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29 July 2014


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I CAN'T WAIT!!! This is one topic I have posted about in pro-Zionist/war forums. Hamas smuggles weapons like the ZOB did.
Btw...Richard Silverstein has his FB page back.Congrats to all.



After consultation I have yielded the Warsaw Ghetto piece to Confused Pondered for authorship. pl


rick - I agree. "I trust Qatar and Turkey," is the giveaway, if there were any doubt.


Matthew, Obama is probably chiefly worried at this point about the Democrats at risk in the upcoming midterm elections. They can't exactly coast in to office on his coattails, given his polling numbers, and the last thing they need is the loss of any pro-Israel money. It is true that the elites of both parties are united on Israel, but insofar as there is any dissension from the ranks, it's coming mostly from the Democratic side (and a small minority of conservatives).

The Beaver

OT: all

Those true Patriots:


Wonder where their loyalty lies.
BTW: Cuomo is going to Israel. Yep, anything for the votes.



IMO he still wants the money for his library. in addition to that his Chicago and New York creators can still help him a lot in retirement. they made Rahm Emmanuel a rich man with very little effort. pl


I fail to see the improvements quoted "Despite many achievements that the army brass can point to, the current war in Gaza reveals once again the necessity of a comprehensive reorganization of the military." after the 2006 wakeup call.

Not saying that they do not want (and will get) more funds for more toys. Sadly, I conclude that if the cycle of violence is to end before it does eventually destroy ISreal (in the next few decades), Hamas will have to earn (in blood) treatment as a serious adversary worthy of negotiation.

On the other hand, the bible repeatedly tells the story of when the chosen people became deaf to god and refused to act wisely, and became dispersed with the wind. So perhaps I am overly optimistic in my pessimism.

Charles I

I just heard on CBC new Radio 1 that three Conservative and two Liberals are now over in Israel courtesy of some hasbara op


Several comments have asked what Obama could actually do?

Here is one answer.

Very simply, Obama could announce that he is shocked, shocked to discover that Israel possesses nuclear weapons and that they have an undeclared nuclear weapons program. Under existing law (the Symington amendment) this finding requires a halt to all foreign aid.

Once out of the bottle, I'm sure Israel's fifth column would be working overtime to circumvent the cutoff. But a determined president could make it stick.

Medicine Man

Read this in the morning paper too. Only the NDP turned down the junket, on the basis of it being too one sided.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gets 29 standing ovations from Congress
Congress pays Israel billions; Israel helps fund AIPAC et al; AIPAC et al pays Congress millions. Thus helping to guarantee statistically-impossible 100% votes for Israel's interests. Watch what they do, not what they say. The video explains more.


Frank: The fly in the ointment: "a determined president could make it stick."

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