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20 July 2014


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The ugly truth is -(I hate to say this)-that the organized Jewish diaspora is responsible for Israel's impunity to slaughter. Gaza today can only be described as a despicable major war crime (I cannot believe that people that say they are like us and live amongst us and are our dentists, lawyers and accountants, retailers and journalists(wall to wall) would support this(CNN should be shut down it is like IDF central broadcasting)...using the money and power we give them in exchange for services to buy (I think it is in the public record now and not just another canard)- American, French, British, Canadian, and Australian politicians that support this carnage hell.

Listening to the warped logic of Nadler, Shumer, etc. even that senile windbag Charlie Wrangel, or Canada's Harper or the drooling Baird is like the an episode of the Twilight Zone written by G. Orwell.

The Arab world or whatever morass of clutter is left bearing this name should be ashamed of itself. OT, I am today even more convinced that ISL was concocted by MI6, CIA, after a design by Mossad (as a fly trap based on the Israeli concept "... the Aggahbs have ze oil, but ve have the matches.1) with the full help of Saudis represented by Prince Ashloch Bandar (aka, how high should I jump white man huh, huh?). My unofficially formed gut opinion is that Bandar was fired when the SA royal family woke up from their syphilitic coma to see that it is all gone horribly awry.

I am disgusted that between 1914 and 2014 humanity has learnt nothing but to how to better "package" their cruelty. A timely post, with thanks to WP

1-Quoted in Friedman, Robert I., Zealots for Zion: Inside Israel's West Bank Settlement Movement (New York, New York: Random House, 1992), 132-52.



Do you share those values America?


What is America now beyond a bazaar with a flag and a ditty?


Likewise; Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, John Clapper, Victorian Nuland and Robert Kagan to their deathbeds will never admit that their push for freedom, opportunity and prosperity for Ukraine that overthrew the elected government and initiated a civil war on Russia’s border killed all the passengers on flight MH-17 when it flew over the battlefield.


General von Hausen in Reprise


By the way, where would a casual, uninformed viewer of this clip think the bombs are falling, the people are running, and the children are bloodied?

"... looking at the last reel of the movie..."

"They have paths to leave, that is not an issue. ... They have plenty of exit points and they know it...."


There was a suggestion that Malaysia has been punished, via Malaysian planes, for insubordination to the USrael:


I suppose it's their fault for not having gone to Madagascar... Good grief.


“To a mind formed in the Latin school, the German mentality is difficult to comprehend.”

I admit I find general's position somewhat baffling. What is it about the German people? Where is does that thinking draw from?

- Eliot

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