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02 July 2014


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Mr. P.K. Truly a revolting character . Is it a wonder he has a favorite son status on the Morning Joe variety show ?


There is no equivalence, to my view, while both are wrong, the killing of the Palestinian is far worse. The killing of the three Israelis was an act driven by weakness, the killing of the Palestinian was an act driven by strength.
BTW, Peter King is a racist scumbag and should be treated as such. At least the White House had the gumption to condemn this murder.


"There is no difference between Arab blood and Jewish blood. Murder is murder. There is no forgiveness or justification for any murder," said the family of Naftali Frenkel.

Read account of the last two days Jerusalem in Guardian. It sounds very much like 'kristallnacht'. There did appear to be some that attempted to prevent violence against arabs (including cops that reportedly 'saved' several from a 'lynch mob').

CNN yesterday showed young man stating: "It's always like this, anywhere, our living room we are killed because we are Jews". Supporting such beliefs leads to such self serving stupidity as PK's 'no equivalence'.


Certain Israelis haven't missed the opportunity to exploit this. From Haaretz:

"Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed Monday night that Israel's response to the murder of the three teenagers in the West Bank include a wave of settlement construction and the establishment of a new settlement in memory of Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Fraenkel, a senior Israeli official told Haaretz."



"The crisis in Syria and Iraq (the Islamic State) must be an irritant for him in that it distracts from what should the main focus of the US, Israel's wishes."

I'll say. Netanyahu must have been biting his tongue, unless there is more to this than meets the eye.


It is a struggle for tribal supremacy. And if someday some how,the PALESTINIAN'S do get in a lucky punch and temporarily win. The land of Zion they win, will probably be a pile of nuclear ash, and the victorious Palestinians will be starting to take on a green glow themselves (not that they will be rational enough to contemplate their fate). And even in that dire set circumstances, my money would still be on the Jews to dominate in the long run.

The PALESTINIANS are a doormat people (and to a certain extent the Jews are also), as are the Cambodians,the Serbs,Ukrainians,Paraguayans,Ecuadorians,Kurds,Tibetans,and the Afghans, all sad but true. Their unfortunate geography is a fact of life. Additionally,almost all of these unfortunates,tend to have some what less than commando like national cultures.

Except for a few mercifully quick trips in and out of Saudi Arabia, and Israel, I have little knowledge of the middle eastern peoples. But I have received the distinct impression, the Palestinians are in reality, not held in very high esteem by their so called Arab brothers.

Now if the Palestinians were smart, they would get Obama to give them Detroit and southern Michigan. Before some other tribe claims it. I bet they would do well with the place. Especially with a little Goldman Sachs financing.


Why Petrous, I think he is perfect for the 'standard' set on that show. He reenforces their collective narrative. About everything.


Col: Did King say why there was no equivalence?


And King styles himself as being strong agains terrorism; one often sees him on TV pontificating on one terrorist threat or another and what the USG has to do to counter it. Yet in years past, he was an 'avowed supporter of the IRA". IRA, as in Irish Republican Army, which, to the UK and other countries, was a terrorist group. And he was a strong supportor of the IRA as a local pol. It is indeed strange to see him as chair of the House Homeland Security Committee. In the 1980's, the Irish Government boycotted the New York City St.Patrick's Day Parade due to King's support for the IRA- which the IRISH government deemed unhelpful. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2011/03/04/AR2011030406635.html

And in the NY Guard, he certainly did his part during Vietnam. New York was kept safe from Canadian assaults due to folks like him.



He followed the Likud line exactly even to the words. Hamas is in the PA government and therefore the PA government is guilty even though we actually offer no proof of Hamas responsibility. On the other hand the Israeli government is innocent, therefore... pl



Yes. it is a struggle for tribal supremacy if tribe means any kind of coherent group. Why do you favor the Jewish tribe in this struggle?. Is it because you think God assigned this land to the Jews? pl


PK and many other politicians are cowards at heart. They always want to err on the side of sending young people to die or get busted up for life if it might, maybe, possibly reduce the risk of bad guys coming over here to get them. And they most definitely have no problem shredding the bill of rights if it will keep them safer.

The ironic thing is, we have seen that their foreign interventions increase the number of people who would love to get back at us. And the shredding of the bill of rights with mass surveillance has done nothing but wasted more money and diverted resources to the analysis of masses of irrelevant data, not to mention when they connect the wrong dots and get false conclusions. If you get enough dots you can create any picture you want.

Babak Makkinejad

2000 years of Western Civilization, the teaching of Jesus, the Enlightenment, brutal history of World Wars I and II and some of the best education available on this planet and what do I hear - infantile nihilism.


And now the hasbara battle begins. Palestinian story: http://www.maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=709574

A poster to CNN now claims that other Palestinians killed Mohammad Abu Khedair because he was gay. No attribution is given.

As outsiders, we will never know the truth, but this does demonstrate a tried and proven hasbara technique: Insert Arab responsibility informally into the internet. It will go viral among the Arab haters. Once it has been repeated a million times, the story will be, "This was yet another time the Arabs lied about Israel."

Maan News said that the Khdeir's abduction was caught on surveillance tape. If true, you would expect Netanyahu to release that tape immediately if it showed Palestinians--and not Israelis--were responsible.


Considering that Neo-Caliph Ibrahim I has been eager to draw the US back into the Global Jihadi fight, this act looks like the act of an Islamic State sleeper cell dutifully trying to instigate such via Israel.

Hamas' style would be kidnapping the kids to trade for their own.

