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27 June 2014


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" Why will we not listen to the Syrian government?" That really is the question, isn't it? Stupid pride? They will have to admit they were wrong? Over ingested their own propaganda? They would not be the first. Something more sinister? All three reasons and more? Just gross, gross, incompetence?

Let the bidding begin.


Here's a bid from the usual bunch of idiots, jonst.

Obama wants to throw away another half a billion dollars on so-called "moderates" in Syria.


There are links in this brief article.

One thing I've noticed is the few people I see carrying M-16 variate rifles that those rifles look new. ISIS no doubt appreciates the continued support from the Obama administration and will put the weapons to good use.

Yes, they do believe their own propaganda, in my opinion. Yes, they are stupid. Paul Craig Roberts said what you see is what you get. They will never admit they are wrong. Like Marxists they will insist that their plan wasn't carried out properly, hence, someone else's fault.

When it comes to being sinister I suspect at the very top this may well be the case. Certain people are quite happy with the carnage unleashed.


jonst: Israel and Saudi Arabia, that's why.

BTW, this story is almost amusing: You don’t get our planes because you rounded up our spies! http://www.newsweek.com/maliki-government-seriously-compromised-cia-operations-iraq-years-256353.

Imagine that. The elected representative of the supposedly sovereign state of Iraq didn't want his government riddled with our operatives.



There is one bright spot. Jack Keane said a few days ago that the US should engage in hot pursuit of any ISIS forces that retreated before air attacks into Syria. At the time I wondered once inside of Syria who Jack would attack? The ISIS or the SAA? He has since clarified his remark. He wants to bomb the ISIS. This is good to know because with this bunch one can never be sure.


McClatchy is one of the few news sources I put any stock in when it comes to the mess known as the Middle East. Mitchell Prothero is good, in my opinion. This article he has written is about the Persh Merga.

“Look, these guys are good,” he said in Irbil, the Kurdish capital, where his company consults for the military. “They’re not like Iraqis, they fight for a nation they believe in and have training, experience, equipment and a good dose of discipline you rarely see in the Middle East. But they’re best fighting at home in their mountains. And they’re at their best fighting around and protecting the Kurds.”

True enough. They have been fighting for decades. However, the Kurds are a mountain tribe and the area around Kirkuk is relatively flat. Prothero provides details on the problems the Kurds have.


Israel says Kurdistan will come about as an independent nation, no matter what the US or that clown Kerry wants. Agreed, in this case.


Another wonderful day awaits us.

Medicine Man


Nobody in the Washington press corpse wants to be reminded about how desperately, catastrophically wrong they were during the time of the Iraq invasion. I'm frankly quite surprised you got invitations to appear on the networks. They can't be imagining you'd have anything flattering to say.

robt willmann

Patrick Cockburn, the British journalist of the Independent newspaper, said in an interview that he heard that captured ISIS fighters said that they are always glad to hear about weapons being provided to the "moderate" Syrian opposition because they can buy them from the "moderates" or try to intimidate them into giving ISIS the guns.



"... supposedly sovereign state of Iraq..."

I have to disagree with your characterization. Iraq is sovereign, that is why we are not still there; It is Maliki who will probably not be the government much longer.


This is just the administration's way of organizing support for Jordan without admitting that they are terrified over the possibility of ISIS taking a run at Jordan.


yeah, I'm not sold on the Pesh Mega as a 'solid fighting force'. i.e. willing to stand and kill and die. I could be sold. But I am not sold yet. (not, that god know anyone has to sell me...but that is my take). I'll wait till the battles come, which I think will be soon enough.


Col., you described the foreign reality nicely. I look at this and see that Obama can find $500,000,000 for the FSA and not a damn dime for Americans in places like Detroit. Maybe he should figure out which country's citizens are most important to him, it doesn't appear to be ours.



If I were one of the Green Beret commanders in this jug f--k I would start planning my teams' exfiltration to Jordan when it comes to a "sauve qui peut" situation. As a back up look for a responsible Iranian you could surrender to. pl


Call it OPLAN Xenophon.



The SF commanders should band together to make this retreat of the brothers work. It isn't that far to Jordan across the desert. Some fuel and ammunition caches and tribal guides would work. pl


Fred: That's not the point of the article. We recognize the de jure sovereignty of Iraq, but our government seems to think that Iraq had no right to curtail the activities of our spies in Iraq.



I'm not surprised in the slightest.



You won't get any argument from me. Obama and others are hanging them out in the air, I'm afraid.

They can only depend on themselves if things do fall apart.


I have this lurking suspicion that those in power are tacitly and perhaps covertly supporting the jihadis both in Syria and Iraq. I can't explain Obama's decision to give $500 Billion to Syrian jihadis otherwise. He has to know that the arms will flow to Iraq.

The rationale would be that once the jihadis have brought down the undesirable regime, corruptible leaders can be found, rehabilitated, and put in power. Saudis would be instrumental. Apparently in their day the British were quite good at this.

To do this Obama would have to be willfully blind to the experience training jihadis in Afghanistan and how well that worked out.

The Twisted Genius


For that SF exfil plan, they are probably "obtaining" some solid vehicles and heavier weapons. They'll look like the Tuaregs returning to Azawad. We got our hands on a jeep mounted 106 recoilless rifle among other things in Lebanon. We went over with just M-16A1s and Browning Hi Powers.


The "moderate" rebel claim is a convenient fallacy to justify doing the the wrong thing. Over 60% of the FSA want an Islamic state. It's beyond ironic that Washington points the finger at Assad over human rights violations when the conditions for the Syrian nightmare were effectively engineered on the outside. Same deal in Ukraine. The destabilization and spark for internecine conflict owes much to American interference. Ditto sectarian fall-out Iraq. It's time to call out the real criminals.

Jim Ticehurst

The 500 million should go to the VA Hospitals....Wheres to Outrage..? Same CON Game from the Right and the Left..
How Impressed is everyone with the Way Obama Fundamentally Changed America..?

Jim Ticehurst

You should go Public..Take the Money and spend it on this Site..How many times Ive wished you would be on the News..


On a lighter note, the John Kerry vaudeville act continues...

"Kerry tells Russia to disarm Ukraine separatists 'in hours'"


Quick, get the hook!



This is crazy; $500 million in military supplies to the very same forces that are encircling Baghdad and whatever number of Americans left there. That is if ISIS halts their advance. Most likely, they will leave Baghdad to the Iraqi Sunni. After all, it is God’s Warrior’s duty to liberate Mecca.

If Saudi Princes value their heads, they will be desperately hiring every Toyota Pickup destroying airplane and pilot they can find who is willing fly to the nearest Saudi airfield. That is if America’s F-22 Raptors aren’t already there. If Russian, the pilots better keep their recognition software up to date in order to not shoot down their compatriot’s planes supporting the Shiite Iraqis and Iranians. If Chinese planes and pilots, an agreement to sell oil in Renminbi will have been signed and sealed.

Instead of Ukraine, as expected, WWIII could start in the Persian Gulf when American, Chinese and Russian airplanes start running into each other over the USS George H. W. Bush (CVN-77).

Jim Ticehurst

People are desperate for some Common Sense Leadership like yours Col...You have the Credentials..Think how many more readers you would get here..Lead the Way..

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