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29 July 2014


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Col: If only TV Obama or UN Obama were as forceful as Telephone Obama.


And how many votes do we make in support of Israel at the UN and other internatinal bodies? How many vetoes does the United States make in Israel's behalf at those same places?



IMO BHO should have told him. "I am a lame duck. if you don't do what I want I will sequester all your money for the rest of my term. If your flunkies want to try to impeach me I will conduct a campaign against you in the US on the basis of your utter worthlessness as an ally." pl


Col: You were saying something about that Presidential Library....

FB Ali

Unfortunately, Obama is a narcissistic weakling. It seems all he wants to do is enjoy the perks of office for the remaining two years. He is just going through the motions of being President, going where his staff send him, saying what they tell him.

I doubt very much if he said what is claimed in the link. A real man would have said it, and followed up with what you suggest.

It is a shame that the US had eight years of Bush Jr and another eight of this sorry specimen. No wonder it is in such trouble.


I do not deserve to be mocked in this. I said what he should do. He has decided to buy a house in the San Diego area. My uncle Gordon lived there in San Clemente. He was deserving. pl


Col: I am not mocking you. I am merely pointing out that the Library fundraising means that President Obama's lame-duck status does not make him free. I wrote the passage with sadness, not sarcasm.


Colonel, I have to ask how reliable is the source? I read the report in politifact to which you linked. This led me in turn to the Times of Israel blog entry:


The Times of Israel in turn quote an Israeli "Channel 1" report. But Channel 1 (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Channel_1_%28Israel%29 ) is owned and operated by the Israeli government via the Israel Broadcasting Authority (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israel_Broadcasting_Authority ). Nobody least of all myself would ever describe me as an expert on Israeli politics or Israeli broadcasting structures but it seems to me that the fact that the report originates with a government owned and operated broadcaster creates a prima facie case for dismissing it as propaganda. Internal propaganda aimed at that part of the Israeli populace who vote for Nethanyahoo and his allies? Something like "look how our man resolutely stands up even to the American president. (P.S. Vote for us)"

Also the tone sounds wrong to me. Nethanyahoo is a thug yes, an arrogant thug definitely, in charge of an arrogant and thuggish government elected by an increasingly arrogant and thuggish populace, and Obama is a weak president, but even so the tone sounds wrong to me is Nethanyahoo really that rude and arrogant to the POTUS. It could be so, I've certainly seen that in Israel public dialogue is conducted at the level of a snarl but if that's also how they talk to allies - well even worms eventually turn.

Finally I wonder if by:

"Barack Obama: I demand that Israel agrees to an immediate, unilateral ceasefire and halt all offensive activities, in particular airstrikes.

Benjamin Netanyahu: And what will Israel receive in exchange for a ceasefire?"

That what Nethanyahoo meant "what will we receive from the Palestinians and the Arab governments" rather than "what further tribute will we receive from you American politicians".

I just don't know - what do you and your committee of correspondence think?



pl: lame duck courage
I would suggest that only after the mid-term elections would the possibility of such courage be possible as the fear of loosing the Senate 'concentrates the mind'.
I would love to see it then.


Lived in the San Diego region for 14 years- from San Clemente to NAS North Island on Coronado. Great place to live.


Bibi proves to the world Obama has no balls. Another sad day for the republic. Even more innocent Palestinians will die as a result. How many Ukrainians will die too?


It's an election year, cross Bibi and the Democrats will impeach BSHO.


Col. Lang,
Thank you for this post and a bit of (RA) military clarity on the issue. Obama is a disappointment to me, but I did not expect much in terms of change. The current campaign by Israel, if it might be called that, reminds me of the launch of Shock and Awe to counter terrorism. The war on terrorism is misguided, and "shock and awe" was just another term for creating shock and terror in those attacked. This is just the latest horror in the region as world leaders head of for their summer holiday jaunts.

Have not sold my soul yet

Col: Let's play out a scenario where a US President with the support of his Secretary of State, the Defense Secretary and the Military Chief presses Netanyaho or Liberman/Bennett to do something with absolute firmness that Netanyahu do not want to do. How will Netanyahu et al try to undermine, in US, the President of USA into submission to Isarel's will?

Other's please comment on this as well. Can the president ever go contarary to Netanyahu's dictat?

Augustin L

This is what post modern ivy league leadership looks like. The american citizenry has not seen the worst... Yet! It is my assessment that we also have a chinese ''faction'' inside the halls of congress, one among many. The chinese are carefully observing the israeli firsters and will know in the future how to treat their new b**ch. Thanks to the citizens united ruling this new chinese faction is now disguising itself under the cloak of reactionary conservatism. They were recently trying to kill the export-import bank, one of the few pillars of the republic's industrial strategy inherited from FDR's era. Countries such as China, Germany, France have their own EXIM type banks that are orders of magnitude larger than ours... The congress is increasingly looking like the defunct polish diet of the 17th- 18th century. Poland once was the biggest country in Europe by 1800 it almost disappeared off the map.


