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21 June 2014


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McAuliffe is probably getting his ideas on governance from watching our "unitary executive" in action. He doesn't realize that the he is not a Magical Chocolate Messiah with a race card and a feckless opposition scared of being called 'rayciss'.


"Another veto would strip $300,000 in funding for an ethics commission "

"McAuliffe quickly used his actions on the budget to try to raise cash for his political action committee."

Now there is a man adhering to his principles.


“demagoguery, lies, fear and cowardice...”

In the south insulting a man is no small thing. The governor might do better to respect his opponents. You can't compromise with a man who calls you a liar, and a coward.

He will look very small when this over.

- Eliot



I have been following your description of Virginia politics, but I still do not understand why such total opposition to expanding Medicaid. What is so wrong with helping poor people obtain decent medical care at minimal cost to the State of Virginia? I don't buy the answer of "uncertainty" over future funding. Life is uncertainty.



IMO this is not about health care for poor Virginians. Something could have been worked out over that. This is a about arrogant constitutional usurpation by a an unrepentant political outsider unwilling to adapt. We can go down fighting over that. pl


Well I would say the same people pushing for more gimmedats are the same people wanting more illegal immigrants so that's a problem.

But hey it's always a party when you're using someone else's money!



I would think you would be wrong. If it weren't for the lack of rain you you would hear many farmers and ranchers, opposed to the ACA, complaining about the lack of migrant labor to pick their crops. They want illegal immigration for the cheap labor. Nothing to do with more gimmes.


It's simple, if a revenue stream does exist to pay for expansion, it is not reliable and based on flawed assumptions. Leaving states holding the bag, so to speak, for the increased cost, several years down the road. It is more than uncertainty, it's simply a question of who and how is this going to be funded.

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