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24 July 2014


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Too funny. I've been seeing a lot of the potential First Penis on news shows, looking positively Foghornian in his white-haired, elder statesman mode, running interference for Her Ladyship.


"Did Netanyahoo WANT TO blackmail Clinton over Lewinski affair to get Pollard released?"

Almost certainly.

"Did Netanyahoo TRY TO blackmail Clinton over Lewinski affair to get Pollard released?"

Entirely possible. Probable even.

"Did Netanyahoo SUCCESSFULLY blackmail Clinton over Lewinski affair to get Pollard released?"


Sometimes how you frame the question is important:

Did Netanyahoo blackmail Clinton over Lewinski affair to get Pollard released?

In ordinary usage 'blackmail' implies successfully blackmailing somebody. Pollard is still in jail. So your headline could also read:

"Did Netanyahoo unsuccessfully try to blackmail Clinton over Lewinski affair to get Pollard released?"

Or if you wanted to rub it in you could write your headline as follows:

BLACKMAIL!!! - Yet another thing that Nethanyahoo failed at.

You could rewrite the strapline too:

WASHINGTON — In yet another confirmation that he suffers from reverse Midas syndrome* Prime Minister Nethanyoo bungled his attempt at blackmailing then US president Bill Clinton into releasing convicted traitor Jonathan Pollard a new book on the Clinton family’s political enterprises has claimed.


* Everything Midas touched turned to gold, reverse Midas syndrome is where everything you touch turns to s**t.


"BLACKMAIL!!! - Yet another thing that Nethanyahoo failed at!"

Ah, I like that. And, witness the edited title - I take your good advice.



Did Bibi send Monica on a mission? Some of us have always thought so.


I touched on a bit of this earlier re: a book written by Gordon Thomas. They laid it on him to keep him in line if he tried to press them on the peace process. Last week he came charging out to defend Israel again. Is this still hanging over the head on his shoulders?
I'll never forget when that stinker Bibi came to the US before the public heard of the honey trap he went right to Pat Robertson to appear on the 700 Club to lock in the crazy CZ support.


Wasn't she a sting operation? ... and who ran her?


Castellio, Crone,
I think the affair was accidental and everybody, including Bibi, delightedly pounced on it as an opportunity to further their various own ends.

But then, what do I know of the shark pond that is DC.


I'm surprised, and yet not surprised. It is certainly illustrative of the benefits of high officials maintaining certain standards of personal behavior. It might also recommend our country taking a slightly more 'continental' approach to the personal foibles of government officials. After all, it's the threat of scandal that makes the blackmail bite. If the behavior is not considered scandalous, then the threat of exposure is meaningless.

But always this fixation on getting Pollard released, and the US disinclination. There is something very powerful to this, running beneath the surface. Israel is always returning to this theme, in any negotiation or crisis. Certainly, they would want him back, and there is the ethos of never leaving a man behind to account for some of this. And the US certainly feels some deep betrayal and double dealing by Pollard and by our perhaps most intimate ally and partner.

But I think there's much more than that. Did Pollard pass on far more than has been disclosed, things far more crucial or damaging? Does Pollard hold still more secrets after all this time, that the US doesn't want making their way to the Israelis?

During the Cold War, we traded spies back and forth with the Soviets like it was a game of Rummy. But this guy we hang onto.


I don't think most politicians in the Imperial capital consider being suckled by a live girl as a blackmail able offense in the eyes of the people.

Slick Willie at the end of the day was a dumb ass Arkansas Red Neck, who thought he could lie to a congressional committee full of Republicans. They saw their opening, and impeached him for perjury, not mauling a little girl.(or maybe she mauled him). Any way his last three years as Emperor were stalemated.

The most interesting point here, is how could the Israaelis have acquired electronic access to POTUS's activities?

ex-PFC Chuck

I'm subscribed to Paul Craig Roberts' email list and just received a bulletin saying that the government of Ukraine has resigned. PCR claims that there is nothing on this on the likes of American MSM, BBC, etc. (Just checked the Beeb and he's right as of 10:01 pm CDT.) Does anyone here know anything about this?

ex-PFC Chuck

OK. Just found the story at The Independent in Britain.


of far more interest is whether the Israelis had the White House bugged or whether some dual national leaked it to them.
The implications for WH security are rather dire.


Lewinsky stated that Clinton told her he thought a foreign embassy had tapped his phones. That was in the original doc that Drudge leaked.

Never saw anyone follow up on that.


In reply to confusedponderer 24 July 2014 at 05:15 PM

I'm flattered :-).


Seamus Padraig

Thanks for the link, Chuck. I saw the news of Yats' resignation last night on the Google newsfeed, but the attached article wasn't very informative.


goggle Report of Israeli Eavesdropping on White House Telephone.
Not sure what the outcome of investigation was but article is interesting.

Babak Makkinejad

Only in America darling, only in America.

Such a tactic would not work in France....

nick b

As Cee mentioned above, Gordon Thomas made these allegations originally in his book 'Gideon's Spies' fifteen years ago.


Both Clinton and Netanyahu are on the record as saying the issue of Pollard's release was a demand by Netanyahu for the success of the Wye River Memorandum.

"One of the first things we said at Wye," recalled Netanyahu in an interview, "was that if we signed an agreement with Arafat, I expected a pardon for Pollard."

"Netanyahu was threatening to scuttle the whole deal unless I released Pollard. He said I had promised him I would do so at an earlier meeting the night before, and that's why he had agreed on the other issues. In fact, I had told the prime minister that if that's what it took to make peace, I was inclined to do it, but I would have to check with our people." Bill Clinton 2005 'My Life' p. 468

Charlie Wilson

So Izzy bugs WH where POTUS is getting sucked. Cracker can't keep it in his pants; little jewess can't get enough. Judeo-Christian match made in heaven. Love it!


Nancy K

It is more likely that they were listening to her phone line, which means... pl



A young (at the time) 20 something infatuated with a politician? That's an age old story. As you point out though, Bill had the reputation.


Yes ... and who was it who recommended she not wash the blue dress with the semen stain? And why did she obey?

nick b

How soon we forget. It was Linda Tripp, and she taped the whole conversation.



Col Lang, do you think the Presidents secret service were aware that the Israelis made such a brazen attempt right under their noses. Aren't they detailed with protecting the President?


There are other tactics to keep the French in line... Would you want to mix with CRIF.

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