I'd love to listen in on the Obama jokes going around in the Knesset cloakroom. The punch line begins "I demand that..." Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Obama and Kerry have become the laughing stock of the Zionist world. Elsewhere they just ignore whatever he says. And this is the most powerful man in the world? Ha, ha, ha, ha....

What a joke!



IMO the words of Obama to Netanyahu in this telephone call - if it is reported correctly - are OK. What is needed from BHO are not better words, but better action.

What I could think of as fine action would be a discreet signal to Luxembourg's Jean Asselborn to prepare some nice UN SC draft resolutions regarding Israel and Palestine. Obama then could send Kerry - who was just insulted by Israel - to take Samantha Power's seat at the UN SC when it comes to voting on these resolution drafts - and instruct him, to keep his finger down, when the chairman asks for "No" votes. In this way, Obama's gift for Netanyahu would last longer than his Obama's term in office, because to undo a UN SC resolution, one needs - of course - the consent of veto powers like China and Russia. And if Palestianian statehood in borders of 1967 would be voted on positively in the UN SC, there is virtually no way to undo such a vote.

If Netanyahu would after the vote call Obama, then it would be a good time to tell Netanyahu:

"Do you remember our phone call at the end of July, when you asked me what you would get for peace? No? So at least now you got a taste of knowing what you get for war and defying the US president in matters of war and peace.


All Tomorrow I will write on the Warsaw Ghetto and wait for the result. pl.


Col: I was not mocking you. On another thread you noted that Obama wanted to please the people from Chicago who put him in power. Even if he is a lame duck, he may still be in thrall of fundraising for his Presidential Library. Will he ever then stop worrying about offending Democratic doners? My comment was not sarcasm, but actually one of sadness.

Charles Dekle

Col Lang,
Thank you. I wish that he had the courage.

The Twisted Genius


I like your idea of actively working against Israel through the UN. No more automatic veto protection and pushing for Palestinian statehood would certainly get Netanyahu's attention. It would be nice to have something to stir a bit of patriotic pride for a change. Unfortunately, I doubt Obama or any other administration would get away with it. There are too many politicians, democrats and republicans, too many powerful, influential business types and too many Christian Zionists who have more allegiance to Israel than to the U.S. I'm convince they are willing to commit any act to stop any effort to break Israel's stranglehold on this country. Something would have to happen to break the American majority's complacency with the Zionist fifth column. I don't know what that would be, but i wish it would happen soon.



All Barack has to do is tell the truth - Israel is waging a war against civilians and their Prime Minister is killing children. Obama can then order the military to cease all aid to the State of Israel and remove their (GOI's) officers and men from all US military facilities. Then close the ports and airfields to Israeli flag vessels and aircraft and order Israeli citizens out of the country.

The cabinet officers serve at the President's pleasure. If Kerry etc won't do what he directs he should fire them. Being political animals the last thing they want is to be labelled a supporter of Bibi the Baby Killer.

What would Congress do? Nothing - they are out of session for the summer break. Though perhaps they'll impeach him. So what - they have cause to do the that already. Stopping an unjust war of aggression by our self proclaimed 'best ally in the middle east' by refusing to aid it in killing women and children is unlikely to get him impeached nor convicted in the Senate. Neither of which would happen overnight but if voted for would force supporters of war mongering to go on the record. They'll love that happening three months before the congressional elections. But like I said above, Obama does not have the moral courage to do so - it looks like (unlike you) he has sold his soul; but then he got more than 30 pieces of silver for it.

Bill H

Local reporting says Rancho Mirage, which is in Riverside County. More like Palm Springs than San Diego, which sort of makes me breathe a sigh of relief. I live in San Diego.


Is this a new Hasbara feint?

The Chinese are coming! The Chinese are coming! Look, over there! Honest, over there!

Peter Brownlee

Seen this?

"Looming in the background is another skirmish – this one over the defense budget. The IDF has estimated the costs of the operation at nearly 5 billion shekels ($1.46 billion). Chief of Staff Benny Gantz is already leveraging the attack on the obsolete armored personnel carrier, in which seven Golani soldiers were killed, to ask for an upgrade of all the army’s APCs.

"The incidents on Monday raise some serious questions about the military’s judgment. The mortar fire that killed four Armored Corps soldiers near the border could have just as easily hit the hundreds of civilians who are streaming to the area every day, circumventing the Military Police checkpoints with ease.

"When families are seen picnicking at the Black Arrow Memorial near Kfar Aza, only a few hundred meters from a border where battles are raging, it seems that something is lacking in the military’s control over events. This is directly related to the use of a deficiently armored APC and the attacks on two forward command patrols traveling in unprotected jeeps near the border, attacks that cost the lives of six fighters and officers.

"Despite many achievements that the army brass can point to, the current war in Gaza reveals once again the necessity of a comprehensive reorganization of the military. The training of forces, the equipment in use, combat doctrine, and operational plans — all will need to be thoroughly investigated when the hostilities are over."


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