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21 July 2014


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Good and about time for Jordan. If anything, King Abdullah would do well to help Assad any way he can in an effort to undo the damage caused by the R2P crowd.

In Mosul, the head sawers burned down an 1,800 year old church.


Geo. W. Bush and the "christian"Zionists have a lot to be proud of with their role in the GWOT.



"One officer, a veteran of Gaza operations, who left the fighting area for a few hours, told Haaretz: "I've been to Shujaiyeh before, but I've never seen it – or Hamas – like this before. Their equipment and tactics are just like Hezbollah. Missile traps and IEDs everywhere – and they stay and fight instead of melting away like in the past."

In the wake of the 2006 Second Lebanon War, the IDF improved its fleet of armored personnel carriers (APCs), including more heavy Achzarit APCs and the new Namer, based on the Merkava tank. New Merkava MK IV was also acquired and equipped with TROPHY anti-missile systems, which is essentially a miniaturized version of the Iron Dome for armored fighting vehicles." Haaretz today.

Saggers will still go right through the armor up close especially on the sides. And then there are always the ubiquitous RPGs



With the Middle East exploding, the title for the Obama Administration “Things Fall Apart” becomes more apt. Naked Capitalism has linked to an article that explains why he is the lamest of lame duck presidents. Neo-liberal capitalism is collapsing.


“The capitalist system is at present stricken with at least five worsening disorders for which no cure is at hand: declining growth, oligarchy, starvation of the public sphere, corruption and international anarchy”.

Yes, the plutocrats are provoking wars between Shiites and Sunnis and with Russia. Israel is mowing the grass.

Unless the rule of law is restore, greed restrained and compassion rewarded, the remnants of the human race will be trying to survive and reproduce in a post-Apocalyptic Southern Hemisphere.


And let's not forget tank traps, big holes dug on regular butamin roads, concealed and covered with strong enough support beams below, but would easily collapse when a 40 ton tank crosses over. And with explosives below. It is foolish to go into hostile environments with armor, or with low tolerance for casualties.

steve g

His puffiness, Kerry, did respond to
Chris Wallace' questioning the advisabilty
of extending the talks for four months
with more or less the language used in
the zeenews article. The only part on
his segment he got defensive rather than
spouting unfounded allegations including
the video of the missle truck "going
back to Russia" with one rocket missing.
How an observer could conclude this is
beyond me.

robt willmann

Tunnels...another dimension added to above the surface (air space) and on the surface; for example, in the Vietnam War, the tunnels at Cu Chi--




It is interesting that the Palestinians have dug tunnels from Gaza into Israel proper, and that some of those still exist without having been detected.


The only reason that propaganda like this works is that the ground has already been prepared. There are no Palestinians, only Hamas. If there actually were Palestinians, they might have to be considered capable of such white-specific concepts as patriotism, or defending one's home and family from invaders. But all wogs, whatever their nationality or religion, are incapable of such high minded, legitimate motives. Instead, they get painted with the same brush that all Southerners do - if they show any pride, they're racist bastards who want to re-institute slavery.

The same dynamic is at work here, and the Israeli paid for press knows it.

Medicine Man

It looks like Israel committed a strategic blunder with long-term consequences when they invaded southern Lebanon in 2006. They seem to have showcased their vulnerabilities for all to see and are now paying the price.


I just sent this video to CNN. Anyone think this will be aired?


Btw...seven more IDF dead today.


Israeli shill Michael Oren said CHILDREN dug those tunnels!!

Another excuse to kill more of them so there will be more TELEGENIC VICTIMS as that bastard Netanyahu called them yesterday.


And now Israeal is losing the PR battle in the US - and Europe.

"Earlier this month, the IDF's Twitter feed had been full of images of besieged Israelis. But by this weekend Israel was so clearly losing the public-relations war that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu complained to reporters, tersely, that Hamas uses "telegenically dead Palestinians for their cause."



The native Izzies and their returned newbies seem to be getting nervous, Bibi has taken to snarling on the air at people who challenge him even a little, and then there is Oren, CNN's "man on the Middle East." (irony alert) He left out the description of platoons of blind orphan children working in the tunnels in darkness while shackled together. At the end of a ten hour shift another child blind only in one eye is sent to lead them back to their orphanage. Hey. It worked for Basil II. pl



True enough, especially the part about the trap being laid with an explosive charge. A couple of years prior to Israel's move into Gaza in late 2008 Hamas destroyed two or three Merkavas in the manner you described.

It appears that this time around Hamas wasn't sleeping in class.


Col: The Israelis will not--or cannot--admit that the siege is literally killing Gaza. That gives the Palestinians a lot of motivation.


Obviously those four boys killed on the beach were combat engineers building an underwater tunnel to attack the IDF navy.


Third link should be:


I once completely floored a Bulgarian co-worker when he realized I knew of Basil the Bulgar-Blinder. Sometimes knowing history is useful...


It does not even have to be an explosive charge, just a barrel of gasoline with a plunger detonator. Like trapping tigers in the jungle.

Babak Makkinejad

Their strategic blunder was invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

They elected war over building on the peace with Egypt.

That war made Iran a Mediterranean Power - something not existing for 2300 years.


Lord! You made me laugh. What a relief!

robt willmann

This article from the British Independent newspaper claims that the Israeli army is using flechette shells in Gaza, which explode and disperse many small metal darts--



I finally had a chance today to talk with my nephew, a captain in the Golani Brigade. He's in the hospital in Ashkelon with a bullet to the shoulder.

He confirmed that the situation in Gaza is a lot different than the last time they invaded. He said last time the IDF went in, they merely obliterated everything in front of them. They did not pay much attention to their flanks or rear. The IDF was supremely confident that this time would be no different giving no respect to Hamas' fighting abilities. The IDF knew there were lots of tunnels but there are A LOT more tunnels than expected.

The APC that was totaled with 7 deaths happened when a Hamas member popped up thru a precut hole in the cement sidewalk and fired an anti-tank missile to the side from like 10 feet away and then disappeared back down the hole.

My nephew was shot from a house where not 60 seconds before, the IDF had gone in and declared it totally empty. Two other members were wounded when Hamas gunmen suddenly appeared to their rear, 5 or 10 feet from the IDF men.

While he out of action, he reports that IDF movement has slowed considerably as they are being a lot more cautious than when they first entered Gaza. All the rubble from IAF bombing has made movement difficult as well as giving Hamas great hiding places.


Do the Merkava's skirts feature reactive armor? If not, the shape-charged efp's can kill them between the road wheels. My opinions may suck ..... overall, but I think this was a decding factor for the IDF to decamp from Lebanon during the nineties



Israeli sniper killing wounded civilian!


It is kind of nuts to see what Hamas has done under such a crippling embargo.

Israel is quickly approaching a fork where it either cuts sling load (and opens up an entirely different can of problems as its weaknesses are exposed), or make a desert and call it peace.

Wonder which boogeyman they're going to try and pull out of their hat to get the US involved on a more personal level. Zombie Bin Laden?

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