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14 June 2014


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I don't often find common ground with the Times, but this time I have to agree with them.

Look at the history of man, war occurs like clock work as does economic activity. There has to be some degree of correlation. Positive if you win, negative if you don't. So far the US has won a lot more than it has lost. Especially the critical wars.

With the export of much of our civilian manufacturing base by our corrupt and incompetent elites, what we mostly have left to sell the world is the protection racket. ( With Obama even that is now coming into doubt ).

The United States is now a security state, and must have constant threats (real or imaginary, it doesn't really matter) so the elites can keep all of us schmucks in line, while they slowly drive the country downward as the empire winds down. Following roughly the same trajectory that the UK already headed down.

The ascendancy of first England and then the United States was directly related to the war like nature of the tribes, who made up the core population base of these two nation states. Both countries are now in the mist of huge demographic change, and are changing at a rate I personally never thought possible. Same thing happened to Rome another security state. And like Rome,when we start winding down the legions, we will wind down the economy.

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