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15 July 2014


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John Adamson

"The possibility exists that a sympathetic response to the Gaza battle will spread to the West Bank, Hizbullah and Europe. You won't see much of this on the MSM. pl"

Gerald Celente of Trends Research agrees. He says, "Our clothing and consumer goods are made in China, but our news is made in Israel."

alba etie

The current armed conflict between the IDF and Hamas in Gaza would be appear to be a microcosm of what an armed conflict between the US military and the Iranians would become - and yet I hear in the GOP nominees more calls for Iran to be 'put in its place " . Its quite likely -IMO after eight years of President Obama the GOP will take back the White House in 20 16. We need to have a full throated debate about when & where we send our Military into harms way . We cannot afford another clusterf--ck like the Iraqi occupation .


Todays FAZ front page featured a report (upper left side) that an Israel civilian was killed in Hamas rocket fire.


I think, in the short and medium run, i.e. half decades, the superior military and economic power has the upper hand in a war of attrition. This tendency (dynamic?), if I am correct in the first place, will be reenforced to the extent, over the next decade fossil fuel out of the ME becomes less important. I am not saying it WILL become less important. I am saying if it does...the status quo will harden. Attention will not be paid.

Not saying I would be happy for this outcome. Or rooting for it. Or it is the most just outcome, just giving my two cents.


alba etie,

I think that any "full throated debate about when & where we send our Military into harms way" will unfortunately be a long time coming regardless of whether a dem or repub wins the whitehouse in 2016.

Charles I

The unity government's peace hopes are gone. I assume, without any evidence, that many of the hundreds arrested after the three murders were martyrs recently released under the peace process. The search and arrests killed at least five Palestinians and damaged many homes. What's not to resent, and resentment is a handy political tool as well as completely human. As is the appeal of the perceived underdog.

The MSM is preaching to its respective choirs while it is my understanding church attendance is down everywhere, no matter how devout the remaining flocks. The across the board Hamas hates Gazans meme may find traction there, but
the numbers, the math and the pictures are ugly. As well, and I did see the Hamas spokesman's retort about not negotiating through the media broadcast, for all any take note of it.

The Gazans and Hamas have nowhere to go, the unity government adroitly blasted to bits, even Israel fears the alternative.

Hamas is now the indispensable player/terrorist/champion/local government, the blooded existentially threatening underdog, filling the space in lieu of real jihadis, upon whom Israel's fate now depends, notwithstanding their sneaky cowardly immoral Ozian self hating dissembling from down in their their bunkers, the dirty rats. . .



Judeo-Nazis having fun again.


"The possibility exists that a sympathetic response to the Gaza battle will spread to the West Bank, Hizbullah and Europe."

The third intifada, colonel.

"You won't see much of this on the MSM."

At this time I've heard two Israeli spokesmen asked about this. Judging by their answers this is a concern that will become a reality if the Israelis go deep into Gaza.


Col. Lang,

Your comments about the tunnels reminded me of Vietnam.


Jon Stewart on Comedy Central asked if the trapped in Gaza were supposed to SWIM to leave.

People get it.

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