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21 July 2014


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So the constitutional monarchy is more liberal today than the "land of free."
"Listening to the stinging condemnation of Israel by both conservatives and Labor on the floor of the British parliament on July 14, viewers in the US might well have felt they were in a different planet. Israel was excoriated for its bombing of disabled shelters, for targeting water supplies, for damaging UN shelters, and the current invasion was characterized by as one of “illegal settlements and stolen land.” It would be unimaginable for such a conversation to be carried out in the House or Senate in the US today."
While the Brits spoke about the naked king of Israel, the servile, pro-banksters US senate has expressed, unanimously!, the US support for the genocidal barbarities of Israel. Madness.

Joe Freedom

"That war made Iran a Mediterranean Power - something not existing for 2300 years."

One more thing the US and Europe can thank their neocons for.


>All the rubble from IAF bombing has made movement difficult as well as giving Hamas great hiding places.

We have seen this on a lot of wars, haven't we?

Rubble, Resistance and Retreat.

It's almost like Hamas is learning from western textbooks on resistance.



Hope that he avoided an injury with long term side effects.


MEMRI today offers "Footage Of Tunnels Used By Hamas For Terror Attacks"

Because, what else would a group like Hamas need tunnels for but for terrorism? Indeed, Stalingrad was full of Russian terrorists.


Oren and Netanyahu, the very definition of empty men. Hollow.


Yes, many reports of that. Bibi and his generals have chosen to minimize civilian deaths by using flechettes, which are designed to kill anything that moves.


Why would they be interested in learning from western textbooks on resistance when they have a very successful local examplar in the form of Hizbullah?

I invite you to reflect long and hard on the lenghty western record of failure when it comes to fighting a war against resistance movements and then ask yourself what Hamas can learn from such a pack of losers.

It's worth studying both sides in any war the winners and the losers both to see what worked and to see what didn't. If I were in Hamas I'd only be interested in studying western tactics to see if I could follow Hizbullah's succeful turning of Israel's tactics against it to hurt my oppressors further.



I watched the youtube of a guest lecture by Paul Wolfowitz at Cornell the other day. He was quite clear that the problem with Syria was that it was allied with Iran.

To him there was no doubt that there should be more aid to the Syrian rebels (comm, medical, financial, political, arms) and the green movement (comm, medical, financial, political - arms?) so there could, finally, be regime change in Iran. Libya was a resounding success.

It was funny how Wolfowitz reacted to one young, staunch twenty-something conservative who described himself as a proud neo-con. Wolfowitz chuckled, and pointed out politely that a neo-con is actually someone, like himself, who went with the democratic party under Kennedy/Scoop Jackson and that he never actually changed his party orientation.

One could sum up his views as a 'freedom theology' of spreading democracy and free markets, as two mutually reinforcing goods, with a good dose of US leadership, if need be delivered by the hard and heavy hand of the US military.

And that theology still has a lot of appeal in DC. Even though it is often enough used as cover for hard-nosed geo-strategerery there is a good number of true believers in both parties.

Samantha Power, the 'genocide chick' probably focuses on genocide because it is the most extreme expression of tyranny, but I don't expect her to be in any particular disagreement with Wolfowitz over the merits of the 'freedom theology' or regime change. If so, it would be about the means, not the ends.



Of course!!! Let me tell Wolf Blitzer!!! Btw...he just said that the majority of Americans support Israel. WHO ARE THEY ASKING?
And Israel still won't admit that Hamas has a POW!




I wish your nephew a speedy recovery, jdledell.


Supposedly 57% of Americans support Israel invading Gaza. I don't find this number surprising since most Americans get their info about Israel from their church, which is hoping that this battle will be the big one that will bring back Jesus or from the TV which is notoriously pro Israel. Unless a person reads this site, watches Al Jazeera or perhaps Jon Stewart, they believe the garbage they are told, that all Israelis are democracy loving people who just want to live in peace, and all Palestinians are terrorists who want to destroy peaceful Israel. Then there are the American Jews, many who have never even been to Israel but out of some strange feeling of perhaps survivors guilt or the equally strange view of Israelis being Super Jews, they blindly support Israel,
My husband served in the IDF and lived in Israel for many years. He admits what Israel is doing is wrong, but it makes him very sad to admit this. He always says the country he fought and was injured for was not like this when he lived there. He also says it appears that Israel controls or very heavily influences the US Congress and that was not the case when he lived their in the late 60's early 70's.


