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01 July 2014


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In reply to confusedponderer 02 July 2014 at 10:13 AM

Given that it's Qom he's been studying in he'd be at most moderately conservative with some reformist leanings if anything.

As Babak Makkinejad say above he's also an opportunist. Having an eye to opportunity and being willing to grab it isn't necessarily a bad thing and in his case it's probably helped keep him one step ahead of the many people who wanted to kill him both during Sadam's time and then after the American invasion.



Why is it this one isn't being called "Arab Spring?" You don't hear that neocon crap at all lately.

I keep seeing this figure of 25,000 Americans still in Iraq and I keep gasping. Surely there is a decimal point error. Is there a citation for that figure?

Is this a figure put out by USG? Are all of these people inside the Green Zone? If so, there's 7 miles between them and the closest runway. If those ISIS boys have been able to score a few sidewinders, it could be a rough flight out. You think Saigon was tight . . . And the road to the Gulf is long and hazardous, as Saddam found out going the other way.

To recall Churchill's observation after Dunkirk: Wars are not won by evacuation.

OTOH, if these 25,000 Americans are Erik Prince and his buddies, I'd just leave 'em there to explain to the Sharia courts why they shot the place up like they did.

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