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02 June 2014


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Steve G,

Bergdahl's unit, the 1/501st, was my old unit. As I said, I knew some of the people in his platoon (Staff Sergeants this time around) who had been there before when I was there in 03-04. They uniformly described Berdahl as a goof up, as someone who thought he was much smarter than he really was, including the major complaint of them 'puckering up' whenever command wandered around because they didn't know what he'd say. I knew about him walking off the FOB before it became part of the story, and was surprised when they listed him as a POW.

A loud mouth with a chip on his shoulder who makes his sergeant's lives harder is not going to be popular, so I imagine a great deal of the isolation Bergdahl experience he brought on his own head. Of course, "loner versus the world" is a much easier story to push than "Screw up threw a temper tantrum and now his pout has international consequences".

But they also said it was a tough fight, and much more different this time around specifically because of all the attention on Afghanistan then compared to before, when we were pretty much free to operate as we needed to.

I owned Hastings "The Professionals" and found it to be enjoyable reading. However I think he got sucked into the paradigm of "Free thinker versus big Army" when the truth is a lot murkier. It was likely easier on Hastings' conscience to make a martyr out of a POW than to print the truth, for all of the pretensions of hard nosed journalism.

steve g

Thanks for your perspective.

Charles I

Crikey, who'd a thunk? Except they pulled it off with that exploding CIA dangle in Afghanistan a few years back. Eight dead I think it was.

steve g


Wont argue with anyone's read
on this article. Read an acc-
ount that implied some in his
unit gave him a different profile
when the incident was first inves-
tigated. More positive than
negative as opposed to the current
group. Brothers in arms at the
time and now sour grapes or dare
I say a "mini Swift Boating."
Until the complete investigation
is finished and we hear from him
or I imagine his "Dream Team" the
next 24-7 news cycle will put him
on page 6.



It looks like they are going to charge him:


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