Nancy K

Your husband is an honest man. It saddens me as well that the Israel I dealt with for many years is gone, replaced by a hyper-nationalist colonial power. pl


Shanks: Stalingrad.


Nancy K

"He also says it appears that Israel controls or very heavily influences the US Congress." I understand the process of reward and punishment through which this has occurred but more puzzling is the wild and uncritical enthusiasm of the MSM for Israel. When someone like Bibi is tolerated in saying crap like "a man's got to do what a man's got to do," then one can only say that all integrity has departed from the media in the US. pl



They can best be described as secular 'true believers' or perhaps 'ideological jihadists'. They are fanatic in the rightousness of their ideas and opposing ideas, or the people, are enemies to be destroyed.

Babak Makkinejad

Last I heard, his lover was a Shia Muslim.

So he proposes to destroy the seat of Shia power in the world and replace it with MTV neo-paganism?

He himself I believe is a Jew, clearly unwilling to acknowledge the debt that Jews owe to Iran over 2500 years.


The key political lesson from this war is that Israeli deterrence is dead and that Israeli strategy has become one of genocidal massacre. The resistance fighters and rocket launchers are all below-ground. Hence, Israel's attacks are designed solely to inflict civilian casualties with the foolish hope that Gazans will turn against Hamas and IJ. But the opposite is occurring: resistance forces are gaining confidence and are inflicting serious casualties on the IDF (for example, 28 fatalities so far, dozens more wounded, a captured soldier, and ongoing rocket fire). In fact, both Hamas and IJ seem to be operating on the level of Hezbollah in 2006. All of this points towards the dead end of Zionism. Israel is rapidly losing any legitimacy around the world (except amongst elites in North America and parts of Europe) and eventually will face an existential military threat on its "borders." The Liberation of Palestine will then be back on the agenda, especially if the fascist/racist/nationalist current continues to grow and dominate the Israeli state and society. In North America, the BDS movement will continue to expand and in time will crack the Zionist consensus. In short, Israel will be haunted by everything it is doing.

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for giving support to my rather lone voice that US Christians have a lot more to do with support for the State of Israel than the so-called neo-cons, AIPAC, and other such cabals.

Babak Makkinejad

I thought Mr. T. said that in an episode of the A Team - "a man's got to do what a man's got to do,"


I'm not sure that all US Christians are more supportive, but some, especially those who dwell on end days and the rapture are very pro Israel when you add neo-cons and AIPAC, it makes a perfect storm.

Charles I

one must have both courage and conviction to tell a truth against a tide. The MSM has shown little of either for a long while.


I think all, certainly most, posters here are acutely aware of and include in their thoughts and calculations the extremely important influence of Christian Zionists.

What I object to is your desire to let the "neo-cons, AIPAC and other such cabals" off the hook, in spite of clear historical evidence to the contrary. When you do that, you are simply playing the role of a Hasbarist.

I also object to the fact that you can't grasp that many of the most active and effective centers of resistance to current US Middle East policy are "in the Churches". This is a very large subject in itself, but the fact that you seem blithely ignorant of this – especially as it plays out on the ground throughout the US – suggests you simply aren't serious in your comments.

You also rhetorically misrepresent how western democracies work. You pretend that what we have is a mirror-like reflection of popular desires. Its not. Maybe you could google Paul Manley to learn how he was barred from even running for a nomination for, supposedly, the most progressive Canadian political party, based on comments regarding the illegal kidnapping of his own father in international waters. This is hardly an isolated case. One "can't run" for parties because one needs to be vetted first by Zionist supporters.

So, why do you say what you say, why do you ignore what you ignore, why do you accuse others of downplaying the role of Christian Zionism when almost all comments factor it in?

I believe, I could be wrong, that you like the large generalization, use religion as your only sociological tool, don't want to have your thoughts disturbed by the "anecdotal history" of others, ie. personal experience and confusing historical facts, and prefer to comfortably proselytise a war of religious civilizations.

To break those habits, you could start by reading today's article: http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/07/22/blinded-by-israel-visionless-in-gaza/


This doesn't help Bibi's political position. Delta cancels all flights to Israel.


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