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02 June 2014


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I'll offer this opinion, whatever does or does not happen to Bergdahl, Obama's image is now irreversibly damaged, except among those of his most ardent followers. He will be on the defensive--dramatically more so than he is now, and that is a great deal--for the rest of his term. The only thing the Dems have going for them is the GOP is as clueless and disingenuous as the the Dems are. Then entire rotten "Washington Consensus" is corrupt and incompetent.


At the risk of being fragged... maybe if people like Bergdahl's father were formulating foreign policy the world would be a better place.


Somewhat off-topic, I was stationed at marble mountain during 1972, a gunship pilot with the 48th AHC. I arrived just after the start of the NVA easter offensive. Not a good time. NVA swarming anywhere and everywhere north of Hue. They attacked with tanks and massive amounts of artillery. It wasn't a guerrilla war. More like WWII.

steve g

Thanks for the link. If mostly accurate
I would ask Tyler his thoughts if he
has a chance to read it. If this is
the state of leadership in some of the
battlefield arenas, it reads more like a
version of the Keystone Kops especially
the incident of the MRAP breakdowns. As
the article alludes his unit was
characterized as undermanned with virtually
no command structure. And no I am not
excusing his walking off post.



You double posted this. "Fragging" is a VN War term that referred to EM killing or trying to kill officers they did not like. Do you qualify? Bergdahl's father? He is of no interest. But someone who starts his remarks in the Rose Garden with "bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim" (In the name of God the merciful, the compassionate) and who grew a beard evidently in hope of seeming simpatico to the taliban is, and should be of interest in finding out why his son went AWOL (at the least). It sounds like you are a real peacenik. Good for you. Keep up the good work. pl

Charles I

You've certainly widened my perceptions of those stark Rothko paintings



Really? You should read the Rolling Stone article posted on the other thread by one of the other commenters. Bob Bergdahl opted out of "America" a few decades ago, but of course kept that nice corpate union wage union benefit job all the way until retirement, which he did much earlier than age of 67 most of us now face. Yep, capitalist, materialistic America really sucks.

Charles I

mebbe so, but seeing MSM reports that Bowe left a letter saying he was leaving to start a new life tends to the desertion verdict.

I'm not a coward, I am a weak willed person, never served, never played a team sport, but he volunteered and left the team in shit, and I certainly now appreciate, and sorta knowing some of you, respect that betrayal is criminal, short of outright psychosis obviating mens rea.

Charles I

msm reporting he left a note saying he was leaving for a new life, evidence of competence, forethought and intent.



My read on this? He (Berdahl) gets out of basic and goes to the Barnes and Noble while his peers are – at a strip club - all weekend? Right. None of those other soldiers had girlfriends or family, or even a car to work on? No, who in the non-homeschooled world would have that kind of interest? Later in training and the field a lieutenant and a number of sergeants were screw ups, except of course for the man who gets killed? Right. The author, Mr. Hastings, was showing his colors, wasn’t he?

nick b

I think Andrew used the term 'fragged' in a derivation from the original Viet Nam era usage. It's widely used among video gamers as a synonym for being killed or blown up. I hear my son and his friends use it regularly in this regard when they play their on line 'shooter' games. The expression has a totally different meaning to them. They're too young to have any idea of VN or the original meaning of the word.

Dr. K

How is the president's image irreversibly damaged. I don't see it that way. Wait for the next 24/7 crisis. All scandal all the time.

Dr. K

Typical. Blame the unions.


Dr. K,

No, that is not what I stated nor what I implied. The employer (UPS acording to the published reports)and the union that represents employees developed an excellent compensation package as part of the terms of employment. Mr. Bergdahl worked 28 years there, recieving all of these benefits in compensation for his work. At the same time the article reports his opinion of how terrible America was and is.

BTW I was once a dues paying member of the IBEW. I am now in a salaried exempt position with my current employer.

Edward Amame

I'm only weighing in to suggest that all may not be what it has been purported to be.

