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15 June 2014


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Mike Rush

Col. Lang,

Karzai was a waiter, years ago, in Chicago. Of course he would expect exorbitant tips this around.


Mike Rush
Ho Chi Minh was a waiter in Paris in the 20s pl


And tell me again how many local Vietnamese staff and their families we abandoned during the fall of Saigon?

Déjà vu?

Charlie Wilson

Karzai's already own an upscale restaurant here in Cambridge, MA.

Walrus, is there a Pigs 'R Us restaurant near you?

Babak Makkinejad


I do not agree; both in Iraq and in Afghanistan I expect the nominal central government to continue to exist.

I think in Iraq there would be a restoration of government writ in Mosul and elsewhere; in Afghanistan I think regionalism with nominal allegiance to government in Kabul would continue.

steve g

Rode the inaugural opening of the light
rail between Mpls and St.Paul yesterday.
One stop, Western, is called the Mekong
apropos the many VN restaurants and shops.
Because of the three years plus construction
period there are many store fronts vacant.
Room for both Afghan and Iraqi themed busi-
nesses. Would there be a problem if one
is Shia and the other Sunni? Leave no
sectarian conflict behind. BTW in the late
seventies and early eighties VN vets named
that section the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Somewhere
Uncle might be smiling.

Babak Makkinejad

Was Ho Chi Minh, like Bashar al Assad, interested to have good relations with US?



Yes, until we insisted on siding with the French against him. pl


A little off topic but, I'm hearing a lot (not here of course) about the "disintegration" of the Iraqi army and a certain inevitability that the rout will continue into Baghdad and the South.
Given the bad blood created by the Maliki administration and it's political disenfranchisement toward the Sunni population, wouldn't the army troops stationed in these largely Sunni cities know when push came to shove that they would find zero sympathy let alone support from the civilian population. That in effect they were remotely garrisoned in very hostile locations.
I find it hard to believe that anything similar could happen either in Baghdad or the Shiite cities in the South, and the territorial acquisition has already reached its limit.


Col. sir,

This must be old for you but apparently he (Uncle Ho) was influenced by those protagonists in the Révolution française as well as those Monsieurs who signed the Déclaration d'indépendance des États-Unis.


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