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26 July 2014


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Of the civilian death on the Israeli side:
- one was a Druze - (Druze areas often do not have bunkers)
- one was a Thai migrant farmworker killed by a mortar near Ashkelon
- one was a Jew killed by mortar shrapnel while he was bringing food to soldiers near the Erez border crossing



I distincly remember reports of a rocket hit on an Israeli beduin village. pl

David Habakkuk

Colonel Lang,

Responding to Brigadier Ali on an earlier thread you remarked that the Israelis would not desist from trying to make the Palestinians into serfs, but that it wouldn't work – recalling a Christian Palestinian telling you that 'he would not be free and his son would not be free but his grandson would be a free man.'

It has been clear for a long time that if the attempt meant 'mowing the grass' at regular intervals, with the kind of casualties we are seeing now, the cumulative effect on opinion in Britain would be the progressive growth of antagonism to Israel, which at times would morph into anti-Semitism.

A recent report in 'Haaretz' of a study by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research is headlined: '80% of British Jews feel blamed for Israeli actions.'

(See http://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/jewish-world-news/1.606402 .)

I simply do not know whether the Israelis can or cannot continue 'mowing the grass' indefinitely, without risking the kind of transformations in attitudes in the United States which have been happening here.


This was on The Guardian live feed Thursday 24th 10.56 am quoting the Palestinian Ma'an news agency. No news of it since. It could be disinformation or a mistake from the Palestinians, or an Israeli cover up because casualties in the IDF are such a sensitive issue within Israeli politics.

"The Palestinian news agency Ma'an is reporting that Hamas have killed eight Israeli soldiers in northeastern Gaza City.

The Hamas-affiliated al-Qassam Brigades said on Thursday that they had killed eight Israeli soldiers in northeastern Gaza City in what was potentially the deadliest attack on the military since the ground invasion began last week.

Al-Qassam Brigades said that they infiltrated into the eastern part of al-Tuffah neighborhood earlier on Thursday and launched an attack on Israeli soldiers deployed there.

The group claimed to have destroyed an armored personnel carrier with an RPG 29, a rocket-propelled grenade.

An Israeli military spokeswoman did not return calls seeking comment."



808 dead Palestinians and 37 dead IDF.

A Bedouin was killed and I think that I mentioned that they get not protection...shelters, warnings, nada!!




I recall reading that over FOUR THOUSAND were injured!


David Habakkuk

IMO the US public opinion shift away from support of Israel is underway. The MSM are mooing in confusion and shifting from hoof to hoof in perturbation. The legion of AIPAC controlled tools in Congress and its staffs are holding out for better days in US/Israeli relations but that cannot last. The wretch who is chairmen of the /house Foreign Relations Committee was on the tube this AM bleating that the leadership of Hamas is hiding in tunnels and must be smoked out like rats but let's see how long that lasts. IMO when you subtract from the reported 57% of Americans who supposedly support Israel, the ardent Jewish Zionists, the evangelical rapture awaiters like Highlander, and others who are indifferent to the whole thing but who were impressed with Paul Newman and the like playing Irgun and Stern Gang terrorists in movies, the actual number of Americans who care much about Israel is a lot smaller. The AIPAC domination of Congress has little to do with heartfelt support and everything to do with the illegal application of rewards and punishments by AIPAC controlled PACS. pl


Palestinians casulties pass 1,000 and the number will no doubt go up as they find more bodies in the rubble.

40 dead soldiers of the IDF.


3 civilians - One israeli bring food to soldiers, one Israeli bedouin and one Thai farmer worker.

Bedouin village hit by rocket


You are right. I mixed up Druze and Bedu. My fault.

So no Druze but one Beduin killed. The remark with no bunkers in their areas stands.


And the antipathy towards Jewish citizens is also well underway in the rest of Europe. Seeing Palestinian casulties every day is indeed having a cumulative effect. The tank shelling of UN school the other day, with at leat 15 dead has had a singular impact. Add to that the Israeli responses- "it was the other guys, they were hiding rockets there, we gave them time to get out"- all of which have turned out false,are also undercutting the hasbarah message.


