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27 June 2014


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Love it!

That will sort things out!

G. I. Hazeltine

Kudos Walrus. This really needs to go viral.

Babak Makkinejad


You may wish to include the following:

1 - Do you hate the Shia and Iran?

Lord Curzon




The link seems dead. Suggestions? Maybe Walrus can fix it? pl




In reply to turcopolier 28 June 2014 at 08:46 AM


This URI:


Works for me:



More weapons, more fighting, more war, more deads.
...and the winner is: The Military Complex!


Borowitz also did a great one on both the Sunnis and Shia telling Cheney to shut up.


Here is the correct link to the application form piece.




Actually - The political/jounalistic/contracthustler complex. The actual military was really not the culprit in this. pl

SAC Brat

The http://www.duffelblog.com/ is having go at the subject.




that link doesn't work on my machines. Yours? pl

Charles Dekle

Col Lang,
We'll said.

nick b

The first link did not work, but the reposting did.

Borowitz had this gem last summer:

This was in last week's Onion:

Peter C

The link Dubhaltach posted worked fine for me.
The only mainstream TV guy is John Stewart that I have noticed holding anyone's ass to the fire on who were the cheerleaders and actual people who decided to remake the Mideast by using a blender and lots of cash, not to mention blood, suffering, and national treasure of the U.S. Not to mention a small matter of sovereign Iraq. I am still waiting to find out who got the big finders fee for the location of Sadam.

Margaret Steinfels

All: Not as amusing but also to the point: Top 5 reasons US aid to "Moderate" Syrians is quixotic. Juan Cole.http://www.juancole.com/2014/06/moderate-fighters-quixotic.html

Bill H

I agree entirely with your point, but I suspect that by "Military Complex" one normally means the manufacturers of weaponry and the politicians and lobbyists are enriched by shilling for them.

Babak Makkinejad

I think this is a political ploy by Mr. Obama; he is kicking the proverbial ball into the court of the US Congress, daring them to set aside $ 500 million for Syria; making it their call.

If those funds are ever allocated, I should imagine the Electorate - yes that mythical creature that has ceased to exist in NATO member states - would demand to know why funds are not being spent on say VA.

Mr. Obama is a brilliant politician as far US domestic politics goes.


Spending money on VA is to positive. I think a large part of the electorate would rather spend it on a birthday party for Putin than on so called moderates.

different clue

I once read an article which began by noting that when Eisenhower wrote his Military-Industrial Complex speech he was going to call it the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex but he decided that it was not fitting for a President to criticize Congress in a speech. So he deleted
the word "Congressional" from the phrase. Here is the article.

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