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21 July 2014


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Allen Thomson

There's an article on satellites and MH17 @



I might have to update my drinking repartoire with different nationalities,oh darn!


Pardon me, I don't get it, why do they wear glasses?


Methanol is converted into formic acid which damages nerves, the optic nerve is very susceptible.

Therefore, effects of methanol consumption/poisening are sight disorders, blindness and in worst case respiratory paralysis.

It was a quite common accident in labs that alcoholics grabbed the wrong bottle. Today most ethanol is denatured, therefore, there is a higher attention level. :-)


TTG wrote: "To be fair, I find it very conceivable that either junta or rebel forces could have shot it down accidentally"

No dispute here.

"... and just as conceivable that the junta forces shot it down intentionally."

Here it depends on which side is winning:

For the govermental forces it makes sense if the separatists are winning.

However, for the separatists it would make sense if the government is winnig.

What is your evidence that the first is correct, not the second?


Well, what about, say, attended ground sensors? Like a Nikon.


robt willmann

The site you linked with the 10 questions is the site of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The 10 questions there are those that were published by Russian state run English news service RT on July 18, 2014.


Since July 18, 2014 the Russian military had more time to investigate. The video you linked is from a Russian military press conference on July 21, 2014. The Russian military there presented what it says are it's latest information regarding MH17. Based on these additional information the military asked 10 more questions to the Ukrainian side, as reported by RT:


Those ten more questions seem pretty damning to me, and strongly point in the direction of a pre-planned false-flag-terror-act.

Btw: the tenth question is for the U.S.:

10. Why haven’t US officials revealed the evidence supporting claims that the MH17 was shot down by a missile launched by the militia?


This is a very clear observation. And I would argue that the "pervasive moral corruption among Western elites" is much worse than in the past, say as in August 1914 . . .


Polite smile, could have turned into a belly laugh if we were not surrounded by such depressing news and human tradgedy from all around.


Per pl's comment that "the resolution claimed in the imagery is unrealistic": I wonder if Parry might be confusing satellite images with those obtained by reconnaissance aircraft, including UAV's? Their resolution is fantastic. It would be an easy error for him to make.

The Twisted Genius


For the week prior to the shoot down, the rebels did have the initiative. They had near bottled up roughly 5,000 junta fighters in the cauldron. The junta forces around Lugansk were forced to pull back. For a brief moment, even Strelkov sounded optimistic rather than his usual melancholic self. I assume Russian support played a hand in this, but this support has been limited. I doubt Russia wants more attention brought on their activities. The downing of MH17 only shines a light on this support and makes it harder for the Russians to continue without risking further Western action.

However, unless the Russians support the rebels in a big way, it is still very probable that Kiev, with growing support from NATO, will slowly grind down the rebels. It's similar to Bobby Lee's position against the Union's massive material superiority. The shoot down of MH17 will make it difficult, although not impossible, for Russia to offer any big support such as overt military intervention. Winning or losing, the shoot down of an airliner does not help the rebels.

Kiev and her Western supporters would like nothing better than to fatally brand the rebels as terrorists to justify their destruction of them, gather more overt Western military support and to demonize the Russians. A rebel shoot down of an airliner makes all that easier, as long as the world can be convinced that the rebels shot it down. As Western rhetoric already demonstrates, the hysterical cries of "Remember MH17" will be used to justify the extermination of the rebel terrorists and the neutering of Putin.

If, on the other hand, the world is convinced that Kiev is behind an intentional shoot down, no good will accrue to the rebel cause. The neocons and R2P harpies will not walk away from their five billion dollar investment. They will simply stop talking about MH17 and go on supporting Kiev. They did the same with the Ghouta gas attack. Given this state of Western moral bankruptcy, Kiev can't really lose.


I think his comment was referring to satellites.


Did anyone else see Gen. Dempsey's comments from the Aspen Conference?

"On Ukraine, Dempsey said Russia's movement into sovereign country in Europe was an event not seen since Adolf Hitler's invasion of Poland in 1939.

Dempsey said NATO was discussing ways to help boost the Ukrainian military's capability as well as force and basing options to protect neighboring NATO member states.
However, he that feared Russian President Vladimir Putin might have lit a fire he may lose control of in Ukraine, one that may not be contained to Eastern Europe."

What's he really doing? Sending a message? Worried that too sides are lighting a fire they can't control? He's too smart a guy for this, isn't he? Told to do it? What's going on?


tom barnes

a real Conspiracy theory :), for real Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery http://www.imagesatintl.com/products/very-high-resolution-satellite-imagery/

tom barnes


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