Please see this, Can Bowe Bergdahl Be Tied to 6 Lost Lives? Facts Are Murky in the NY Times today: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/04/world/middleeast/can-gi-be-tied-to-6-lost-lives-facts-are-murky.html?hp



Now we learn that Bergdahl pere is a long time drop out from America the beautiful. Someone said that perhaps all is not as it seems. Could be! If we are constructing alternative sub-universes, in this alternate universe of ours,(I liked that description)how about this one - Bergdahl fils deserted to the enemy, and has been having a difficult time as a "new Pashtun," but hanging in there with the lads. Then, a brilliant idea arises from contemplstion of the US government's continuing interest in "our brother Mahmoud" (or whatever they called him). "Let's trade Mahmoud for some of our revered elders in Guantanamo!" "But I don't want to go back!" "Shut up! Mahmoud, you must do your duty for the faith!" Maybe those were tears of sorrow at leaving his pals that you can see in the tape. pl


Not as long as the trained seal media continues to dishonestly cover for him.

The Twisted Genius


If that alternate sub-universe of yours becomes reality, it would be a real kick in the head. It is certainly not an impossibility. The sooner we get out of there, the better. We ought to take the Taliban's advice and, "Don't come back."



"bismillah ar-rahman, ar-rahim." "The Magic Arabic Words" are specifically Muslim. No Christian Arab would ever say that anymore than he would recited the shahada. The "al-rahman, al-rahim" part of this refers to two of the 99 praise names of God in the Muslim religion but not in Christianity. An Arabic speaker who would hear you say this phrase would automatically assume you were Muslim as I do .


Hastings' car was doing something like 70 in a suburban area. His car took a curb and became airborne, rotated about 10 degrees yaw 80 degrees pitch vertically down, and stukka'd into a palm tree from the left headlight diagonally across the windshield, the crown of Mr. Hastings's head, and the center of the roof, the car proper's center of gravity. This clothes-lined the car; the quarter-ton motor snapped the drive shaft, tore through the tinfoil roof of the hood, now vertical, and continued on at 70 mph for half a block. Instant death. The right fender wrapped itself around the palm-tree, pointing downwards, and then the rest of the car fatigued downwards to rest on the ground. The front & rear fires are unusual.

Hitting a suburban curb at 70 is enough to cause airborne. It's unclear whether he may have swerved intentionally in an effort to slow down.

A confused newslady reported that the motor was ejected in back of the crash, when it clearly was in front. The motor is not a problem.

Besides the fires, unanswered is why his car was going so fast. There were some theories his vehicle was hacked. This is apparently still possible with modern cars, and should be an ongoing concern (it is already a major concern with armed drones, which can only grow).

A video seems to show him speeding through a previous intersection with his brake lights on full, although they could be simply running lights.

Jury's still out. Watch for hacked assassination drones in the future.




That is exactly it Tv. He has lost, so I beleive, or will lose, the good opinion of the 'cool people' he so desperately craves. Why? Complex reasons...but most of all because of the timing. He will find the tyranny of 'in fashion'. Obama was, 'in fashion', but 2016 beckons and the lure of the next 'identity politics' is calling. Ah, the first woman to be President. I think we can go to the next woman, the next Jew, the next Asian, the next Hispanic, the next gay, and then start over, the next gay Hispanic, the next gay woman, the next gay Asian,. These will be the marching orders. Obama, with the Bergdahl issue has become old news.



Yes, the 'glamour' of Obama has already worn off. The 'cool people' are already looking for that blank slate to project all their desires onto. The political science and media/advertising types are already doing the positioning for 'the new, new thing'.



"a brilliant idea arises..." My first thought on your comment was to laugh like hell. "We've been played!" crossed my mind. However a serious question, isn't the 'trade', as you said earlier, still the clear indication to everyone that we're leaving - both to the Taliban and to Karzai? (I'm sure he's 'shocked' to find we might have made a deal with someone else, lord knows he's been doing that to us for a long time.) What other aspect of the 'deal' might be in the mix besides the gitmo five? For example we've spent billions trying to end the opium trade, to no effect. The Taliban managed to shut it down when they were in power. Or is making that kind of deal " a brilliant idea" too far for those which phds from the Kennedy School (or wherever)?



the men they got in the trade are of no great use. the main thing they got was the film and the spectacle of the US treating them as a combatant power. pl

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