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09 July 2014


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Babak Makkinejad


In a previous thread your wrote:

"The Jews are in my opinion(for what ever strange reason),indeed God's chosen people."

Are you willing to die for that belief?

Are you willing to initiate World War III over that belief?

If Muslim armies would likely overwhelm Israeli defenses would you be willing to urge US to go to war to help Israel?

As for the right or wrong side of history - which you imply to be able to discern with the outmost of intellectual and spiritual acuity - all I know looking at the history of Iranian plateau is this:

The March of History is measured by the piles of the dead, the dismembered, the raped, the maimed, the windows, the orphans, the blind, and the sick.

I hope the March of History treats you and your progeny a bit kinder than it did the inhabitants of the Iranian plateau over the last 3000 years.


So its going to be another massacre...


TomG when you are trying to kill something off, "arms and legs will fly." pl


"Netanyahu said in a text message..." Well that's sure a couragous way to avoid questions from the press and public.

“The military is prepared for all options.”

So the Prime Minister is ready to talk to Israel's enemies rather than bomb civilians?


Babak please, we had enough of repulsive racism in the previous post, don't invite more of the same vulgar masturbation here.


The picture shows a large explosion. I wonder what sized bomb that would be? Any AF blogistas here with an ordnance background. In the the last Gaza pounding WP (White Phosphorous) was the plat du jour.
The fuzes were set as to ensure the post ignition streamers would arc down and set much of the flesh and flammable infrastructure alight. 'Twas Cool to see, however, uncool for the folks and housing in the impact area. This gives you an idea why the Euros don't much fancy the Israelis.


Fred: I'm curious about the endgame. I assume that Netanyahu will wait by the phone for Obama to beg him to stop. But what if Obama doesn't call? If there is a full breakdown of authority in the Gaza strip then (paradoxically) that will increase pressure to get Gaza out of Israel's "supervision."


And then the pendulum will swing to the other side, and oh my, I fear for the clash against Israelis outside Israel.


Matthew - I can assure you the Israelis have no intention of reoccupying Gaza. They do not want the responsibility of managing the Gaza people. They will simply go in, kill as many young men(assumed to be Hamas) as possible and utterly destroy as much infrastructure and economic assets as they can. They will then withdraw and leave the people to their own devices.

My nephew is a Golani captain and his unit is just outside Gaza the above is the essence of his units orders.


Gaza's water was down to 90% undrinkable, 100% by ~2016, and irrecoverable by ~2020, according to the UN and various experts. I believe Israel was de facto hoping for a quiet genocide.


Guess it's going to be a noisy one after all.

As a large part of the Gaza population was dependent on food and water handouts from the daily UN trucks, things are critical. One source states 3/4 of Gaza's 1.4M (2006) population are registered refugees. If they are no longer able to live hand to mouth, these human beings will die like flies.



Why do the Palestinians not have any guidance capability on their rockets if they now have the capability to reach Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and further north in Israel. They never seem to be able to hit anything.


The Lobby's terrorizing of the honest researchers:
It is interesting how the self-proclaimed "intellectuals" succumb tribal pressure. And it is disgusting how the Lobby, by bullying, inadvertently primes the populace for hating Jews.


It's not just Europe. That picture was on the cover of Hürriet yesterday.

Israel is waging as always a successful PR campaign, if only to their partisans worldwide.

The one thing they can only adress by lying and spin is the problem, that their actions speak louder than words: The Isrsaelis are as they do.

Case in point:
Max Blumenthal reported that Israeli police suggested to media initially that that murdered Palestinian kid was killed by his family in an honour killing because, so they said, he was gay. You know how them Ayrabs are with them gays.

Well he wasn't. Later, when it became undenianble that the culprits were, indeed, Israelis, the police 'adjusted' their statements. By then ths smear was well out, and there is no reason to doubt that it was deliberate.

Go figure.

Babak Makkinejad

His silence indicates that he has some rationality left.

I assume that his answer is a resounding "no" to my 3 questions.

This is progress.



In the circumstances of life in the open air prison that is Gaza they lack the technical and manufacturing capability. pl

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