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14 June 2014


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The War of 1812? Nothing more than an attempted land grab while Great Britain was dealing with an earlier height-challenged idiotic maniac who went to Moscow.


Reality is usually not simple, but the reasons for the successful post-WWII Japan and German reconstructions and economic recoveries were fairly straight-forward. They were developed nations, had industrious work cultures, highly educated, and were not overly punished. For the neocons to expect similar results in the ME is beyond naive.


"Several officials said that a potential strike package included targets in Syria as well as Iraq, reflecting Isis' effective erasure of the border between the two countries, and would likely focus on manned warplanes, which are more capable of dynamic targeting against a mobile adversary than are Obama's signature drone attacks."

Under what authority could Obama bomb targets in Syria. Less than a year ago he was this close to bombing Syria and was stopped in his tracks. And now, somehow the mission creep has already set in and bombing ISIS in Iraq is growing into bombing in Syria as well? This smells.


Yes, but they were also comprehensively and utterly defeated as peoples, not just as militaries. The Sunnis were not defeated in Iraq in 2003, nor in 2006. What is happening now is as a result of the failure of the US or the Iraqi Shia government to psychologically defeat their foe. I believe that the next phase of the war will see a blowback on the Sunni population that pushes hundreds of thousands of Sunnis towards the Saudi borders.


While it may well be true that Americans have historically favored war or, to be more accurate, are easily misled to that position by the media and the politicians, I think at least in the immediate future, no politician will be able to beat the war drums for a military return to Iraq or overt involvement in Syria.

I think the public is sick of it all, and has been for years now.

Not that public opinion counts for much.


No, but I do think you highlight one of Dr. Polk's points.



I think he would interpret his authority to stem from the Authorization of the Use of Military Force.


They would never fight to utter defeat as the Japanese and Germans did for the same reasons. If in the future our country is attacked by a superpower greater than us, our country would fight to utter defeat as well.


It's not PC to say that.

All humans are equal, even the dumb and ugly ones, and to say that we can't repeat a WW-II-ish democratisation process in countries like Afghanistan or Iraq as promised by the Bushmen, may suggest that the world is not flat and that people would rather die than be like the west. Ludicrous, obviously.

Fact is, in every Iraqi, Syrian or Afghan, there is an American who just wants out. Local exiles in their well tailored suits confirm that in fluent english while they have dinner with us.

No no, these people who reject the western civilisation violently are deadenders, throwbacks and irrational madmen (how else to explain their rejection of the grand gift that the US made them?).

Contrarian mockery maintains that these people are 'a reality on the ground' with cultural and ethnic differences, interests and a history. Well, that isn nonsense, the world IS flat and there IS an end of history.

Which means that toppling tyrants and plunging countries into 'change' helps these countries on their way to history's inevitable progress and will in the end lead to something new, dazzling and shiny emerging from the ashes of the old.

To preserve a status quo because of stability is immoral and appeases the forces of evil that America (and the West, under benevolent US global leadership) is called on to undo. So to the naysayers I say, there is no better revenge than success.

If America has to use force, it is because America is the indispensable nation. America stand tall and sees further than other countries into the future.

America's grand victory in Iraq only underlines that.

Richard Armstrong

Fred, you're right. The language of the AUMF and the fact that it will never "sunset" gives the office of the President the unbelievable right to wage war. As long as a potential enemy can be described as using terrorism, then they are fair game.


Why, ISIS is not the Syrian government so i don't think they would complain that much.


Inside an American is not even the "American" that wants to get out

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