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12 June 2014


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cville reader

I did exactly the same thing, and came up with the same result. But it is worth noting that not every reader of this blog has had military experience-- and that is not a bad thing.


cville reader

You are not absolved from some responsibility to inform yourself. pl


cville reader

Bookmark this page to find military acronyms. The inerweb is a glorious thing.


Medicine Man

I once asked Col. Lang what a "coke" is, thinking he was using some acronym I hadn't heard before. Nope, he was telling a story about a guy throwing a soda out of a helicopter door. Pretty embarrassing.

Lord Curzon


In which case your rosary beads must be wearing quite thin by now!


Lord Curzon

I do not pray the rosary. I seek the presence of the enemies of us all. pl

Ursa Maior


what do you think, will Mr. al-Douri be smart or powerful enough to oust the jihadis after Maliki is toppled?


I think you r correct T re the Chi town pols, and Georgetown air heads, that surround him. But O's issues are with inexperience, character, and a certain lightweight quality about him. The man is intelligent. Certainly not as intelligent as he THINKS he is. But he is intelligent. And perhaps...as it begins to dawn on him the 'Party' is swiftly running down, reevaluations, on my many fronts, are possible. He may have finally sensed he is being sold out. Given piss poor advice. Which he has eaten up for years. It's my only hope. But SOMETHING made him throw Syria in that statement.


Military blog, military acronym...I knew exactly what NEO referred to after I looked up the wiki on military acronyms. What I found interesting is that most Americans would know about the movie but nothing of mil acronyms...but that the movies charcater could be easily conflated by some with the Shia myth of the 12th Imam which seems to be their version of Apocalypse.
And since US MENA policy has been driven by a toxic mix of greed and myth since forever...I thought it an interesting little association. BTW, you might get a kick out of the MATRIX series...

Peter C


Link to the NY times showing in a graphic of the rapid advancements.



The Matrix series? I have seen it several times. pl


Speculations, please? Can this unlikely turn of events lead to communication / cooperation between the intelligent armed forces of the US and Iran? If so, what happens next?

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