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13 June 2014


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It is traditional that insurgents empty the banks if they capture them. pl

Jim Ticehurst

Pat and CR Yes Its Probably the biggest bank robbery this Century ..No Doubt It was Those Pallets of Plastic Wrapped U.S. Currency we saw off loaded from Cargo planes in Iraq for payoff money..So I wonder which arms dealer ISIS is going to now with their new booty..?

Im my Opinion The biggest Bank robbery last century was when Richard Nixon Raided Fort Knox for 300 truck loads of Gold ,7000 tons of it worth $ 66 TRILLION dollars..Then the continued raids of our Treasury by the North and the South
to the tune of another $ 17 Trillion Dollars while we continue to engage in Our Own great Civil War..

Jim Ticehurst

Correction the Gold was worth 66 BILLION in 1974 when Nixon took us off the gold standard and sold Fort Nnox gold.....That's also when he began his Open door Policy with Communist China... All detremental to the United States and benifiting mostly China..Why did he make these Deals..why initate these policys on behalf of a Communist Country..? Why Build their Economy and Military..? Why go heavily in debt to the Chinese..?

The Chinese GDP was flat line from 1950 to 1974 ..after 1974 the GDP Line starts going up until now its going straight up..through the 90s to now..

BY the way There is now 500 Billion dollars worth of Counterfeit and Unsafe (lethal)Chinese Products being packaged and sold in the United States annually..at the same time..there are numerous Countefeit "Public Servants" being packaged and sold to the American Voter..The chickens didn't come home to Roost They came home to learn "Free Enterprise" and Marketing Skills..

alba etie

David Habakkuk ,
If the question is will the American people keep Israel first in our foreign policy by re-engaging in another shooting war in the ME, with 'boots on the ground " , clearly we will not be keeping BiBi first .I truly believe out here away from the DC think tanks & the other beltway bullsh--t we the American people have had enough ME shooting wars . But we may hear Global Hawks cruising the Sunni Triangle much like we hear about such goings on in the FATA. Who knows maybe the initial info for these drone strikes will be coming from Iran . Should we start 'covertly ' working with the Iranians and this makes the MSM - that will be evidence These United States will be not be keeping the Likudniks first here or in Tel Aviv. We shall see.

alba etie

While not necessarily a huge fan of BHO - I do believe we will not see Jimmy Carter Embassy redeaux.



http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/16/world/middleeast/embassy.html?hp pl



The NEO has begun. It is understandable that the embassy will remain open. The symbolism of closing it would be deadly to the Maliki government. IMO most people should be removed overland to Kuwait and many more by fixed wing air. There would be a major problem if the situation greatly deteriorates and preparations should be made for a final stage evacuation by helicopter. Re-fueling points can be established south of Baghdad by positioning fuel bladders under marine guard. pl

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