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26 July 2014


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I'm not hedging bets; I have no bets. I would not place a bet on how I/P will be resolved regardless of the odds offered.

And it's not that I have trouble with borders while Israel has nukes, it's that I have trouble with Israel while Israel has nukes. The 1948 border defines Israel, not Palestine. Remove that border and Israel, as such, disappears, but it will never happen as long as Israel has the Samson Option.

Steve Owens

"With little time to react, there is little time for research, and the perpetual risk that somebody beats them to the story. So they run a story, even with incomplete information, which makes the news vulnerable to disinformation and propaganda." -- So why not counter with new news agencies that market themselves as not being the first to report but being the most reliable report. I for one would opt to wait a day or two for my information if it were solid and credible.

Steve Owens

So existing news agencies are hamstrung by a set of constraints that drive their news quality down. Why don't alternative new news organizations with a different set of operating constraints rise up to compete with them? Why not have an agency that doesn't focus on being first to print but focuses on being right when they do go to print?

With crowd sourcing and independent reporters all over the world able to use the internet to feed situational information to an agency it should be possible to construct such an agency that leverages online "print" to deliver first rate well researched journalism.

What do you suppose the demand for such an agency would be?


I doubt Vancouver can be reached by GOI weapons, other than the 'guilt trip' which is internet deliverable.

Babak Makkinejad

You heard that from me first on this forum.

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