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08 July 2014


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Stanley Henning

America needs to learn to stay distanced from most of the Middle East crap that goes on. It has already started to take us down the path of potential economic disaster - and for what? Wake up "leaders???"

Stanley Henning

In attmpting to stand back and assess all this mess it appears that the Muslim cultures are a mix of narrow mindedness and struggle for survival in which reasonable leadership is rare and, sadly, we helped to form the Palestine - Israel mess that General George Marshall warned against. America was lucky to develop under conditions where the Indian tribes were overwhelmed and British control was not supportable, although the Civil War revealed a potential for disaster - fortunately it was not a serious religious conflict. We need to stand back and seriously assess the nature of our involvement in the Middle East before we get sucked down the drain.

Charles Dekle

Col Lang,
This web page offers an interesting discussion of some of the reasons that Christian Zionists use to support the actions of the Israeli government. The author refers to them as "dispensationalists". The final paragraph contains this observation:

"It seems clear that dispensationalism is on a roll, that its followers feel they are riding the wave of history into the shore of God's final plan."


In the future it could become a three-sided struggle IMO. That would be an even worse nightmare. In any case, my wife and I will not be traveling in the ME any time soon.

Regards and thank you,


Will this Israeli invasion be different than "Cast Lead"? Yes, I think so. The US and the EU are more skeptical of Netanyahu than his predecessors. And Camp David (the mis-named "Peace Process) achieved a great victory for Israel: The Israelis got to economically occupy the Palestinians with the US, the EU, and assorted other states footing the bill. See http://972mag.com/the-profitable-occupation-and-why-it-is-never-discussed/49497/

And who will be Israel's Palestinian "local agent" if Hamas collapses? Does Netanyahu think that the PA will just take the keys? Abbas may have wanted to do that during Cast Lead. That seems unlikely today.


Telling that the Israelis brought the mother of one of the kidnapped three youths to the UN Human Rights Committee- as Israel has had a contentious relationship with that organizaiton. They were pulling out all stops.

As Blumenthal notes, it beggers the imagination to think that Hamas would order the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli Jewish youths. The perps appear to be from a clan that was known to act on its own.


Israel's Iron Dome system knocked down a Hamas rocket over a suburb of Tel iv today. What would we do if the cartels were lobbing rockets into Houston?

All this does is give the Israelis license to deploy their overwhelming military superiority against the Palestinians.

Brilliant strategy on the part of the Palestinians.


Highlander: The Zionists were already attacking Gaza before the rockets started.


A commentary by an Oxford professor who had served in the IDF. A very insightful piece- key point:

"The brutality of Israel's soldiers is fully matched by the mendacity of its spokesmen. Eight months before launching the current war on Gaza, Israel established a National Information Directorate. The core messages of this directorate to the media are that Hamas broke the ceasefire agreements; that Israel's objective is the defence of its population; and that Israel's forces are taking the utmost care not to hurt innocent civilians. Israel's spin doctors have been remarkably successful in getting this message across. But, in essence, their propaganda is a pack of lies."

"A wide gap separates the reality of Israel's actions from the rhetoric of its spokesmen. It was not Hamas but the IDF that broke the ceasefire. It di d so by a raid into Gaza on 4 November that killed six Hamas men. Israel's objective is not just the defence of its population but the eventual overthrow of the Hamas government in Gaza by turning the people against their rulers."




I see. A fight waged against overwhelming strength is just stupid and beneath contempt. "Don't tread on me" was a motto of a band of fools. pl


Right, every man, woman and child is collectively guilty.


Highlander: Not to pile on, but our Foundrers fought the World's Most Powerful Nation because King George and Parliament ignored our Assemblies, levied taxes without our permission, quartered soldiers in our homes, and threatened to bankrupt many colonists by canceling their land grants or curtailing their trade relationships. I have never heard any fellow American state that our Founders were wrong to meet force with force.

Compared to the Occupation's horrors, King George's tyranny was nothing. That's why the Palestinians fight. They refuse to just die quietly.

different clue

Whenever Israel deploys its overwhelming military superiority against the Palestinians, it does so before the increasingly open eyes of an increasingly watching world.
If there is an element of long-range brain/mind war in the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and if taking ( and being seen to be taking) the moral image high ground will be important in one or the other side achieving its goals; then which side is pursuing a long term strategy and which side is employing mere tactitional strategery?


Gaza Today, In One Photo





They aren't going to win this way, not even close! If anything the Israeli combat advantages are increasing year by year.

A definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

I don't think I have contempt for the Palestinians, but I damn sure don't respect their inability to analyze their strategic situation, and apply the proper tactics to the reality of the Palestinian situation.

They are pathetic in that regard. Don't expect me to respect stupidity! They are culturally paralyzed by their Islamic beliefs, and its slavish addiction to violence as a solution to everything.( And yes,dear fellow correspondents,I have been a practitioner of the violent arts. But life taught me over time, violence doesn't always work! No matter how much you just want to kill all the sorry pricks).


That is photo shopped bull shit.

Allen Thomson

Somehow the dates 66-73 and 132–136 CE come to mind. Actors change and change places, the basic script not so much.


The Jews are thinking closing, when the Palestinians are looking up castling.


Now that the Jews have energy to sell, you will find the weepy Europeans a lot less concerned about those poor Palestinians. Hard but true,it is all about the energy/money. It is physics.


Every culture is ultimately collectively responsible for the leadership it allows to rise to the surface.

Stand by America, because the collective bill is coming due in this country in approximately 15 months. Strap in tightly, it is going to be one hell of a ride.

Ishmael Zechariah


What would you do if you were a Palestinian living in Gaza?

Ishmael Zechariah


I have to agree with you.

different clue


I would like to see the whole smoke/explosion cloud in its entirety from which the part shown in the photo is cropped. Is there any way to see that?


I watched german ZDF TV news yesterday in the half time of the semi-finals (what a match) because I forgot to mute.

The anchor and his corrspondent mentioned that things were happening in the holy land. Like rockets being fired at Jerusalem and how upset the Israelis were about that. And Israel was fighting in Gaza. And teeenagers had been killed. How it all fits together, ah well, the correspondent and the anchor agreed that this was quite confusing, typical Middle East.

Before I could throw something at the screen in violent disgust they changed topics to Brazil losing, and somewhat disappointedly speculated about that apparently there would not be riots in Brazil due to them likely being kicked out of the tournament.

Then came a brief segment that mentioned that Merkel had been in China, where she told students about the environment, and that she wanted to fly home to watch the soccer match. Which the one student they interviewed said he liked.

That sums up why for years I have avoided watching these godawful idiots. ZDF are among the worst.


Highlander - Well, yes, you are a "blood and soil" kind of guy. Collective guilt, collective punishment, the reign of the exceptional. There are people who know how to put on thick soled boots, there are people who are doormats. The doormats are stupid. It is all so obvious.

You should make a number of predictions based on your current knowledge: they will all prove wrong. Why am I certain of that? Because you are describing your own thoughts, not a situation in the actual world. Your hard headed "realism" is actually a reflection of your satisfaction with your own limited thinking.

You and Wolfowitz think alike. His predictions, too, were all wrong.

Write them down, Highlander. Write them down before you forget.

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