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27 July 2014


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Bravo! It is precisely the people who try to bring about downfall of world's tyrants that become world's tyrants themselves. I am proud to say that I hold no such grand ambitions. I limit myself to learning what I can about the world and doing what I can as a citizen as well.


So the IDF has now killed two UN workers and 50 Palestinians. They also list 10 more soldiers. When does the US end our support?



A massive and aggressive propaganda campaign is now underway designed to keep the US "in line" Steve Schmidt, the political consultant made an angry endorsement this am on Morning Joe of every thought Bibi ever had. This was not an accident. Schmidt's attacks on Kerry were sustained and purposeful. pl



If you have a view on this evil, it is time to email Congress.

Keep it short, all they care about is which side you are on. They will not bother to read the email's details. The Congressional email system is an opinion poll and the Congress Persons do pay attention.

Massive emails against bombing Syria worked and was one of the primary reasons the false flag gas attack lie failed. Perhaps massive email anger against bombing children will work too.

Key points: Stop the shelling and bombing. Stop the money.

Use their forms. Write once a day. The tallies are kept on a daily basis. Encourage your friends and family to email too.


FB Ali

Right after the lambasting from the Israelis Kerry appeared on TV parroting their new line about "disarmament".

Pretty pathetic!

FB Ali

It is more than 100 killed yesterday, as well as their only power plant on fire after being hit.


It is obvious that the Israelis hope that by massive killing of civilians they will force Hamas to capitulate.

FB Ali

One of the tools they use to ensure that US opinion is kept in line is the "black book" based on a special study they had carried out some years ago on how to achieve this:



Origin, not to worry the People Who Chose Themselves have many innovative ideas for controlling the native helots: (1) find a local collaborator to do their bidding, http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2014/07/how_to_save_gaza_demilitarization_and_abbas.html; and (2) make the international community pick up the tab. http://www.jpost.com/Diplomacy-and-Politics/Mofazs-Gaza-demilitarization-for-dollars-plan-gains-traction-368319

I support the $50 billion aid plan so long as the Palestinians don't have to send even red cent to Israel.




That will not happen! They can destroy Hamas but they won't destroy the hopes of the Palestinian people. They haven't done it in 66 years of struggle and it won't happen now!!!
As far as Kerry and our government, is this nuclear, finiancial blackmail or both that we have to free ourselves from?


I'm in the mix in the print Israeli media forums as well as writing everyone I can think of. I'm not done fighting these dual citizen traitors. THAT is who they are and we need to say it loud and consistently!


Brigadier General Ali

I agree with your posts. It is baked into our genes that males strive to be top dogs. Wealth and power are human’s sexual selection display. Having evolved in tribes we naturally separate people into us and them. Our history is the movement of people to conquer new land and exploit earth’s resources; Americans or the Vietnamese are just two prime examples.

What is strange about libertarians is that they deny human nature and history. The best of our race try to be better than ourselves. Our story is the establishment of a government by and for the people. Without effective government we have the chaos and bloodletting that we see today in Ukraine, Iraq and Israel. Where greed and dominance have gone wild. This is the direct result of the destruction of the rule of law in the West by neo-liberal plutocrats.

Norbert M Salamon

an indication of this is Pres. Obama's newest warmongering in the name of LAW and Sovereignty, wherein the chaos was caused by US government action with the help of US NGO-s financed by tax exempt funds. [Speech from the White Hose Gardens - with no factual verification of accusations

Norbert M Salamon

All it would be of interest to check Saker's site and listen to a close advisor of Pre. Putin analyzing the Ukraine issue - thinks WWII or in his terms IV is coming.
this notion is held also by Celente of trend analysis fame.



WWIV, given the US is currently saying the Russian's treaty violations- based on 2008 (yes, 6 year old) data - they are probably right.



So what if you were hiding behind a pseudonym? Pseudonymous writings created this country, and are 100% protected by the founding papers. Anonymity is a protected right, and has nothing to do with the ideas expressed.

Eben Moglen gives a great reason for, and history of, anonymity here. Start at 2:37 minutes but the entire 15 minutes is worthwhile.

Jim Jordan's arch, smug, and Facebooky proclamation is roundly dismantled by Moglen. Don't let anyone intimidate you over this false argument ever again. ;-)


Here's their current website:


You can download a copy of the book here:


VV: Also logic is the first thing to go. See http://www.commdiginews.com/world-news/hamas-is-indistinguishable-from-the-palestinian-people-22681/

If every Palestinian civilian in Gaza is personally responsible for electing Hamas, isn't every Israeli responsible for electing its government?

Norbert M Salamon

At Crosstalk [RT] Stephen Cohen and John Mearsheimer discuss the Ukraine crisis and come to the conclusion that the Hubris [exceptionalism, only good guys, right to hegemony etc.] can lead to World war


Gilad Shalit's father: I would fight Israel if I were Palestinian


Row erupts after comments by Israeli election hopeful Noam Shalit, whose son was held in captivity by Hamas for five years

The father of an Israeli soldier held in captivity for more than five years by Hamas has said he would fight Israeli soldiers if he were a Palestinian .

Noam Shalit, who announced earlier this year that he would be standing for the opposition Labour party in the next Israeli elections, has provoked outrage among the Israeli right with the comments. His son, Gilad, was released in a prisoner swap in October 2011.

Shalit added that the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers by Hamas militants was comparable to the techniques used by Israeli paramilitary fighters the Haganah against the British, arguing "we also kidnapped British soldiers when we were fighting for our freedom".

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