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11 July 2014


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"There has now been rocket fire out of Lebanon. This is Hizbullah fire."

Those were two duds fired into uninhabited ground. The IDF fired back once but later an IDF spokesman said that they do not think that these came from Hizbullah. There are several other small groups in south Lebanon that once in a while shoot some such rockets.

My best guess is that this wasn't Hizbullah. Nasrallah will see no need to intervene. He will, together with Iran, publicly blame the Sunni Arab states for not acting in solidarity for the Palestinians. When those point back Iran, Syria and Hizbullah will point out that the rockets Gaza is launching were made and delivered by them alone.

Meshal's idiotic move to back away from the "resistance" three years ago has come for a steep price that the people in Gaza will now have to pay.

If Hizbullah would want to intervene it would publicly announce it and then hit hard and precise.

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