Ishmael Zechariah


I have a few questions:

1-Could you please expand a bit more on the "unfortunate geography" and "some what less than commando like national culture" of the Afghans?
2-The attributes through which you classify Afghans as a "doormat people" would also be educational for me.
3-Under these guidelines what do you make of those who fought at Culloden?

Ishmael Zechariah


Highlander, the African Americans in Detroit couldn't get Obama's administration to bail them out and they voted for him. Thanks for pointing out that the Americans living in Michigan don't matter.


As to Hamas ... looks very similar to Begin's response to the attempted assination of Israeli ambassador to London 1982.
The desire then was to attack PLO in Lebanon. The assination attempt was known to be by Abu Nidal (who was also knocking off PLO guys)but that was irrelevant. Repeat the mis-represented casus belli enough and it's accepted as fact.

In this case Israel has been quite upset due to EU/US acceptance of 'technocrat' Hamas/Fatah government. Et viola ... The horrible incident is real, it's attribution is convenient.

Hamas may or may not bear responsibility, however it would be wise for the outside powers to insist on demonstration of that responsibiliy prior to attacks on Gaza and hundreds of 'preventive detentions'. I understand Meshaal is speaking to Turkey looking for 'restraint' from Israel.



"neo-caliph" what makes him different from any other claimant to the caliphate? pl


Thomas: Whenever Israel agrees to a prisoner exchange, they subsequently re-arrest many of prisoners again in dragnet operations.

The Palestinians have fallen for this trick many times.



You are,I assume,a Persian with 4 or 5 thousand years of civilization behind you.(Although the last 30 or 40 years under your corrupt religious leaders seem a little shaky to me.)(but may God bless you all for the game of chess).

So tell me,specifically where the infantile nihilism is,and we will discuss it like two civilized men.

All though,I must admit to you, a mere 500 years ago, my ancestors were uncivilized savages in the hills of Scotland(Their primary civilization accomplishments at that point consisted of producing the first rudimentary single malts, and wiping out one entire Roman Imperial Legion, the 9th(DEATH to the SASSANACHS!).(At which point the Romans just decided to quite literally wall them up in Caledonia(Scotland), and forget about the crazy red headed wild men to the north.)

So you do have a 4,500 year head start on me, be kind.



Have to disagree with you. I think of
the Palestinians as resilient under occupation
rather than "doormat". A bit like the Scots...


USMC 65-72
FBI 72-96


"A poster to CNN now claims that other Palestinians killed Mohammad Abu Khedair because he was gay. No attribution is given."


Nor does Netanyahu and the others provide any evidence that Hamas is behind the killing of those three teenagers. Instead, all the talking heads on cable are either repeating Bibi's claim or allowing his spokesmen carte blanche.

This may be a prelude to something near and dear to the Zionists- "transfer" of their Palestinian helots to outside of the occupied territories. If the situation in the M.E. continues to deteriorate I expect them to try this.



It would be more wise for the USA to proclaim a Palestinian state in order to stop the conflict. (I known it's not going to happen)

The benefits for the USA of the invasion of Lebanon in 1982 was to motivate a person like Osama bin Ladin to protect Muslims.
A rich millionaire playboy of 25 goes to Afghanistan on jihad and the rest of the story we know.


"The events that affected my soul in a direct way started in 1982 when America permitted the Israelis to invade Lebanon and the American Sixth Fleet helped them in that. The bombardment began and many were killed and injured and others were terrorized and displaced I couldn't forget those moving scenes, blood, and severed limbs, women and children sprawled everywhere. Houses destroyed along with their occupants and high-rises demolished over their residents rockets raining down on our homes without mercy the situations was like a crocodile meeting a helpless child powerless except for his screams."


"Moral equivalence"--a sure sign of racist thinking. Killing a Palestinian is not the moral equivalent of killing a Jew. Killing a black South African was not the moral equivalent of killing an Afrikaaner. Killing a wog was not the moral equivalent of killing a white. Killing a gypsy was not the moral equivalent of killing a Nazi.

I could go on. When will a prominent leader with moral authority finally call the Israelis on their use of this disgusting term?



Actually,I said the southern half of Michigan should go to the Palestinians not the entire state.

Personally,I think the northern half and western lake areas are by far the best part of Michigan.

As for Americans in Michigan not mattering, well actually the cold hard reality is,you do matter less and less. And lets be frank here,the Americans we are actually talking about, are white Americans.

Your women would rather have a phd, than a baby, and your men would rather zone out on sports, a little weed, very little work, and never buck up to getting a higher education, or supporting a family.

Guess what Amigo, you Michigan folks are well on the way to being the Palestinians of your neighborhood. I'd say the average Somali down in Detroit is more motivated to succeed, than the average white boy in Lansing. This dismal description just doesn't apply to Michigan, I might add.

But now not to worry, the black folks no longer want your fair state or queen city. After having done a damn fine job of trashing Detroit, they have figured out 1. It is too cold there. 2. There ain't no more of Mr Ford's cushy union jobs to be had ( A primary reason for the Northern Aggression in the earlier WBTS unpleasantness) i.e.("We got to get those Blacks out of the cotton fields and onto a factory floor someplace")And 3. Atlanta and Georgia will make a much nicer,warmer, and more with it, American Black Homeland capital.(And.....I have to agree, it would and someday just might.)

Fred, laddie,you only have to worry about which Somali, you'll end up working for. Those Georgia Crackers are the ones with real worries.

Demographics is destiny. The Palestinians will discover that fact also.

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