name is Andrea Mitchell .. bless her hasbara heart ..

alba etie

I remember Krauthammer was a big cheerleader for Operation Iraqi Clusterf--ck - .It was amazing to hear the deafening silence from the neocons regarding Abu Gharib ..speaking of moral clarity and prison guards .

alba etie

Seamus Padraig
So whatever became of Abu Mazen ?



He is a dead dog unless he goes to share their fate. pl


On the evening news, Brian Williams pointed out in the piece that the Gazaians "cannot leave".

In the face of massive bombing, they cannot flee as refugees. All they can hope is that fate favors them. Tonight, two million people, women, infants, and youth are fish in the barrel while the ilk like Krautheimer cheer their random punishment with moral clarity. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/charles-krauthammer-moral-clarity-in-gaza/2014/07/17/0adabe0c-0de4-11e4-8c9a-923ecc0c7d23_story.html?tid=recommended_strip_1

Who are the terrorists?

Charles I

Children bombed, viewed in pieces on the internet, will increasingly be seen as murder victims."

As opposed to terrorists, or what?

Babak Makkinejad

The American people have exercised their right to choose their representative freely, legally and democratically and those representatives have supported Israel for decades.

It is also clear to me that that the latest punitive expedition out of Fort Apache led by Lieutenant Colonel Owen Thursday or by Captain York will not end the war.

Again, Israelis know that they have US and EU in their back pocket, that there is no consequences to their actions, and that there is no power in the international scene that could threaten them to cease and desist.

They do as they please, also knowing that they are in a Forever War from which they do not wish be to be extricated.

They prefer it that way.

Babak Makkinejad

People have a right to be wrong and indulge in their fantasy lives.

The only issue is when their fantasy lives could lead to World War III.

alba etie

Col Lang
I truly believe we have reached a tipping point in These United States in our unblinking , unilateral support of the Likud agenda. We shall see.

Charles I

I'm the most indulgent here, but the most intolerant of my friends, I'm afraid, just never met an underdog i didn't like.

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