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29 June 2014


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Thanks Ryan, great info, I appreciate it.


"I haven't heard that in years"

I hear it every day, over and over, because non native English speaking Turks can not pronounce the "th" sound, thanks a lot always sounds like tanks a lot. Also, AutoCAD, is always pronounced as Auto Cat, so I have a mechanical cat toy on my desk, I tell them "That is an Auto Cat!". But most fun is a few years back the performer Sting came to town. It was a big deal in the media, but it is always pronounced as "Stink". I was entertained since Sting was nowhere near his old self in his performances, he cant carry a tune in a bucket anymore.


You gave me a good laugh with this one about Sting.


Col. What do you mean by "not steady enough" when referencing Hackworth? Have read a lot of his stuff and am interested in your perspective.


505th PIR

He was a fine man and a great fighter. He was much wounded psychologically by his service to our country. pl

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