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09 July 2014


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In a previous thread your wrote:

"The Jews are in my opinion(for what ever strange reason),indeed God's chosen people."

Are you willing to die for that belief?

Are you willing to initiate World War III over that belief?

If Muslim armies would likely overwhelm Israeli defenses would you be willing to urge US to go to war to help Israel?

As for the right or wrong side of history - which you imply to be able to discern with the outmost of intellectual and spiritual acuity - all I know looking at the history of Iranian plateau is this:

The March of History is measured by the piles of the dead, the dismembered, the raped, the maimed, the windows, the orphans, the blind, and the sick.

I hope the March of History treats you and your progeny a bit kinder than it did the inhabitants of the Iranian plateau over the last 3000 years.

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