I read this a.m. 5,200 Palestinians wounded



So far as I recall there are no Druze villages in that part of Israel. pl


The sentence DH quotes reads: "80% of British Jews feel blamed for Israeli actions." Okay, that might be a shared feeling, but how many have actually been blamed for Israeli actions? Out loud and in public? Have any? Can we reference that?


The Israeli government continues to support and propagate racist Islamophobia. The following site is worth a look for the visuals being used: http://www.richardsilverstein.com/2014/07/25/israels-dublin-embassy-warns-islam-taking-over-europe/

This racism is meant to solidify support for the criminal actions in Gaza, which are on-going.

This is from a health assessment in Gaza in June of this year, prior to the most recent "mowing of the grass": Palestinian children in Gaza are suffering immensely... prevalence of anaemia in children <2yrs in Gaza is at 72.8%, while prevalence of wasting, stunting, underweight have been documented at 34.3%, 31.4%, 31.45% respectively. (The Gaza Health Sector as of June 2014: brief report to UNRWA: Dr. Mads Gilbert)

David Soloman

Colonel Lang,

I just made a contribution to the American Friends Service Committee that was specifically earmarked for Gaza.

I am not a Quaker, but I think they do excellent work with very little overhead. I am sure others do so, also. Doctors Without Borders comes readily to mind.

In any case, this is the link for those who would like to donate to the American Friends Service Committee and have the funds go directly to Gaza relief:


May this War Crime be brought to a halt soon!!!


David Solomon


I read what I noted from several days ago!! Lord help them and us.


40 IDF dead according to recent Ynet article


"The Gaza health ministry said that over 100 corpses had been recovered in this period, bringing the total Palestinian death toll since the onset of Israel’s offensive to more than 1,000."

"We're here working because we've seen too much blood shed on all sides," said Kerry. But it was his addition of "including the death of two American citizens" as his voice trailed off that confirmed one of the conflicts most unrecognized hypocrisies: American citizens are systemically encouraged to fight, oppress, and kill Palestinians...

On a lighter note, see Elsa Shewolf of the SS and former funny gal Joan Rivers showing compassion for dead Palestinian children...I mean what a "tradition of values" coming through here and echoed everywhere as acceptable speech.

Finally, if Mr. Haralambos lives in Greece, and is planning to visit the Isle of Spetses...please go up to Profitis Elias -(just the only place I know with magic)- and light a candle for the people of Gaza. Thanks man.

Babak Makkinejad

Each time they mow the grass, as you put it, they take another step in being declared enemy of Islam. At that point, no one can help them at any price - not US and certainly not the European Union.

And you heard that from me first on this forum.


42 on idf side confirmed on ynet.



Declared an enemy of Islam by whom? The Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS and the self proclaimed Caliph or some other leader who is going to be universally recognized as the world leader of Islam?



I commend the choice of the caption photo. None of the Ivy League (or Oxford) educated elite in our Republic understands what those men fought for, reflexively reject even the idea that there was an idea worthy of their conduct; or that their descendants do not inherit guilt over their actions a century ago. Similarly they can not seem to understand that Palestinians are not a defeated people and are deserving of just treatment by our government and our fellow citizens.

ex-PFC Chuck

Per Washington's Blog, Israel is losing support from the Evangelical Christian community here in the USA, especially among the young:


I have no plans to go to Spetses. I do live in Greece and am not Greek, and I do not light candles, but I do send my thoughts and condolences to all those families of those killed on every side in every one of these "conflicts" by way of my participation here in my thoughts and secular prayers, as a lapsed and ordained Presbyterian elder in a very liberal synod,if that makes any sense to those here.

robt willmann

If soldiers who are wounded/injured are included as a category within the meaning of casualties, then the number of IDF wounded would be applicable as well. It might be a surprising number, and not that small, either.

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