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27 July 2014


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Big Bird

The National Guard was created after the Spanish American War with the Air Force, and Air Guard, as offspring of the Army. The National Guard Bureau only applies to Army and Air Guard. State Naval Militias can get equipment from the Navy.

Confusing? By all means. There's nothing to keep states from having naval infantry.


Big Bird

I will try again. The NG was created by the incorporation of some state militia units into a force that is under the sovereignty of the states and the federal government What drove that process was the failure of the RA to obtain the consent of Congress for creation of a massive reserve structure directly subordinate to the RA. Some of the units brought into the NG were much older than the RA. the oldest was the 182nd Infantry Regiment (Massachusetts) My ancestors were among the founders of this, the West Regiment of Militia in the 1640s. Some other units are Confederate in ancestry. The 116th Infantry Regiment (Stonewall Brigade) is an example. pl

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